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What Type of Hair Transplant Do Celebrities Get?

By January 15th, 2024Celebrity Hair Transplants6 min read
What Type of Hair Transplant Do Celebrities Get?

What Type of Hair Transplant Do Celebrities Get? Do you want to have a hair transplant looking like a wig? Of course, you don’t! Hair transplants must look natural. No worries! Doctors discover new types of hair transplants to make it natural.

As we all know, most of the celebrities due to genetic and some health issues, or with other reasons get hair transplants. When we see them, we are all amazed by their appearances and their voluminous and healthy hair. Their hair looks very natural, right!

The most significant thing here is to learn “what type of hair transplant do celebrities get”. After you learn the best type you may also choose it when you need it. Let’s figure it out together!

Types of Hair Transplants

  • FUT
  • FUE
  • DHI Method
  • PRP Method
  • Choi Pen
  • Transplanting without Shave
  • Ice Graft
  • Prothesis

FUT (Follicular Unit Transplant) & FUE (Follicular Unit Extraction)

There are well known two methods of hair transplant among people. These methods are FUT (Follicular Unit Transplant) and FUE (Follicular Unit Extraction). When you search about hair transplantation, you will see the FUE and FUT at the first step. Actually, there aren’t too many types of hair transplantation. It is not a too old cure method in history. The first techniques were started in 1897. These modern techniques begin in Japan in the 1930s.

Follicular Unit Transplant is an old treatment method more than FUE. In this method, surgeons are implementing surgical operations. The surgeons prescind the donor area with the skin. Additionally, they are closing the area with the surgical stitch. While applying FUT, the length of the process depends on how the graphs are made by the doctors. And the cost also depends on this way. Because of the surgical operations, it’s needed to be done aesthetically. Because of the tissue damage and negative sides of this method, it is not a common option anymore.

What is the FUE Method

The method of FUE is started to use in 2002 by doctors. This is the most common method to be chosen by professionals. The procedure begins with cutting the hair from the back of the neck. The root of the hair can be taken from the legs, chest, and back. By using special techniques, tissues are placed where the hair loss happens. The hair will be added to the place where the hair loss happens. After this, you may wonder what will happen to your donor site. The doctors say the hair will grow on the donor site without any problem. It can grow again in a couple of months. It will also show the success of the transplanted hair area. The regrowing of the transplanted hair will be completed in six-twelve months.

We mainly see here the differences between these methods. Actually, the best choice for you will depend on your individual needs and the recommendations of your surgeon.

Is It Possible to Get Hair Transplant Without Shaving?

Why not? We can make sure that you won’t feel nervous when you choose this method. In this type of hair transplant, doctors want you to grow your hair instead of shaving it. Maybe you hesitate to show your shaved head outside. Maybe you don’t want to prison yourself at home, this method is perfect for you. When we see no difference in celebrities’ hair intensity, maybe it’s because only they chose this.

What is the Best Type of Hair Transplant

According to the researchers, this is a controversial subject. They also urge to know what is the best type of hair transplants. The current surveys show that professionals have got recent ideas among the hair transplants. As professionals say, there are many current techniques of hair transplantation. Contrary to FUT, FUE is a more recent technique that surgeons apply. Follicular Unit Extraction, the technique of FUE leaves no scars or sores. With this technique, the hair is extracting the donor place to transplant the area.

DHI, PRP, Ice Graft, Prosthesis, Choi pen are used currently by surgeons. These are the latest techniques that doctors choose to implement the best method.

DHI method has got a long process and the cost can be more expensive than the others. It’s implementing anesthetically on the skin. To the surface of the skin surgeons open holes and put the root of the hair inside the holes.

In the PRP hair transplantation method, blood is taking from the patient. The blood is injecting the area that is needed to cure. In this method, the patient’s body isn’t rejecting the cure. Because it’s already happening with the patient’s own blood. This method is also beneficial because of including vitamins and hormones.

The Ice Graft method makes your hair roots to stay cold. It provides your hair root to not die and to stay alive for a long time. This method gives us the best result because of waiting for the root in an ice graft. In method surgeons also transplant your mustache, beard, eyebrows.

Apparently, doctors can apply this technique manually or by using some robotic tools to get the best results. Recently surgeons also using the Choi pen. Thanks to Choi’s pen there are no scars and no pain, it is just like a miracle. Implementing this technique is the best way to get the best results obviously.

The Best is Your Type

Whatever options you choose, it’s crucial what your surgeons say. If you are facing a hair loss problem, you need to be in communication with your doctor. We are going to mention some reasons to stay in touch with your doctor.

First, you may not know the cause to lead you to have hair loss. So, your doctor will help you to discover the main reason. After that, your doctor will choose the best treatment for you.

Secondly, everyone can’t use every medicine, it may hurt their body. You wouldn’t like to have some other illnesses while trying to cure hair loss. To consult your doctor will bridge over you to avoid harmful medicines for your body type.

Briefly, treating hair loss mostly depends on your own type. Celebrities are the ones who choose their types for the best hair transplants. The best treatments for the best hair transplants! What Type of Hair Transplant Do Celebrities Get?