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In 2019, the global hair transplant market was valued at USD 5,612.89 million. It is expected to reach USD 25,116.67 Million by 2026. Source: Reports Facts and Factors. Since this is a humongous growth in value, it will bring about more customers to the hair transplant industry.

This is a very understandable figure considering the pandemic’s stress and repercussions and its subsequent lockdown. 2020 has been a year of never-before, thanks to the global pandemic, causing various impacts on the population. This has also led people to reconsider their preferences and priorities in life, making them understand that they should take care of themselves first.

Is Hair Transplant Painful?

One of the most frequently asked questions by hair transplant candidates about the procedure is “Is hair transplant painful?”. To those who have second thoughts about having a hair transplant or postpone their operation due to the pain during the procedure, we have good news. “Hair transplant without pain” is completely possible. With the use of local anesthesia and its advanced technological delivery methods, pain is no more an issue.

What is the Best and Most Preferred Hair Transplant Procedure?

The follicular unit extraction (FUE) is a very much preferred method of painless hair transplant surgery. The process is very simple, thereby not requiring a donor. It is an independent process that requires taking the hair follicles from one part of the body, usually the chest hair and transplanting it to another part, where the hair is absent or thin. The follicular unit extraction (FUE) method is also prescribed by most doctors as the success rate is higher.

What is the Follicular Unit Extraction Methodology?

The Follicular Unit Extraction is a much-preferred method of painless hair transplant. The procedure is minimally invasive. The hair strands can be individually harvested and transplanted. This is executed using a specialized needle. The hair is harvested and then implanted into the specifically made slits in the pre-planned region. The procedure is a simple, painless hair transplant process that does not leave any side effects except for minute scars that look like minor dot marks.

Why Hair Transplant?

One of the essential items on the list is painless hair transplantation. While self-acceptance is important, not everything needs to be agreed upon and compromised. For instance, balding is an issue that can be solved, and it should. It is something that affects not just appearance but also internal emotions such as confidence and morale.

No matter how careful you are about your diet and hair-care practices, hair fall and thinning hair is bound to happen, just like balding. It happens to both men and women. It could be the result of anything from hormonal changes, genetic conditions, medical reasons or just a sign of aging. Sometimes, bad water and weather can also cause thinning hair. Sometimes, for women, overuse of a few damaging hair products and nutritional deficiencies can also cause massive amounts of hair loss. Hair thinning and balding is not just a problem for men. Female pattern hair loss is increasing today. At least one-third of women tend to experience hair thinning at various points in their lives.

These reasons are beyond one’s control, and while nothing could be done about the hair fall, it can be solved with the help of a hair transplant.

EsteNove: The Solution to Bring in Painless Hair Transplant

Haircare is critical to emotional happiness, and we at EsteNove understand it like no one else. With advanced technology, we take care of your hair – the second-best growing tissue in your body and ensure satisfaction. We understand you, your personal requirements and physiology while ensuring a successful and painless hair transplant. With minimal side effects and maximum, professional care, we ensure that you are taken care of by our experts at all times.

1. Before the Painless Hair Transplant Surgery:

Consult with EsteNove before the procedure is planned. A rigorous evaluation of the eligibility of the patient is critical. The expert then examines the donor and the recipient area to confirm the painless hair transplant procedure. This evaluation is important to understand

  • The reasons for the hair loss and the way forward
  • The thickness of the hair
  • The type of hair, along with placement and position

2. The Procedure

  • Administration of the anesthesia

The surgeon administers a local anesthetic to ensure painless hair transplantation. The anesthesia is administered to both areas – where the hair is borrowed and where the hair is to be planted.

  • Extraction of the grafts

The hair transplant expert then ensures that the strongest hair grafts are selected for a successful procedure. The preferred method of harvesting the hair and ensuring a painless hair transplant is the Follicular Unit Extraction. Careful handling of the grafts prevents damage.

  • Painless transplantation of the hair follicles

The grafts are carefully placed by the hair transplant expert into the slit made in the area. It is done such that the position and the direction of the hair bring a natural-looking result.

3. Post painless hair transplantation care:

Post-surgery care is critical. The scalp is more than likely to be tender and requires pain medication along with bandages to ensure that there is no infection. Antibiotics along with anti-inflammatory medicines can be prescribed on an individual basis.

Tips for the Post-surgical Painless Hair Transplant Surgery: FUE Hair Transplant Method

Specific tips have to be followed to ensure a painless post-surgery process.

  • Avoid touching the scalp the day after the surgery. It should not be washed either.
  • Cover the head with a scarf or a cap when going out
  • At night, ensure that you elevate the head with three or four pillows. Avoid rubbing the head with the pillow and rubbing off the graft. It could get detached if too much pressure is applied to it.
  • Between days five and seven, a gentle wash is recommended with a light shampoo to soften the scabs.
  • All physical sports and outdoor activities can be resumed after a week.
  • Between the second and the fourth week, the hair follicles have entered the resting stage. It is possible to start losing the hair shafts temporarily. It is absolutely necessary and normal. There is nothing to worry about. Continue the usual washing and even dying the hair as per your routine.
  • Update the doctor and bring care to your body.
  • The transplanted hair will start to thicken in six to twelve months.
  • You can now start to style your hair as per your desire.
  • At the end of the year, you will have thick normal hair.

Is Hair Transplant Permanent?

The extracted hair follicles that are inserted in the areas that are having hair loss or balding provide a permanent solution to thinning hair and receding hairline. Male pattern balding is also taken care of. It is long-lasting and promotes natural hair growth as well, thus making it a permanent cure. With the help of experienced surgeons and advancing technology, the process is absolutely painless, and the recovery time is also shorter. Ensure good hair growth with painless hair transplant surgery from EsteNove.

What are the Benefits of Getting a Hair Transplant?

With various inexpensive options in hand, many prefer painless hair transplantation for the following reasons.

  • It is a one-sitting procedure.
  • The results are promising and do not involve multiple visits to the doctor.
  • The appearance is improved along with the confidence levels and morale.
  • It is a permanent solution.
  • Post-surgery care is simple.
  • Maintenance, in the long run, is easy.
  • With the hair follicles starting to grow on their own after a few months, the result is highly satisfying on various levels.
  • The probability of side effects is extremely low.

Is it Worth Getting a Hair Transplant?

The question is a very popular one. When there are other methods to solve the problem of hair thinning and male/female pattern balding, not many of them are successful. The processes are lengthy, and the results are not always guaranteed. With a hair transplant, the results are clear and painless.

Why is the FUE Method of Hair Transplant Special?

Various other solutions that are applied to solve balding issues use artificial methods such as weaving and wigs. The source is a third party and not always a trusted method. With the FUE methodology, it is painless hair transplantation that provides natural hair, and you are your own source. It does not look mismatched or unnatural. You feel more confident with the permanent solution.

What is the Success Rate of a Hair Transplant Surgery?

The FUE method is a highly successful method of hair transplant. Over 85% of hair transplant procedures create satisfactory results and happy clients. According to the studies, results show that over 90% of the implanted grafts ensure natural hair growth. A permanent remedy for baldness and thinning hair, a hair transplant is recommended by many.


Let’s Get Your Hair Back

Our team of experienced consultants are here to help you, fill in your details and we can start talking about your treatments.

FAQ About Hair Transplant in Turkey

Is hair transplant painless?

Yes, the surgery is painless and absolutely safe. It is a minimally invasive procedure that helps solve hair fall issues and brings a permanent solution with satisfying results.

Why is hair transplant preferred?

When you get a hair transplant, you can not only turn back the clock; you can also ensure strong, thick hair growth for years to come. Bring yourselves the best care with a painless hair transplant surgery at EsteNove. Ensure that you have a thick head of hair that is not just natural-looking but also feels perfect.

Is it my own hair that is used for my hair transplant?

Yes, with the FUE method of hair transplant, your own hair is being used on your head. This ensures that the hair is perfectly matching the hair on your head and brings in both perfect looks and satisfactory results.

Will hair transplant promote the growth of natural hair in time?

Yes, the hair transplant will promote the growth of natural hair, bring in natural looks and high success rates. Being a permanent solution, it ensures that you will always have a head full of thick hair with minimal care and maximum satisfaction.

Will people know that I have had a hair transplant?

No. Your new hair is taken from you, so it will look natural and blend with the rest of the hair on your head. No one will know that you have had a hair transplant. With better looks, a faster healing process and minimal discomfort, this low maintenance hair transplant is the best-recommended method to take care of your hair loss issues. Bring proper hair care with EsteNove.

When should you think about getting a hair transplant?

The thing about hair fall is that, more often than not, it is a prolonged process. You do not notice the hair fall, the receding hairline and the thinning of the hair until there is a substantial impact on the overall appearance. By noticing minor signs, understanding the reason and being able to bring in proactive action with a painless hair transplant at the right time, a lot of time and energy can be saved.

When does the hair transplant get thick?

Between the fifth and ninth months after the hair transplant, the results are very prominent. A considerable amount of hair is seen growing from the scalp. The hair will be over 3 inches and longer and can be groomed. The textural changes will also be seen, and this will help ensure a thick growth.

Does EsteNove offer a guarantee for hair transplantation?

Yes, we give a guarantee for after post-operative results, excepting health conditions or therapy that causes patients hair loss. In addition, patients should also follow the post-operative instructions given by the doctor.

How do I set up a consultation?

To set up a consultation with us, at first, you can leave us your contact information via our social media or website or send us an e-mail. Then our Health Assistants will contact you and our doctor will send you a special diagnosis report. In accordance with this report, when you come to our clinic, a pre-examination is performed in terms of compliance with hair transplant process.