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When it comes to making a judgment call based on looks, a man’s beard is a critical point to be taken into consideration. More than most traits, a beard is considered to be a symbol of a man’s masculinity. In a few studies, it is believed that bearded men show not just dominance and masculinity but also incomparable characteristics such as trustworthiness, hard-work and kindness. They also bring out the attractiveness in the man. Be it a three-day stubble or a bushy beard, the impression created by a beard is not something that can be underestimated.

In order to create the right impression, deciding the right style of beard is essential. Even an unkempt-looking beard can be a big hit. The trick is to ensure that the look matches the goal. Most people assume that the beard is just for the right aesthetics, but it is not so. It also provides the face with some protection from various elements such as harsh sunlight and cold weather. It is also an excellent natural shield to protect the delicate parts of the face – lips and mouth.

The lockdown has also seen a rise in the number of bearded men. With the desire to try something new, many men have taken to sporting a beard to reflect, reboot and reshape their lives as a coping mechanism for the long pandemic. With beards signifying self-restraint and patience, the beard demand has only increased since 2020.

Beards can also bring about a professional look and are a trending style in 2020-21. The idea is to, however, ensure that it is less scruffy and very well-groomed.

Why Can’t I Grow a Beard?

Not every man can grow a beard. It is a fact. More often than not, it has a genetic background. Sometimes, the beard grows at a very slow pace, and the journey is not a pleasant one. Until there is substantial hair growth, the face looks very empty, with mild patches of hair here and there. Shape and texture-wise, the hair on the scalp does not differ from the facial hair. The facial hair is programmed such that it reacts to testosterone. Around puberty, the fine hair thickens. Ultimately it is all about genetics. Genetics also defines and controls when facial hair reaches its full potential.

However, the solution is quite simple and permanent too.

The Solution: Beard Transplantation

Beard transplantation is the solution to the universal craze for beards, but it cannot be accomplished naturally. Beard transplantation is quite a popular choice as it provides both the ideal look as well as the confidence that a clean-shaven face could never bring. Beard transplantation is a simple procedure to ensure facial hair restoration. This is ideal for those with unevenly distributed hair along the jawline, slow growth, and patchy hair. The recent development in technology has brought a high-quality and long-lasting solution for men who desire a beard but are unable to grow it themselves.

A beard transplantation procedure refers to reconstructing the beard on the face, depending on the facial structure and the preferred style of beard. It could also be to enhance an existing stubble.

EsteNove: The Solution for your Beard Transplantation Needs

As one of the leading experts in beard transplantation, we bring care to the patients first. Using advanced technology and being led by a team of noteworthy specialists, we bring you medical and professional expertise along with ethical conduct and privacy to ensure complete satisfaction. With a combination of innovation, distinction, trustworthiness, complete personalization, passion, and team orientation, our beard transplantation surgery ensures personalized care to suit your health, tastes and preferences.

Stages of Beard Transplantation

1. Consultation

The first step is a doctor’s examination along with understanding the client’s requirements, needs and preferences as well as health checkups. The number of grafts is decided along with the place where the roots are planted. In the final stage of the consultation, the pattern for the beard and the mustache line is determined as per the client’s wishes.

2. Local anesthesia

This process eliminates pain and discomfort. The surgery is comfortable and reassures those who are averse to any surgery that involves needles. Anesthesia is applied to two areas – where the hair is borrowed and where the hair is to be planted.

3. Operation

The surgery consists of three parts. First, the roots are taken from the donor area. Then the channels are opened with a sapphire blade. Finally, the hair follicles are planted in the previously opened channels. The growth direction and the angle of the beard are decided. Thus, the beard transplantation process is completed.

4. Maintenance

Proper post-surgery care is critical to the success of the surgery. Ensuring proper dressing postoperative and following instructions on how to wash the beard is essential. First aid and special care creams ensure strong beard roots.

Why Embrace Beard Transplantation?

Beard transplantation is a boon to many men who are forced to live with patchy beards. Thanks to the latest development in medical technology, men no longer have to adjust to a clean-shaven look. With a simple procedure, men can now adopt any facial hairstyle of their choice to bring the desired look and feel. Beard transplantation restores healthy facial hair that brings a natural look and complete satisfaction.

Does Beard Transplantation Help Hair Growth?

The answer is yes; beard transplantation does help hair growth. The transplanted hair tends to fall out between fifteen to thirty days after the beard transplantation surgery. This is a good thing. This means that the new beard follicles are ready to embark on a growth spurt. In a matter of four to five months, the beard is ready to gain coverage. In less than ten months, full beard growth is a possibility.

Why is Beard Transplantation a Popular Choice?

One of the best reasons why beard transplantation is the most sought-after solution for lack of beard and patchy beard is because it really works. The success rate is high, and it is the most effective solution to restore a beard. The result is entirely natural, and the solution is long-lasting and permanent. It leaves no scars, and it is a painless procedure. There is no downside to the beard transplantation procedure.

Things to Know if You Are Considering Beard Transplantation

Facial hair has become the sign of masculinity, not a clean-shaven look. Beard transplantation has thus become a worldwide trend to bring in the much-loved look. If you are considering a beard transplant, you must know the following points.

  • Beard transplantation is very much similar to hair transplantation: A beard transplantation procedure and hair transplantation have similar processes. The hair that matches your facial hair is selected and then transplanted to the face. The incisions are almost negligible, and it is a painless procedure.
  • It is a simple but time-consuming process: Seeing as individual hair is being taken from your hair and chest and transplanted to your face, it is time-consuming in nature. It takes between 3 to 5 hours for the procedure to be completed.
  • It is not limited to just beard transplantation: Beard transplantation also includes sideburns and filling out patches. The resulting facial hair will be identical to the existing hair as well as the new hair that grows in the area, thus giving it a completely natural look.
  • It is a painless procedure: Technology has advanced so much that a beard transplantation procedure has proven painless.
  • Hair fall post the beard transplantation is normal: There will be some hair fall post the procedure. But it is a good sign as it means that new hair will grow soon.
  • It is a permanent solution: Beard transplantation is a permanent procedure.

How does Beard Transplantation Work?

Beard transplantation is the process by which hair from another part of your body is taken and transplanted to your face. It is most probably chest hair. Experts in beard transplantation will make sure that the hair that is being transplanted is similar to the facial hair, thus giving it the most natural look possible. The hair that is being transplanted must be placed in the proper position facing the right direction to ensure the most normal look.

Benefits of Getting a Beard Transplantation

The benefits of getting beard transplantation are numerous.

  • You have total and complete control over how you will look after your beard transplantation procedure. You get to decide the beard cut, the density of the beard and the style. Not only that, you get to know how you will look even before the surgery, thanks to the advanced technology.
  • The procedure is painless, and the recovery time is short and smooth. Ensure proper care, and you have a fantastic experience with the new beard transplantation.
  • Your new beard can be treated the same way as your naturally grown beard. This means that you can shave it and tend to it as you always did.
  • Months of waiting for the dense beard can be cut short with a simple and painless beard transplantation procedure.
  • Beard transplantation can help you grow your beard naturally after a few months. You have thus found a natural and permanent solution to your beard problems.

Points to Remember after a Beard Transplantation Procedure

  • You are the donor for your beard transplantation procedure. This means that you have to sacrifice hair from your head or chest to populate your beard. Don’t worry; you will not have visible patches on your head. The recommended process is that every fifth hair is removed from your head. And it will grow back naturally, too.
  • Your new transplanted facial hair is the first step to natural beard growth. It will fall off soon, so best not to get too attached to it.

How to Choose the Right Style of Beard

Planning the right style of beard for your face cut is a much-needed activity. Add dimension and contrast to your face to highlight your features and look prim and professional. Pick the right beard, depending on your face shape.

1. Square Face

The square beard comes with a goatee style. It has precise lines that are near the cheekbones and helps highlight the square jawline. In this case, a short beard is recommended. Goatee beard and Royale beard make for excellent choices. Connecting the beard with the mustache is also recommended.

2. Round Face

Round beards are preferred by those round faces and a soft jawline. A Round beard also helps slim the face with the angled shave. Having a full beard will also help build a strong profile. Short boxed beards are a popular choice, followed by Balbo beard.

3. Oval Face

Oval-shaped faces are proportional and can be compatible with different beard styles. The oval beards include 3-day stubbles. Shorter beards that come with clearly defined beard lines are a good choice for oval faces.

4. Rectangular Face

For the rectangular face, mutton chops beard and chin strap style beards are trending ideas. The beard needs to be short on the bottom and longer on the side to showcase a clear facial structure. The hipster beard is also a recommended choice.


Let’s Get Your Hair Back

Our team of experienced consultants are here to help you, fill in your details and we can start talking about your treatments.

FAQ About Hair Transplant in Turkey

What is the most popular type of beard transplantation procedure?

The Follicular Unit Extraction (FUE) is the most popular beard transplantation procedure.

What to expect before beard transplantation surgery?

Vitamin C tablets for a week before the surgery are recommended. No anti-inflammatory tablets or alcohol is allowed either. Coffee should be stayed away from on the day of the surgery.

What is post beard transplantation care?

While it is a painless procedure, post beard transplantation care is critical. Listen to the doctor’s instructions clearly and follow the necessary diet along with the right antibiotics.

Who can adopt a beard transplantation procedure?

Men with male baldness, genetic issues related to hair growth and patchy beard growth sign up for a beard transplantation procedure. Those affected by injuries or burns also look up a beard transplantation procedure to make up for the lack of a healthy, thick beard.

When can I start shaving after the beard transplantation procedure

It is a painless procedure, and the signs that a beard transplantation procedure was done will subside within a week to ten days. Shaving can be resumed close to ten days after the beard transplantation procedure.

Can Women Have a Hair Transplant?

Yes, women can also have a hair transplant, but the cause of hair loss needs to be well diagnosed. Because of androgenetic alopecia, known as male-type hair loss, hair loss resulting from the regression of the forehead line of the hair or an opening in the crest, women can also have hair transplantation.

Can someone have a hair transplant at any age?

Technically, there is no age limit for hair transplants. So, hair transplant can be applied to everyone from 22 to 65 years of age. But we cannot say, all people in this age range can have a hair transplant. Therefore, the determinants are hair type, hair loss condition and the general health condition of the patient.

Does EsteNove offer a guarantee for hair transplantation?

Yes, we give a guarantee for after post-operative results, excepting health conditions or therapy that causes patients hair loss. In addition, patients should also follow the post-operative instructions given by the doctor.

How do I set up a consultation?

To set up a consultation with us, at first, you can leave us your contact information via our social media or website or send us an e-mail. Then our Health Assistants will contact you and our doctor will send you a special diagnosis report. In accordance with this report, when you come to our clinic, a pre-examination is performed in terms of compliance with hair transplant process.