FUE (Follicular Unit Extraction) is a hair transplantation method based on the principle of collecting the hair follicles in the donor area without forming a linear incision. The hair follicles are extracted smoothly as a graft thanks to micro punches. Hair roots are collected one by one as in vivo and planted in the hairless areas.

FUE Hair Transplant in Turkey

FUE follicular unit extraction, which entered the literature in 2002, allowed seamless and traceless hair transplantation. Thus, natural hair transplantation has become a preferred solution for hair loss all over the world. FUE follicular unit extraction is more advantageous than the previous hair transplantation method which is called FUT.

The recovery time in the Fut technique is about 2 months. FUT hair transplant method causes scar tissues on the neck because of the cuts and stitches. The FUT technique is outdated and is practically non-existent. On the other hand, Fue hair transplantation, which is the newest hair transplantation technique, allows hair transplantation to be performed without cutting or stitches. The average recovery time is 10 days and the results are great. Sapphire Fue Hair Transplant, that we actively use it in all our patients, is the most recent innovation in the field of FUE

What is Sapphire Fue Hair Transplant?

Hair transplantation with sapphire tip is an innovation applied in combination with FUE method. Micro sapphire tips, produced from real sapphire, are used to open channels during FUE hair transplantation. The preference for special sapphire tips instead of traditional metal slits increases the success rate.In the sapphire Fue hair transplant, since the channels are opened at the micro level, there will be only minimal crusting and the healing process becomes faster. The sapphire tips, which let more accurate transplantation than the metal slit, allowing the hair follicles to be transplanted closer together. In this way, patients can achieve much more satisfying and natural results.The smooth surface of the sapphire tips, which have anti-bacterial properties, offers superior performance during the hair transplantation process thanks to their physical qualities such as hardness, sharpness, and durability. When a sapphire tip is used for Fue hair transplant, there will be less vibration. Thus, the risk of tissue damage is kept to a minimum level and the results obtained with the sapphire tips are much better.

Stages of Sapphire Fue Hair Transplant


After the blood test and necessary consultations, the donor area and current area are elaborated on. The number of graft and hairstyle are decided together with the patient. After determining the area where hair transplantation is done, the hairline is drawn and the anesthesia stage is started.


Local anesthesia methods are preferred in hair transplantation. The needle-free injection system provides a wider and more stable spread than the local anesthetic application with the injector needle. Thanks to this new technique, anyone who is indecisive about Fue hair transplant due to needle phobia can easily join in the Fue operation.


Hair transplant with painless anesthesia and Sapphire Fue technique provides great comfort to patients during the operation. The hair follicles are extracted from the hair donor area by using the most suitable micro-tips for hair follicles ranging from 0,6 – 0,7 – 0,8 mm. The collected roots are placed in channels with Sapphire Fue technique.

Canal Opening

Canal Opening greatly affects the appearance of the hair and directly determines the hair’s angle, direction, and density. Therefore, this process is the most important step in the success of Fue hair transplant. Using a sapphire tip instead of a steel blade during the Fue hair transplantation minimizes damage to the skin and significantly increases the success rate.


Hair roots are transplanted to the opened channels with sharp, smooth and durable sapphire tips. The hair follicle-size scratches allow multiple channels, even in the narrow area, and the hair follicles can be planted closer together. The hairs that are transplanted with the right angle and direction provide a natural appearance.

Nove MIC® Method

The Nove MIC® method is the process of examining and classifying the grafts collected from the donor site under a microscope. The Nove MIC® technique, which analyzes the number of hair follicles, minimizes the risk and achieves the most natural results. One, two or three hair follicles can be seen on the grafts taken from the hair root. Thanks to Nove MIC®, the grafts are easily analyzed and the most efficient hair roots are quickly sorted. Single roots are used to form the front line of the hair. The remaining double and triple grafts are planted in cavities and back sections. Nove MIC® prevents the elaborate hair follicles from being planted indiscriminately. It is possible to get natural and bushy hairs with Nove MIC® hair root analysis method which is used in combination with Sapphire Fue Technique.

The Advantages of the Fue Technique Performed With Sapphire Blades

  • Anti-bacterial Sapphire blades minimize the risk of tissue damage.
  • Sapphire Fue Technique allows more frequent extraction than the metal slit method.
  • Due to the small opening of the canals, the post-operative tissue healing is faster than the metal slit, and most importantly, the hair follicles are transferred smoothly to the skin.
  • Hair roots are planted in their size channels at the most natural angle.
  • It becomes more comfortable in every sense after the operation.
  • It is possible to reach the maximum number of grafts in one session.

Sapphire Fue Hair Transplant Recovery and Results

A few days after hair transplantation, the first wash is performed. There are no cuts or stitches in this method. But during the extraction of hair follicles, little wounds in the form of dots can be seen on the skin. These dots will heal completely within 2 weeks. It takes 10-12 months for the hair to reach its natural form.

How Much Does A Sapphire FUE Procedure Cost?

In recent years, those who want to have new hair prefers to Turkey due to the advanced medical technologies, professional working environment and price advantages. Every year, approximately 500.000 people visit toTurkey for hair transplantation. Operational innovations such as Sapphire Fue Hair Transplant, Comfort-in ™ needle-free anesthesia, and Nove MIC® play an important role in this process. As EsteNove, we are actively using all of these techniques and appllies to our patients the latest innovations of hair transplant methods.The FUE technique, which allows transplantation of more grafts at one time, is among the most preferred hair transplantation methods in the world.

Fue hair transplantation cost varies depending on the number of grafts. In America and European Union countries, hair transplantation fees can reach as high as 2 or 3 dollars per graft; a person who wants to transplant 4000 grafts of hair should sacrifice around $10,000. On the other hand, the cost of sapphire Fue hair transplant in Turkey is way cheaper than European countries or America. We have the most respected doctors and technicians in this field. Thanks to our talented team of health, we carry out Fue hair transplant in Turkey with at least a 50% lower cost.


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FAQ About Hair Transplant in Turkey

In general, hair transplant is carried out under local anesthesia, so the patient does not feel any pain or discomfort during the transplantation period. Also, there is a most advanced needle-free injection system called Comfort-in™ is used in hair transplant operations in EsteNove and it makes the hair transplant operation painless.

Yes, hair transplant is a safe and fast-growing industry in Turkey. First of all, hair transplant clinics in Turkey have state-of-the-art technology, a high level of knowledge, more experienced surgeons and staff and the patients’ feedback is positive. Also, in Turkey, it is performed in international accredited hospitals by premium clinics. Besides that, in Turkey the hair transplant clinics adopt a solution-oriented approach, so the patients’ satisfaction is at the top level. In Turkey, there are 44 JCL certified hospitals and it is placed on the third worldwide with this feature.

Whether a person is a good candidate for a hair transplant procedure is determined through with hair analysis (such as hair tissue, hair follicles quality, hair density, elasticity, pores, skin texture) and examination results. In this respect, after considering all factors such as patients state of health, the frequency of the donor area and the width of the area to be planted, it is understood whether a person is suitable for hair transplant.

Hair transplant can be performed at any time as well as the patient feel ready physically and psychologically. Patients, who want the aesthetic appearance, can have hair transplant at any time if the donor area is sufficient. In patients with hair loss, it is expected that to hairless areas will be intervened in advance and will not lose the aesthetic appearance of the hair. Because after a certain point, if hair loss reaches an extreme level, it becomes difficult to obtain an aesthetic image after hair transplant. In this respect, 1 or 2 more sessions can be applied if it is necessary. Also, we recommend PRP treatment in order to stop further hair loss.

During the hair transplant process, grafts are collected from the donor area where the transplant will be performed and looked them under the light of the microscope. Then, the grafts are separated. Generally, in many hair transplant clinics, the grafts are separated manually. Considering 3-4 thousand hair follicles, in this case, the error rate can be very high. Therefore, in the Nove MIC® method, the hair follicles taken from the donor area are divided into groups containing 1, 2 and 3 roots with the help of a special microscope. Only single grafts are transplanted to the front line of the hair. Thus, the transplanted area is exactly the same as the old hairline of the patient and so natural appearance occurs. That is to say, by the Nove MIC® method, the mistake risk is minimized and patients reach the most natural results.

Yes, women can also have a hair transplant, but the cause of hair loss needs to be well diagnosed. Because of androgenetic alopecia, known as male-type hair loss, hair loss resulting from the regression of the forehead line of the hair or an opening in the crest, women can also have hair transplantation.

Technically, there is no age limit for hair transplants. So, hair transplant can be applied to everyone from 22 to 65 years of age. But we cannot say, all people in this age range can have a hair transplant. Therefore, the determinants are hair type, hair loss condition and the general health condition of the patient.

Yes, we give a guarantee for after post-operative results, excepting health conditions or therapy that causes patients hair loss. In addition, patients should also follow the post-operative instructions given by the doctor.

To set up a consultation with us, at first, you can leave us your contact information via our social media or website or send us an e-mail. Then our Health Assistants will contact you and our doctor will send you a special diagnosis report. In accordance with this report, when you come to our clinic, a pre-examination is performed in terms of compliance with hair transplant process.