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Jamie Foxx’s Hair Loss

By January 15th, 2024Celebrity Hair Transplants6 min read
Jamie Foxx’s Hair Loss

Jamie Foxx’s Hair Loss Our concern is Jamie Foxx, an American actor and singer who was born in 1967 in, Texas and his hair getting thin. The thinness can be seen in the front part of his hair in his latest films and he has made some hair additions even if it has not been stated by the actor himself. However, photos prove a great obvious change. There are a number of causes of hair loss and there are also methods of having hair implants.

Some celebrities choose the common method FUT in which living hair root is removed from the back of the head and placed to the front part of the head. Some other celebrities go for the non- surgical FUE method, in which hair at the back of the head is removed with an instrument called “punch”. We can say that Jamie Foxx’s hair implant has been made with the FUE method.

His Hair in The Movies

The hairstyle in the art of getting rid of the boss, played by Jamie Fox in 2011, is seen on the left side. To the right is Jamie Foxx’s hairstyle in his latest film, Protect Power, released in 2020. The differences between the two paintings are noticeable. Apparently, the artist took precautions without losing all his hair. It is also necessary to look at the difference between baldness and thinning hair.

Jamie Foxx’s Hair Loss His hairstyle can be seen in the photo on the left, which has been taken from the movie “Horrible Bosses (2011)”. On the right side, his hair can be seen in his latest movie “Protect Power (2020)”. The differences between the two photos are remarkable. It is clear that the actor has taken his precautions before he has lost all his hair. There is also a need to take a look at the differences between baldness and hair thinness.

Hair thinness is decreasing the density of the hair and increasing the gap between hair strands. Rare and medium-rare hair thinness is very common, yet, it does not cause baldness. It’s very normal for a person to lose 50-100 hair strands daily. A number above this can cause serious problems.

Reasons for hair loss

The frequent use of chemicals including products like hair spray, hair gel, hair dye, and foam harms hair seriously. While the use of hair-forming devices like hair straightener, blow-drier, and curling iron also cause hair loss, tieing hair tightly and giving no time for hair to breathe also are other reasons for hair loss.  Not only external factors but also nutrition has a great effect on hair roots. Nowadays we are living in a century in which the number of healthy nourishment decreases and the number of hormones added to food increases. Getting an insufficient amount of iron and minerals to the body does not only weakens the immune system but also hair to be weak. Experts constantly warn us about keeping away from stress and being calm. They absolutely know something, right? Stress causes brain cells to die and hair to fall one by one.

Reasons for hair to get thin do not remain limited just to those above. We can list the rest like this; While passing from childhood to adolescence there happen some hormonal changes in the body and these changes cause hair loss. A pregnant mother does not lose even a hair strand throughout her pregnancy. After birth, in the 9-month time, her hair starts to shed fast. Some illnesses like cancer also cause hair loss. Of course, it is possible to find solutions for these losses. We can use a lot of products as James Foxx did. Additionally, the natural products that we can make in our houses are other options. A few treatments to be our own doctor…

Herbal recommendations

There is no one who has not heard that onion and garlic’s effect on hair roots. The main reason for the use of garlic in hair loss treatment is the amount of calcium and sulfur that it contains. Calcium in milk that we drink to strengthen our bones also takes part in garlic. When garlic is applied to hair, it prevents the hair to grow defective and helps new hair roots to be created. Sulfur is also included in onion as it does in garlic. Sulfur which helps the body to create new tissue also takes a great part in producing new hair roots. Coconut oil which is sold by every cosmetics store and herbal stores…

There are numerous benefits to the use of this oil for hair. It fixes broken and dry hair tips, it stops hair to be electrified, and gives hair a silky look. Alone with itself is a great moisturizer for hair and dermal health, it gives foods a great taste. It cleans hair skin, prevents scurf, and clears up the itch. Applying this oil to hair by massaging and rinsing after the process would be enough.


We often hear “Drink lemon added water every morning to kill microbes” saying in morning shows. It is beneficial for the body but is not for the hair. Of course, it is beneficial. Applying lemon to hair to shape and color it is done since former times. Lemon which contains a high amount of vitamin C, calcium, magnesium, potassium, copper, folic acid, and fiber, provides hair to become abundant. Like coconut oil, lemon is also a great weapon against scurf. It cleans hair skin and polishes it.

With these few methods, you can get rid of hair loss. Of course, a person knows himself best. If these methods do not help you, you can consult a doctor. As hair loss is a very common problem,  you should not hesitate from getting help from a doctor. Like James Foxx, a lot of American artists (Jason Gardiner, Tom Hanks, Nicolas Cage) have regained a new look by getting rid of hair loss by taking help from doctors. Jamie Foxx’s Hair Loss