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EsteNove WhatClinic Service Award 2019

By February 6th, 2022Blog6 min read
EsteNove WhatClinic Service Award 2019

EsteNove WhatClinic Service Award 2019 Hair transplantation operation in Turkey, fulfilment in the field of hair loss treatment history from the experience of accomplishing results has been a definitive answer for some individuals. However, the issue lies in finding the best hair relocate focus in Turkey and is because of the explanation. An enormous number of Turkish clinical priorities had some expertise in this field and the quality of rivalry between them. This patient is confounding while choosing the best of them, and here you are strolling entryway to entryway to evaluate the best hair relocate focuses in Turkey.

There are many options and Turkey in general and with a multi-award known to be the world’s best and cheapest “EsteNove Hair Transplant Clinic Service” in the hair transplantation and care takes its place among the leading clinics.

EsteNove is generally specialized in centre hair transplant operations, with positive feedback from 10,000 guests from around 20 different countries such as the United States and the United Kingdom. Accompanied by Bircan Saydam, EsteNove clinic has been awarded many awards recognized by the world.

The most important feature that distinguishes the hospital from other clinics is that there is no cosmetic or surgical procedure, and there are many modern and modern and hair transplant procedures are performed using advanced technology. And finally, Percutaneous technique is provided with PRP, which is sometimes used as a complementary therapy to the patient.

2019 WhatClinic Service Award Winner EsteNove

The EsteNove team includes the most educated and professionally trained surgeons and specialists, especially Bircan Saydam.

The main goal of the team, together with its expert team, is to help provide high-quality services at affordable prices with the latest technology products used in developed hospitals around the world and guarantee the best results for patient satisfaction.

All treatments are carried out in internationally accredited clinical services. All equipment used in the clinic are selected from the most reliable materials and brands and are examined in detail from specialist doctors, caregivers and personnel, especially Bircan Saydam.

In general, the status of the clinical service and all operations are reviewed and authorized by international medical organizations and the Ministry of Health of the Republic of Turkey.

Awarded with the 2019 WhatClinic Service Award, EsteNove continues to provide 24/7 service to help provide the highest quality treatments for its patients. The internationally recognized hair transplant clinic offers free hair loss consultation.

EsteNove, which uses all the possibilities in the field of technology, also provides video consultancy service. Each team member in the clinic devotes time to a personal relationship with the patients in the United States, United Kingdom and other segments of the globe and keeps contacts with the patients before and after the treatment and follows the patient’s recovery period. Bircan Saydam’s patient-oriented team makes every effort to ensure that patients receive the highest quality service and feel at home.

Why is EsteNove the Ideal Destination for Hair Transplantation?

The most significant elements that made EsteNove an ideal objective for hair transplantation by ostracizes from the United States, the United Kingdom and outside nations the same are the accompanying:

  • Clinical focuses that have been furnished with the most recent methods, frameworks and advances, which provide patients with the most significant levels of solace, extravagance and acceptable outcomes, and a considerable lot of these focuses have global quality endorsements.
  • The utilization of advancements created and affirmed in the best global focuses.
  • The clinical staff that is portrayed by the most elevated levels of fitness, where specialists who get worldwide logical endorsements while staying informed concerning the most recent turns of events, and following up on gatherings and courses held in this field, just as the associate group and the nursing group with high insight and expert capability.
  • Numerous clinical focuses in Turkey having some expertise in hair transplantation are famous for offering multiple extra types of assistance that furnish the patient with more solace, prosperity and pleasure, on the head of which are the administrations identified with clinical the travel industry, convenience, transportation and interpretation administrations.
  • The clinical subsequent that is given to the patient after the finishing of the hair relocate strategy and may reach out to one year to guarantee the accomplishment of the activity and that the patient gets the ideal outcomes.

Why Turkey?

Hair transplantation is a field where Turkey has begun to excel as of late.

Turkey not just improved its health framework quickly since the 2000s with recently opened health habitats and enormous speculations made in the health business.

The expansion in the number of doctors represent considerable authority in various fields after the modernization of clinical instruction contributed essentially to Turkey’s degree of specialization in different areas, from hair transplantation to feel and cardiology.

Because of these emotional changes in the health business, Turkey has been visited by 1.4 million global patients like the United Kingdom and the United States, altogether from 130 unique nations for health-related or clinical reasons over the most recent two years.

Does it Hurt?

One of the most curious inquiries of individuals is whether individuals feel torment during hair transplantation. You won’t feel misery during hair transplantation.

It doesn’t make a difference whether it is FUE or DHI because the two sorts of medical procedure are performed after nearby sedation.

“The prominent torment you will feel during hair transplantation is the torment brought about by sedative infusion. Patients can re-visitation of their every day carries on with the day after the hair relocate activity.

“The first to a quarter of a year is the recuperation time frame. With hair transplantation from a half year to a year, your hair will fix to accomplish the focused on result.”

About WhatClinic

WhatClinic is a health and magnificence web index webpage that rundowns over 130,000 centers around the world. In 2019, over 5 million individuals visited the site to discover, think about, and book facilities and applications in a broad scope of elective clinical therapies, including dentistry, hair transplant, plastic and bariatric medical procedure, clinical feel and that’s only the tip of the iceberg. WhatClinic’s primary goal is to associate individuals to a facility they will adore and give the patient admittance to all the data they require to settle on an educated decision, including value, accessibility, and audits as an enabled shopper. WhatClinic was established in 2007 by tech business visionary Caelen King and worked more than 120 nations.