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Where Do Celebrities Get Hair Transplants?

By January 15th, 2024Celebrity Hair Transplants6 min read
Where Do Celebrities Get Hair Transplants?

Where Do Celebrities Get Hair Transplants? Hair transplantation is an operation that should only be done in clinics or hospitals. A fully equipped clinic and hospitals should be preferred against possible problems. Although it is an operation with a high success rate, it may contain minor risks. For this reason, only clinics and hospitals should be selected for hair transplantation. Places such as beauty centers are definitely not suitable for hair transplantation.

All of the celebrity hair transplants examples we see on TV had their hair transplantation done in clinics. Because the success of hair transplantation also depends on clinical selection. For this reason, if you want to have hair transplantation, you should choose the clinic carefully. In addition, choosing the right doctor is one of the most important factors.

How Should Hair Transplant Clinics Be?

Hair transplant clinics must be absolutely hygienic. The procedure is performed in small incisions on the scalp. It is very important that the environment where the cuts come into contact is sterilized. Hygiene is very important in this process, which is made in very small cuts. The materials that the scalp will contact must also be clean. Whenever possible, the doctor should use patient-specific materials. All materials must be sterilized continuously. Hair transplantation is not possible in a non-sterilized environment. This can harm the person as well as adversely affect hair transplantation.

In hair transplant clinics, facilities other than hygiene are also very important. It is necessary to use the latest technological materials. Because new methods give more successful results than old methods. For this reason, it is necessary to prioritize the possibilities when choosing a clinic. As we can see in the examples of Celebrity hair transplants, the success of hair transplantation depends on the doctor and the clinic. All of the celebrities who have hair transplant have chosen fully equipped clinics. In addition, they had hair transplantation done by specialist doctors.


What is the FUE Method Applied to Celebrities?

It is the process of transferring the patient’s hair follicles from areas with dense areas to sparse areas. Tissues are removed with a sensitive tool and placed in the recipient areas. Line-shaped wounds and stitch marks do not occur. In this way, the donor area becomes indistinguishable within a few days. For this reason, the FUE method is generally used in celebrity hair transplants.

This technique is performed without the use of surgical blades. It is the process of removing hair follicles with a special needle. Hair roots are not taken as a block as in the FUT method. Taking it one by one has minimized tissue damage. Therefore, it is the primary method recommended in hair transplantation. This method is also frequently preferred by patients. Patients are very satisfied with their new hair after this method.

A small amount of skin tissue, called grafts, is taken together with two or three hair follicles. It is removed from the scalp with a sensitive instrument and placed in sparse recipient areas. It is performed without using surgical blades. Hair transplantation operation varies according to the condition of the hair loss. A session can take several hours. It is repeated over two consecutive days.

In Which Areas Can FUE Method Be Applied?

Where Do Celebrities Get Hair Transplants? The FUE method, which is widely applied to celebrities, is also effective in different parts of the body. It can also be applied to the scalp, face, and body. It can be applied if there is no balding on the entire scalp. If there are openings only in some areas, the person can be used as a donor. Because it must adapt to the non-shedding parts of the hair. FUE method can be used even if there is a loss in areas such as beard, mustache, or eyebrows. In addition to celebrity hair transplants, there are many people who have a beard and eyebrow transplants.


What are FUE Hair Transplant Techniques?

FUE hair transplant method has 3 different techniques. These techniques; Micro FUE, Saffir FUE and Soft FUE techniques. These 3 techniques have been applied in celebrity hair transplants examples. You can easily see the applications of these techniques from celebrities who have hair transplantation.

Micro FUE technique; It is an improved version of the manual FUE technique. In micro hair transplantation technique, equipment with micro tips is used. It is the process of removing hair follicles with this equipment. Micro motors are used in this technique with tiny tips. Micro circles are opened on the scalp. The hair follicle and the tissue structures around the hair follicle are separated and removed.

The only difference of Saffir FUE is that the tips used are made of Sapphire, not metal. It is effective in opening micro chambers on the scalp. It also contributes to the acceleration of recovery phases. Sapphire-tipped micro needles are much healthier than other needle structures.

Although the Soft FUE technique is referred to as the sub-technique of FUE hair transplantation, it is actually a sub-innovation of the FUE technique. The operation is supported with sedation-oriented drugs. It is known to relieve the patient but not have an effect on his consciousness. In summary, there is no loss of consciousness with this technique. However, no pain is felt during hair transplantation.

If you want to transplant hair like in the examples of celebrity hair transplants, you can choose these methods. You can choose the appropriate hair transplant method for you by making a decision with your doctor. Where Do Celebrities Get Hair Transplants?