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Ruud Gullit Hair Transplant

By January 15th, 2024Celebrity Hair Transplants3 min read
Ruud Gullit Hair Transplant

Ruud Gullit Hair Transplant, Baldness is one of the most common problems among both men and women, but it can quickly solve hair transplant operations. 

Ruud Gullit Hair Transplant

Gullit is a star footballer at clubs like PSV and A.C Milan and is known all around the world thanks to his successes. Unfortunately, Ruud Gullit couldn’t escape from a common problem among men the baldness. 

He had started to search to find the best solution, and he decided to have a hair transplant operation, but he didn’t satisfied with the operation results. He immediately tried to find other methods to stop his hair shedding and found the revolutionary FUE method. The result was perfect. Now, Ruud Gullit looks very satisfied with his appearance. At this point, Ruud understood that as the operation, the doctors and team are so important to achieve success.  

Why Hair Loss Happen and Solution for It 

Many reasons may lead to hair loss, such as genetic factors, people’s age, stress, vitamin, or folic acid deficiency. People, especially celebrities, try to overcome the baldness. There are two options to clear up the problem. These are temporary and permanent solutions. If people prefer temporary solutions, they use a wig, cosmetical products, concealer, or bandana. But these methods aren’t useful and practical because they should be used every day. For example, other people may notice the wig or fall off from the head in front of the other people. Therefore, the way has a high rate risk. On the other side, if the patient prefers the permanent solution, the hair restoration will obtain voluminous hair. 

  • If people aged between 20 and 60 years, they can prefer a hair transplant operation. 
  • People with sparse and shedding hair can choose the surgery. 
  • The patient has to have healthy hair to extract the hair follicles donors. 
  • People from all strata, especially actors and actresses, sports players in different branches, writers, politicians, or comedians, can prefer the aesthetical surgery. 
  • Also, the patient needs at most three days to prepare for the operation and recovery time. 

The Different Techniques for Hair Transplant 

There are several different techniques in hair transplant operations like FUE and FUT. Each progress is used with various tools and techniques, but the common point is that they offer permanent hair follicles. Besides, there won’t be painless during the process, thanks to a local anesthetic.  

FUE method provides a perfect appearance with no scare. On the other side, after the FUT operation, there may leave a scar on the head. The technique has to be chosen by the surgeon. Besides, both methods offer that  %98 of the new hair follicles will grow as the patient’s first hair. 

To succeed in the hair transplant or called hair restoration operation, talented and high training doctors, teams, and high-quality equipment are very significant. On the other side, these factors aren’t enough. The patient must prefer a hospital setting and best doctors to avoid hair restoration risks because the best surgeons trained on the transplantation provide the best results.