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Aaron Paul’s Hairline

By January 15th, 2024Celebrity Hair Transplants8 min read
Aaron Paul’s Hairline

Aaron Paul’s Hairline Aaron Michael Paul, born on the 27th of August,1979, American actor and producer. Successful actor, who proved that he had got a distinctive talent with the Breaking Bad series won Emmy Prize in the years 2010,2012, and 2014. Contrary to popular belief, Aaron Paul’s career starts with music videos and his guest roles in some movies before he played significant roles in the movies like The Last House on The Left and mission impossible.

He played Scott Quitman in the HBO series Big Love in 2007. He has carried on his duty as the producer of the animated Netflix show Bojack Horseman which is dubbed by Todd Chavez since 2014. The Path series, in which he shares the leading role with Hugh Dancy, has been on air since 2016. He played the guest role “Gamer691” in the Black Mirror series. He played Jesse Pinkman in the Breaking Bad series and despite his young age, he managed to get a lot of credits for his acting. It is known that the young and handsome actor is 1.79 meters high. However, we have observed tiny deceit that can be encountered among many men.

Aaron Paul’s Hairline

Aaron Paul’s Hairline The hairline is where your hair starts to place on your forehead. This line’s place changes from a person to person and is observed very differently in men and women. As the hairline’s regression starts at earlier ages, hair transplanting is more popular, especially among men. We can see that famous American actor Aaron Paul needed this operation even with a naked eye. Regression of the hairline is one of the most common hair thinning style.

However, not all men need to shave their heads to fight with the high hairline. It does not matter if you were born with a high hairline or your hairline started to getting thin, with the correct hair cut you can live your life without losing your charisma as Aaron Paul does. If you want a change, there are a lot of options and processes. Already, there have been speculations spoken about Aaron Paul who has done hair transplanting.

Hair Transplant

The most important point of a successful hair transplant is to have healthy and natural-looking hair after the operation. It is known that for the natural look the most important issue in the planning of the front hairline. The hairline design which has a great significance in hair transplant operations changes from person to person. It is not on the carpet to apply a standard as every person has a different feature. Because of that, in the operation that Elon Musk had, the planning applied personally according to his face.

The other variables which need to be considered to plan front hairline are; anatomical head structure, person’s age, and graft ( the name of the surgical process of transplanting a tissue which does not have its own circulating system from a part of the body to another one or another living being. Greft is fed by new blood veins after transplanted. If the tissue is transplanted without the bloodstream is distorted that tissue is called flep) amount. Thus, the natural look is obtained and is not noticed without a professional examination. If we did not know the former look of Aaron Paul, how would we know that he had hair transplanting?

Hairline Measurement

Hairline measurement is done by starting from the middle of the two eyebrows. Some clinics recognize the average wideness of the forehead as 6-7 cms and some others as 5 cms. So this value changes according to the feature of the person and greft number that could be used. The forehead is marked according to the structure of the head, age of the person, and the number of the grefts. The frontal hairline is determined by taking the forehead’s openness, wideness, temporals’ sizes, and taking note to where the hair thinning starts at into consideration in a “V” shape but not so edgy or more elliptical.

Grefts’ planting angle planning is as important as the hairline planning on the hairline which is at the eye lineage and frontal part so grefts which would be planted here could not be planted in a straight line. To get a natural and esthetical look, hair strands are planted in an irregular and natural way. By doing this a natural, asymmetrical look, which has recesses and bulges on the hairline and the closest look of the person’s natural hairline is obtained.

When it comes to the temporal zone, they create a slight recess here to complete the natural look as all men who have passed adolescence have this type of recess on their frontals. The planting angle of all grefts’, which are planted on the temporal and hairline, has to be the same. Hairline recessing which happens to a lot of actors except for Aaron Paul is more important than it is believed. It is a situation that affects your face’s look and features completely.

Hair Types

For the formation of the hairline, hair types are also substantial. Now, I will mention hair types for a little while.

Thin And Thick Hair

If your hair started to thin but you have thick hair strands then you have a great advantage. Thick hair strands hide your hair skin, but the thin ones reveal it. As your hair has good quality and hairline would be less evident you would have more hairstyle options. Although Aaron Paul had been through hair thinning, his hair looks awesome as he had thick hair, so that it a great advantage! Even though thick hair is one of the most difficult ones to be shaped, men who have this type of hair is suggested to spare some time to look after their hair.

Even though it seems to be the best cut option for this type of hair which can be in any shape like wavy, curly or fluffy, is the short cuts; long hair would also look good as the weight that hair itself has would keep the form of the hair. If the men who have to think hair strands, even the ones who have hair thinning, should get a thinning shears from time to time.

Natural Hairline Hair Transplant

If you have thin hair strands and additionally if you have hair thinning, you have to spare more time and effort for them. The thing that thin-haired-men must know is that their hair is lacking the density that it should have. This would cause their hair to look tenuous and sometimes their hair skin to be visible and hair thinning is more common for this type of hair. Thereby, those factors need to be taken notice of while planning the hairstyle. I recommend long cuts for the men who have thin hair strands as it would add weight to the hair. Middle and long length cuts would both create a volume illusion and would take away the tenuous look. Elon Musk and Hairline

To Be Able To Hide Your Hairline

The first thing that you should do is to keep your hair short. Excessive weight and length can cause problems, so keeping your hair short would make your hairline be less visible. To hide your problem, growing hair could sound more catchy but this would provide you a visual disadvantage. Take a look at the hair cuts that Aaron Paul picked lately; he always has shortcuts and by giving it a regular lineage he creates a smart look. This type of short cuts, especially when you combined it with your beard as Aaron does, looks cool and you managed to control your hairline. Aaron Paul’s Hairline Hair Transplant Natural Hairline(Opens in a new browser tab)