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What Age To Get Hair Transplant Operation

By February 6th, 2022Blog6 min read
What Age To Get Hair Transplant Operation

What Age To Get Hair Transplant Operation? Hair loss, or in its other name alopecia, can simply be defined as loss of hair from different parts of body, typically from the head. There are many different reasons leading to hair loss including stress, hereditary factors and etc. Both women and men of all age groups may encounter hair loss or baldness to varying degrees. Hair loss may occur in the head, eyebrows, mustache, beard, or the chest. It is a widespread problem that can affect every person.

However, men are at higher risk of experiencing baldness due to hormonal factors and a genetic inclination. In some cases, the bald spots may even become apparent in the early 20s. As this is the case, people -especially men- worry about the potential disadvantages of this situation on their social life. They become to concern about how they look and their self-esteem is influenced badly. But with the advent of technology and thanks to its innovations, as with anything that has become easier to solve, such concerns may easy to disappear as well. Hair transplant as a solution to hair loss problems is regarded as one of the most popular methods and can now be performed both safely and quickly.

Hair Transplant Operation

operation is performed by extracting healthy hair follicles from the donor area and placing them to the area of the scalp that is bald or sparse in hair. The hair follicles at the back of the scalp are generally permanent, so they can be transplanted anywhere else on the scalp or the body and the results will be permanent. As hair transplant operation offers a natural, good looking, and permanent solution to hair loss problem, it draws the interest of many people who are seeking ways to look better. But people have not yet come to a consensus about what age to get a hair transplant. So, what is the right age to get a hair transplant? Can a person be seen as too young or too old for it? Does it make a difference?

In the broadest speaking, there is no right or wrong age for a hair transplant operation. If a person experiences hair loss that can be solved with a hair transplant, they can have it irrespective of their age. There is a thing that must be bear in mind that a hair transplant is no more invasive than some other procedures. For example, as with a patient at the age of seven who have dental problem would have no problem with the operation, a patient in his  seventies undergoing a hair transplant would be no issues either.

Hair Loss

But the situation may be different for young people. Some specialists indicate that patients below the age of twenty-five are considered too young to undergo a hair transplant operation. However, as stated before, this is not true. There is no strict age cut off for hair transplantation procedures. But it is possible to say that it does have an impact if a patient gets hair transplant operation done at an early age rather than wait until she or he is a bit older. While there is not a particular age limitation, most experts do not recommend you to have the operation if you are under the age of twenty one because the hair loss may be a progressive problem.

Patients who have undergone hair transplant operation when they are still young are more likely to experience more hair loss afterward since their hair will probably have not finished receding or balding by then. As a result, they may need to undergo another operation to avoid any additional baldness. The transplanted hair grows with absolute strength, while the hair on the surrounding area gets thinner and thinner as the day goes by. For this reason, hair transplant is not suggested for young people. There are solutions, however. Such patients are advised to take specific medications that help in stabilizing their baldness. Once the results are examined by an experienced hair transplant specialist, the patients can sit for any kind of hair transplants such as FUT or FUE.

Furthermore, the younger a person is the harder their baldness pattern is to predict, which is crucial for the hair transplant to reach long-term success.

Consequently, hair transplant operations should not be preferred at an early age because the amount of hair loss you experience may change and the return of your hairline to its original position may look unnatural as you age. However, in some extreme or unique circumstances, for example, if the hair loss is permanent and not progressive in some areas, then the hair transplant operation can be done without considering your age.

According to some outstanding hair transplant operation specialists, the ideal age for hair transplant is 40 and above as by then, baldness will have set in and this will make things easier for them to get the right hair transplantation. This will help you realize your expectations and be more satisfied with your newly transplanted hair. Also, the ones who have relatives suffering from hair loss or baldness can be considered as ideal candidates. But as we said before, there is no right or wrong age for a hair transplant.

People of all ages and categories are eligible for the hair transplant operation. As mentioned before, there are several types of hair transplant methods so some other factors must be considered before deciding what kind of treatment will best suit a patient. To make this happen, the specialist should trace the chronicles of the patient’s family to find out the underlying reason under the baldness of the patient. This assessment may help the surgeon to choose the most suitable operation. Another important thing to consider before the procedure is the amount of hair in the donor area. In the hair transplant operation, the donor hair follicles are extracted from the scalp of the patient and distributed. The amount of hair to be transplanted is determined by looking at the amount of healthy hair available in the donor area.