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Is Keratin Treatment Good For Hair Loss?

By February 6th, 2022Blog6 min read
Is Keratin Treatment Good For Hair Loss?

Is Keratin Treatment Good For Hair Loss? Our hair care is an ongoing process and any kind of delay can lead to dry and frizzy hair. Hair straw treatment is something that none of us like. This often leaves us looking for ways to maintain hair frizz by choosing hair straightening treatments. One of the most popular ways to achieve soft and frizzy hair is through Keratin hair loss treatment. Is keratin treatment good for hair loss?

What is keratin?

Before we know everything about keratin hair treatments, keratin treatment for curly hair, the benefits of keratin hair treatment, etc., you must first understand what exactly keratin is and why our hair requires it.

Simply put, keratin is a protein found naturally in your hair, nails and skin. Some of the proteins associated with keratin are hair. The elasticity of the hair and only a structural support, but also acts as an auxiliary repair of youth is maintained with the help of keratin which acts as a shield around the hair shaft. Keratin does not provide.

It provides an outer protective layer to the outer layers of the hair which is the epidermis and also an inner protective layer to the cortex which is the inner core of the hair.

Why does your hair need keratin?

Our hair is exposed to various external and internal factors, due to which it is destroyed chemically or naturally. The harsh ultraviolet rays of the sun, the sea water, etc. contribute to the destruction of the health of our hair. The whole purpose of keratin hair loss treatment is to restore all the lost keratin to make our hair smooth and without frizz.

What if we lose keratin from the hair?

Lack of adequate keratin leads to exposure of the hair follicle, which makes it more prone to damage resulting in broken ends, dead and frizzy hair strands, etc.

What is keratin hair treatment?

Whether you want to use keratin for curly hair or for normal hair, it is important to ensure that keratin treatment is done by professionals. A keratin treatment involves the use of a formula applied by professionals. This formula consists of keratin as well as other ingredients. Keratin helps to normalize the overlapping cells to form hair strands.

This keratin-based composition is absorbed by the hair follicle due to which your hair appears as full and shiny. Helps make curly hair less frizzy and easier to maintain and style. The keratin hair loss treatment procedure is performed as described below

The hair stylist will first apply a layer of keratin to your hair.

  • A hot flat iron is then used to seal the type.
  • The elastic effect occurs when the chemicals contained in the formula are activated due to the heat of the iron.
  • When you are done, you will notice that your hair has become smooth and silky.

Although the time required to treat keratin depends on the length and amount of your hair, an ideal treatment time is about 90 minutes.

How long does keratin treatment last?

Ideally, a keratin hair treatment will last from two to three months. But the results also depend on the type of keratin products you have used, as well as the subsequent care you have followed.

Side effects of keratin hair treatment

There has been a discussion about the use of formaldehyde or formalin in this treatment, which binds to the hair follicles and maintains the effect of keratin on the hair. It can cause side effects and cancer.

Just like any other beauty treatment out there, a keratin hair loss treatment also comes with its own set of side effects. Although keratin is safe for hair, you should be aware of its side effects, which include:

  • People suffering from skin diseases or other issues such as psoriasis or dermatitis should avoid this method of treatment.
  • Formaldehyde is a substance used in the treatment of keratin hair and is associated with various health conditions, such as lung irritation, eye and skin irritation, cancer, etc.
  • The heat of the flat iron used in the treatment is close to 450 degrees which can cause serious damage to your hair follicles. Continued use of the treatment can lead to broken ends, dry and brittle hair as well as hair loss.

Is keratin treatment good for hair loss?

In addition to choosing a keratin treatment, you can try and improve the keratin in your hair by following the tips below.

  • Pay attention to what you eat. There are some foods that, if included in your daily diet, can help improve the natural keratin in your hair.
  • In order for your body to produce more keratin, you need to include more protein-rich foods.
  • Try and incorporate omega-3 fatty acids into your diet by eating fatty fish. Keep in mind that pregnant women should avoid mackerel.
  • Include plenty of foods rich in vitamin C.
  • Because biotin also plays an important role in keratin production, you should include foods rich in biotin.
  • Use hair products such as shampoos and conditioners that contain iron, zinc, vitamin E, vitamin B5 and copper. You can also use hair products that contain keratin as one of its ingredients.
  • Avoid harmful habits that can cause further damage and damage to the keratin in your hair, such as the use of straight hair, bleaching your hair, etc.
  • Always make sure to wash your hair thoroughly after swimming.
  • Try and cover your hair as much as possible when you are out in the sun. You can either use hats or scarves.

Now you have learned whether is keratin treatment good for hair loss. Although keratin hair treatment will not make your curly hair completely straight, it will definitely make it easier for you to handle all the curls and design your hair in a better way. Following the above tips can help you naturally maintain keratin in your hair. But if you notice that your hair has been damaged due to lack of adequate keratin, it is better to do keratin treatment!