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What Is Female Hair Loss Treatment?

By 04/01/2021February 6th, 2022No Comments5 min read
What Is Female Hair Loss Treatment?

What Is Female Hair Loss Treatment? Hair loss is not only seen in men. Women may also have to face serious hair loss problems. The nature and amount of hair loss vary according to gender. For example, while genetic factors are effective in hair loss in men, hormonal disorders are generally effective in women.

Women are hormonally more complex than men. The level of estrogen in women may vary within a month or even a week. However, this bad situation is not the same for men. For this reason, doctors consider multiple conditions when treating hair loss in women. Doctors apply different kinds of female hair loss treatment.

Hair Loss Problems

Women can have a hard time with complex hormone secretions. Generally, hair loss develops in women due to stress. For this reason, women consult many doctors, but they do not get results. Hair loss problems in women are an issue that needs to be examined in detail. Women who consult internal medicine, obstetrician, and even most herbalists may not find any solutions for their problems. The best solution to solve this ailment is to consult a specialist dermatologist.

A specialist dermatologist will make the necessary examinations and tests for hair loss in women. Although women consult different doctors, they cannot find a solution. However, an expert dermatologist in the field can easily find the cause of hair loss.

Dermatologists are the doctors who know the most about human epithelial skin cells. For this reason, female hair loss treatment should be performed by a dermatologist.

Hair loss in women may be caused by female pattern genetic hair loss. Dermatologists can use different drugs for female pattern genetic hair loss. The US FDA has recommended the use of a single type of medication for this type of genetic hair loss. However, different dermatologists can recommend different drugs.

What Are The Main Applications Of Female Hair Loss Treatment?

Men and women can both have thin and weak hair types. However, this condition is more common in women. Hair weakness and hair loss caused by genetics in women can be treated with drugs with different ingredients. However, hair loss in men is usually resolved by hair transplantation.

Hair Transplant Treatment

Hair transplant treatment is not very common among women. Only 5 percent of women who receive female hair loss treatment receive hair loss treatment with hair transplantation. Many of these women have lost most of their hair or are almost bald. In such cases, hair transplantation is the only option left. Hair transplant treatment is done using hair follicles taken from women. The doctor uses the hair follicles found in the woman’s body and transplants them into the woman’s hair area. In the future, these hair follicles grow and form new hair.


Another method for female hair loss treatment is mesotherapy. Mesotherapy is also a method of treatment with medication. The only difference is that these drugs are injected under the scalp with the help of a needle. The dermatologist prepares a mixture and injects this mixture under the scalp with the injector he uses. This mixture contains vitamins, minerals, and amino acids to nourish the hair follicle. These substances create vitality in the scalp by feeding the scalp. The regenerated scalp provides the necessary environment for healthy hair.

In addition to these treatment methods, doctors recommend many herbal and natural mixtures to women. After a long time, women see the benefits of these natural blends. Doctors prefer to use non-chemical methods for women. The reason for this is that chemical substances directly affect hormones. Disruption of the hormonal system in women causes worse cases to occur.

Who Can Apply Female Hair Loss Treatment?

Women visit doctors from all branches to solve hair loss problems. Women who consult with internal medicine specialists, cardiologists, and endocrine systems specialists do not get any results. The reason for this is that these doctors cannot focus on the main reasons for the problem. This is not the fault of those doctors. Dermatologists apply the best female hair loss treatment method for hair loss. Because the problem of hair loss is related to the problems in the scalp. Hair that is not well nourished gets an unhealthy appearance. Hair breaks in the future and begins to fall out.

Solution Female Hair Problems

For the solution of all these hair problems, women apply to dermatologists at the end. After days of hustle and bustle, women get a definitive answer from dermatologists. Because dermatologists are scalp specialists. Therefore, dermatologists can apply the most appropriate treatment. For this reason, dermatologists are the only doctors that women should apply for hair loss. So where can you find these dermatologists?

The dermatology department is a difficult field. Dermatology is a branch that requires a lot of detail. Inexperienced and inadequate dermatologists may not be able to treat patients. Therefore, it is necessary to consult experienced doctors. Experienced doctors work in quality clinics and hospitals. You can find these clinics and hospitals by advice from friends or by phone numbers you can find on the internet.

We are proud of our doctors. We have a good team of dermatologists. Our dermatologist team has been trained for many years. This allows them to see too many cases. So they provide you most proper female hair loss treatment. We have all the official documents required to treat you in our clinic. Please contact us for more information and details.

Where Can You Have Female Hair Loss Treatment?

Hospitals are treatment centers. Hospitals have always been the most preferred treatment areas in the field of medicine. For this reason, today people still prefer hospitals for hair loss problems. Despite this, many people started to prefer clinics. The reason for this is that qualified dermatologists start to serve by opening their private clinics. If you want to have female hair loss treatment you can apply to both hospitals and clinics. You can also contact us for more detail and information about treatments. In our clinic, we provide you a safe and hygienic environment for your hair loss treatment. What Is Female Hair Loss Treatment?

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