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Turkey With Hair

By 17/03/2021February 6th, 2022No Comments5 min read
Turkey With Hair

Turkey With Hair One of the biggest things people care about is their hair. Losing your hair also scares people quite a lot. In addition to these, with the development of technology, hair transplant turkey has also developed. People are going to Turkey to make the plantation has been quite popular in recent years. From Europe to make the eyebrow hair transplantation or transplantation in Turkey, the number of those who went to Istanbul for applications such as moustache and beard cultivation has increased considerably.

So, why was it so popular in Turkey to make a hair transplant? While answering this question with an evaluation of health tourism, we will also answer a few questions about hair transplantation.

What is the Hair Transplant in Turkey?

Hair transplantation is the operation of transplanting the hair follicles taken from the nape of people with hair loss problems and baldness to the problem area. In the hair transplant turkey process, the roots to be transplanted are selected from healthy and robust sources. It is a safe method for those who experience lightening and thinning due to hair loss. In other words, the person who has a hair transplant does not need to be completely bald.

Hair transplantation is the most effective method for hair loss and baldness problems. There will be no shedding of the follicles transplanted with hair transplantation. With hair transplantation, people can have more robust and healthier hair in a short period of 6 months. Hair transplantation is a medical operation that is done by specialist physicians and teams in the operating room environment. 

Also, the doctors perform the hair transplantation procedure with high precision and meticulousness. Problems during the operation may cause negativity in terms of the patient’s appearance. It is almost impossible to return from these negativities. However, they perform the restoration process after hair transplantation. These ensure correction. This correction is generally not guaranteed. So, if you plan to do a hair transplant, you should choose your doctor and the place where you have hair transplantation.

Who Can Have Hair Transplant Turkey? Who Cannot Apply?

Hair transplant turkey is for male and female patients who have hair loss problems regardless of gender. It is an operation that can not apply if there is no obstacle in the tests and analyzes done before hair transplantation. If people with diabetes want to have hair transplantation, they should be careful. During the operation, bleeding may occur when the doctors open canals to the skin, and hair follicles that doctors take from the donor area can be a risk factor.

Hair transplantation doctors do not apply caution to people who have an allergy to the solution’s ingredients that are used to the scalp during hair transplantation. Also, insufficient donor area may prevent hair transplantation. Suppose there is no healthy source for transfer in the hairy area or other parts of the patient’s body. In that case, it is impossible to have hair transplantation in these patients because hair transplantation is a procedure that can only be done from one’s body hair.

Those who have female pattern hair loss, those who have partial hair loss, those who have previously undergone hair transplantation and are not satisfied with the result can have hair transplantation. The age of the person is not essential for the transplantation process. The structure, texture, thickness of the hair, hair colour, and shape are not necessary.

Turkey Hair Transplant Clinics

Things That You Have to Pay Attention to Before and After Hair Transplant Turkey Operation

There are also things to do before hair transplantation as well as after hair transplantation. For example, people who do regular sports should stop their exercises one week before hair transplantation. Sports activities increase bleeding risk during hair transplantation as they thin the blood and accelerate its flow. Therefore, before hair transplantation, the doctor should inform and warn about taking a break from sports.

It would help if you quit smoking and alcohol for 4-5 days before hair transplantation, and this will have a tremendously positive effect on the operation’s success rate. In summary, you should avoid activities that take one’s breath away one week before the hair transplant.

Doctors have to do some tests before a hair transplant turkey operation. Blood tests that your doctor will request are also crucial for the applicability of the process. You will learn whether the hair transplant procedure is suitable for you as a result of the tests.

Why Do People Prefer Hair Transplant Turkey Operations?

Health tourism in Turkey developed world standards day by day. Turkey’s geographical location due from European countries, the Gulf countries, and North Africa are coming to visit for many of our patient’s plantation countries. But the only reason for this interest is not Turkey’s geographical location. More than five hundred thousand patients are happy and satisfied with leaving the country every year who come to Turkey for treatment. Approximately Turkey’s health tourism has reached over $ 1 billion in annual earnings. The proper use of emerging technologies and a good selection of them suitable for all hair types and hair transplantation methods can be competitive on the pricing policy; Turkey has become one of the most critical health tourism countries.

Because of the interest in hair transplant turkey, hair transplantation centres in Turkey have become quite popular. In countries such as the UK or the USA, you need to wait for an appointment on average 2-3 months to have a hair transplant. Turkey is blocked in almost every province through the clutter of hair transplantation centres opened, and you can get an appointment within quite a short time.

Turkey uses relatively modern technology in hair transplantation methods. Thanks to these modern techniques, the healing process is now considerably shorter. You can return to your work-life two days after the hair transplant operation. You do not need to enter into a long waiting process in Turkey.

Being treated abroad, having a hair transplant from a quality hospital can turn into a touristic and enjoyable trip and health tourism. You can have hair transplantation in Turkey and are quite accustomed to people browsing and bandages. That’s why the hair transplant turkey procedure is highly preferred.

Best FUE Clinic In Turkey

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