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Turkey Hairline Surgery

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Turkey Hairline Surgery

Turkey Hairline Surgery Genetic, hereditary predispositions can accelerate the hair cycle and hair loss, hence the interest in hair surgery. Hair transplantation can effectively and quickly treat alopecia or baldness problems, making it a treatment of choice.

Tair transplant Turkey surgery involves reimplanting grafts in bald areas. These grafts are previously took from dense areas, such as the Hippocratic crown (area of ​​hair with location at the nape of the neck, going from one ear to the other).

There are different ways to harvest these micro-grafts, or by strip (long hair technique: FUL) by taking a strip of the scalp behind the head extending from one ear to the other. Then, the grafts divide from each other before being re-implanted hair by hair. This will then leave a scar, although inconspicuous, but visible in case of complete shaving on the posterior area of ​​the scalp. Either the sample will be taken by follicular unit extraction (hair by hair: FUE technique), which will then be re-implanted using a specific implanter called Choï implanter. This technique requires no suturing and will not leave any visible scars on the scalp.


The method chosen will depend on the patient: age and evolution of alopecia/baldness, quality, and flexibility of the scalp… The strategy must be in adapt to each patient.

The hair micro-grafting technique is particularly suitable for small areas. It is, therefore, rather suitable for slight baldness. Larger areas are still treatable with micro-grafts, but it will then be necessary to provide several sessions of grafts. In practice, it consists of implanting a complete follicular unit comprising between one to 4 hairs at a time, painlessly using local anesthesia, which ensures permanent and natural hair regrowth.

This micro-grafting technique does not only apply to the hair: it is also very suitable for the reconstruction of the eyebrows and the beard.


The objectives of hair transplant Turkey can be to densify a specific area (holes in the beard, missing eyebrows, etc.) but also to fully cover an area of ​​baldness with significant hair loss.

In addition, the beard transplant allows concealing imperfections while harmonizing the facial features. As for the eyebrow transplant, it allows rebuilding the eyebrow by giving it a natural shape in harmony with the rest of the face.

Candidates for micro-graft hair surgery
Hair surgery by micro-grafts is interesting for patients with hair holes (beard, eyebrows, etc.) and/or hair loss.

Hair surgery by micro-grafts: prices and support
The price of a hair micro-graft varies according to the area to be treated and its size (hair, beard, eyebrow transplantation, etc.).

As it is a cosmetic surgery (and not restorative), it is not coverable by Social Security. The cost of hair surgery is therefore borne by the patient.


Before hair surgery, Doctor Bouhanna performs an examination of the scalp to determine the appropriate treatment. It assesses hair loss and implantation possibilities, drawing the frontal line and assessing the extent of the area in treatment.

During the ten days preceding the procedure, you should not take any medicine containing aspirin.

The day before the operation, the patient should shampoo with medical soap. This will eliminate the bacteria present on the scalp.



The operation of micro-grafts is light, entirely in use on an outpatient basis: hospitalization is therefore not necessary. With hair transplant Turkey patient can leave home a few hours post-procedure.


The anesthesia for capillary micro-grafts is local, carried out at the level of the different areas of implantation and sampling.

Progress of hair surgery by micro-grafts

The intervention of micro-grafts lasts between 2 and 6 hours, depending on the case. It is very light and completely painless thanks to the anesthesia.

The surgeon takes the hair in 2 possible ways: either by a scalp band in the Hippocratic crown, 1 to 2 cm wide, and 8 to 25 cm in length on average. This strip is then gets torn into small fragments of 1 to 3 hairs, which are in place in the bald region.

Either by sampling follicular unit (hair by hair, without incision and therefore without scar), it will then be necessary to shave the sampling area. Then these follicular units will be find placement directly in the area where treament will undergo by a Choï implanter.

These implantations are in place so as to respect the initial orientation of the hair. It does not leave any scars, so the result is perfectly natural.

Operative suites
After the operation of micro-grafts, small scabs form on each implant. These fall off by themselves, after 8-10 days on average. This causes the transplanted hair to fall out, but will allow it to grow back after the 3rd or 4th month.

The patient should follow a light treatment for a few days, based on antibiotics and pain relievers. He must also apply a disinfectant to the area where the grafts are collected, and this after each shower.

Slight post-operative edema can interrupt social life during the first days. However, this swelling is a completely normal reaction following the procedure.

Possible complications of hair surgery

As with any surgical procedure, micro-grafts can cause complications. It may appear hematomas, healing abnormalities, loss of sensitivity, or epidermal cysts. These are discussable with the plastic surgeon.

However, complications related to micro-grafts are very rare; it is a safe operation for which the vast majority of operations go without encountering any problems.


the price of a hair transplant Turkey determined?
The price you pay for hair surgery depends on several criteria.

First, the doctor will measure the extent of your baldness, see if your hairy area is usable. Secondly, he presents the hair implant method best suited to your case.

The variation in cost is also due to the technique used to re-implant your hair.

FUE is more expensive than FUT?


The major factor influencing the price is the number of follicular units or grafts that your hair implant practitioner will take. This is naturallyin linkage with the stage of alopecia you are in.


Hair surgery, whether it be hair, beard, or eyebrow transplantation, offers very good results. For this, it may nevertheless require several sessions (spaced six months to 1 year), especially in cases of baldness already well advanced.

The final result of the micro-grafts is to be judged after one year after the intervention. In addition, hair transplant Turkey leaves no scar or bandage, for a natural and harmonious result.

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