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Turkey Hair Transplant Cost Per Graft

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Turkey Hair Transplant Cost Per Graft

Turkey Hair Transplant Cost Per Graft The ideal method has little chance of discarding the hair transplant Turkey material and a short recovery period. FUE and HFE technologies do not involve removing skin areas, but only hair follicles are undergo removal from the donor zone.
During the FUE operation,they pull in the grafts using a unique tool – a drill. The diameter of its working tip is equal to the follicle’s diameter, which allows you to make its fence without damaging the epithelial tissue.
Then grafts are undergo implantation in the area of ​​baldness where they form micro punctures or cuts. Tiny scars remain in the host area but are painless and heal relatively quickly.

The HFE method is more complex and involves the painstaking manual work of the surgeon. Hair sampling is the same as for FUE, but implantation is different. It is performed using an implant – a tool with a diameter equal to the drill’s diameter.
This device allows the graft to be inserted into the skin naturally without damage. With the HFE method, scars do not form on any part of the skin.
The operation is entirely painless and does not even require local anesthesia but can be applied at the patient’s request. The recovery period lasts only 2-3 weeks, and the hair starts to grow a few hours after the surgery.

The main disadvantage of seamless methods is their application’s complexity when they cover a large part of the head with a bald head. Also, the patient may be cut out due to the high cost of such procedures.
The choice of clinic depends on financial capabilities and the chosen method. Turkish institutions are well recommended in baldness treatment, but it is essential to ensure that they have all the international certificates that confirm their qualification.
There are clinics in the Turkish capital and provincial cities capable of performing FUE transplantation (Real Trans Hair) and HFE (Hair For Ever) operations.

Preparatory procedures

Whichever method you choose before surgery:

Stop smoking and consuming alcohol (at least a month before surgery).
Apply Minoxidil on the skin (start 3-4 months before surgery, stop two weeks).
Take tests for infectious diseases and check for blood clotting.
The day before the operation, they shorten the hair at the donation site to 3 mm.

Sample price

How much does a hair transplant Turkey cost for men? The cost of a hair transplant for men depends on the authority and qualifications of the clinic staff and the method of transplantation.
Typically, clinics indicate the cost of transplanting one transplant. To get the full price of the procedure, you should multiply it by the total number of transplants, add to it the cost of necessary drugs and maintenance in the department for 2-5 days.
The number of transplanted transplants was determined by the degree of baldness (from 1500 in 3 degrees to 10,000 in the seventh).

What are the prices for hair transplants?

Turkey Hair Transplant Cost Per Graft The cost of a hair transplant operation, on the one hand, depends on the number of follicles undergoing transplantation (transplants) and the transplant technique in use, and on the other hand, on the ground and the clinic where the intervention is underway.
A hair transplant Turkey is an area of ​​skin that contains 1 to 5 hair follicles. It is an area taken on one part of the skin (usually in the occipital area) and transplanted to places where the hair is lost. You can also meet the prices depending on the volume of the performed intervention (packaging): small, medium, large. Volume determines the number of transplanted follicles in the thousands.

Regardless of neglecting the problem of baldness, you can always find optimal conditions for yourself. Currently, the operation is performable in Turkey, and you can also visit one of the clinics abroad, which now offers an expanded list of services for Turkish-speaking patients. You can restore hair on the scalp’s frontal and parietal parts, eyebrows, eyelashes, chin, and mustache.

Cost in Istanbul and other major cities of Turkey

The cost of services in the capital and the other Turkish Republic cities is comparable in many respects if we compare similarly in terms of volume and mode of operation.

How much is a graft?

The number of clinics introduces a differentiated cost of transplant transplantation depending on the number of transplants: the more of them, the cheaper each of them. The availability of additional services and medicines should be clarified in each case. Often, the surgery cost does not include payment for a hospital room, where it will be necessary to spend 2 to 6 days.

Package prices

In some cases, clinics set minimum costs, below which transplantation would be unprofitable for the organization. For example, the price can be in place for one graft. But the cost of surgery, during which less than 500 hair transplant Turkey in transplantation, will be constant. Regardless of the number of hair follicles that have to relocate.
Medicinal shampoos gently cleanse the scalp and improve blood circulation. How to choose an anti-hair loss shampoo for men?

How to determine how much grafts you need?
According to Norwood, the primary criterion for selecting the required number of transplants is the degree of baldness.

3 degrees
4 degrees
5 degrees
6 degrees
7 degrees

Also, the following shall be taken into account:

hair density in intact areas where the hair is not susceptible to hair loss;
the thickness of each strand;
hair color.

Therefore, the average number of transplants with all the above criteria will be as follows:

3rd degree – 1500-3000;
4th degree – 1800-4000;
5 degrees – 3500-5500;
6 degrees – 4500-9000;
7 degrees – 6000-10000.

Typically, all surgeries that require transplantation of more than 3,000 transplants are performable in two stages. It is usually over a year after the first one.
Once you have visually determined the degree of baldness and determined the required number of them, you can choose the cost of transplantation in a Turkish and foreign clinic with a high degree of accuracy. You can see the exact amount only during a personal consultation.

Hair transplant clinics in Europe
Paid services provided by European clinics often differ from the same services in the Turkish Republic in terms of service quality, better hair transplant Turkey results, and higher client status. You usually have to pay more than in Turkey, but there are enough patients who are sure it pays off.
Among the countries that can be found in the reviews of those who have already operated, you will also find Germany and Belgium (Brussels), and the United Kingdom. Preliminary consultations are conducted via Skype or e-mail. Scope of work, cost, and time are agreed upon. Turkey Hair Transplant Cost Per Graft

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