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Top 5 Hair Transplantation Doctors

By 15/12/2020February 6th, 2022No Comments6 min read
Top 5 Hair Transplantation Doctors

Top 5 Hair Transplantation Doctors My hair, which began to become sparse a long time ago due to my genetic production and the stress. Experienced from my work has become sheerer and sheerer over the years. One day, when I gave up on my hair and went on with my life as a bald person. I heard about hair transplantation and started researching it. I have learned that hair transplantation is a painless and short-term operation. Hundreds of thousands or maybe millions of people that get a hair transplant done in a year. The idea of leaving no trace and getting permanent hair for life was very influential to perform this procedure.

After I decided to have hair transplantation done, I also researched where and which specialist to do this procedure. When I found out that Turkey was very good at having state-of-the-art equipment and a sterile operating environment. I decided to trip from America to Turkey and have my hair transplantation done in Turkey. Also, hair transplantation centers in Turkey were much more affordable in terms of price than in America. After I decided where to do the hair transplantation, I had a choice in front of me about which specialist to have it done next. It was also essential that the hair transplantation specialist was an expert and experienced in the field. I wanted the hair transplant specialist or plastic surgeon and the team to have experience in this field.

Top 5 Hair Transplant Doctors in Turkey

When I searched for specialists to perform my hair transplantation, I find the top 5 hair transplant doctors in Turkey. These five specialist doctors were the most praised and experienced doctors among the people who did hair transplantation. These doctors, respectively; Dr. Koray ERDOGAN, Bircan SAYDAM, Dr. Levent ACAR, Dr. Muhammet ÖZGEHAN, and Dr. İlhan SERDAROGLU. Since all five are specialists and experienced hair transplantation doctors in this field, I can say that I had a hard time making a choice.

Koray Erdoğan

First of all, I investigated Dr. Koray ERDOĞAN. As a result of my research, I have learned that he is the World FUE Institute president. And the founder and owner of the clinic ASMED, one of the largest hair transplantation clinics.

Bircan Saydam

Then I researched Bircan SAYDAM doctor, one of our best specialists who specializes in hair transplantation and does international studies. I have concluded that Bircan SAYDAM  is an expert and experienced doctor in hair transplantation. She was transplanting hair with state-of-the-art techniques. Bircan doctor’s ability to transplant too much hair into small areas with DHI technology placed her among the best hair transplantation doctors in Turkey. Her use of this technology made me very useful in choosing Bircan SAYDAM and EsteNove clinic. I can also say that Mr. Bircan has had thousands of successful operations.

Levent Acar

I also received information about our esteemed teacher Dr. Levent ACAR, who has undergone more than 20,000 successful operations in his field. Levent ACAR was one of the most well-known names in Turkey in the field of hair transplantation.

Muhammet Özgehan and İlhan Serdaroğlu

After Dr. ACAR teacher, I discovered how knowledgeable and expert they are by doing exciting research with our esteemed Dr. Muhammet ÖZGEHAN and Dr. İlhan SERDAROĞLU doctors. These two doctors have been offering us many years of experience and experience in hair transplantation.

My decision

As I collected detailed information about the five most well-known doctors in hair transplantation in Turkey, I was infirm about which doctor to perform my hair transplantation procedure. Because I realized that all five of these doctors were the best in the field, experienced and specialized. Not only themselves but also their teams were the ones who mastered state-of-the-art techniques. Even if it confused me about choosing my expert, I was relieved that the experts were so good. Now I could do hair transplantation in a relaxed and confident way. As a result of my research, I chose Mrs. Bircan among these top 5 hair transplantation doctors in Turkey and survived my operation.

After meeting with Mrs. Bircan, I boarded a plane from the United States and traveled to Turkey to meet face-to-face. Mrs. Bircan greeted me very sincerely when I went to his clinic after landing in Turkey. It is very nice for a doctor who is so well-known and experienced in his field to meet and chat with every patient in such a friendly way. He told me that he would give me information about every stage of the process and be comfortable.

She then did various tests and analyses before hair transplantation. As a result of these analyses, the region of hair root, quantity, and the cultivated region was determined. After the planting area was determined, she drew the new hairline, which is expected to occur after the transplantation process. She then mentioned that I am now ready to plant my hair follicles and that they can apply local or sedation anesthesia management if I want to.

DHI Technique

After my anesthesia was performed, we were now in the process of planting the hair esthetics. The hair follicles taken from behind my ear and neck were painless in their new areas and were soon sned out. During my hair transplantation procedure with the DHI technique, no incisions were opened on my head during my operation. Therefore, no trace medication was found, thanks to the hair transplantation operation.

After My Hair Transplant

After my hair transplant, I stayed in the hospital for a few days and rested. Meanwhile, Mrs. Bircan often came to see me and told me about the steps that would occur after the procedure. It was a relief to mention that after the first 15 days of redness and shells, these shells would fall independently. Because it would scare me to go through something like this without knowledge after I got back to America, he also said that I had to protect my head from possible blows for 15 days because he was so sensitive. I wore a hat to protect my hair from external factors such as UV rays, rain, wind, and dust from the sun for 15 days, following Mrs. Bircan’s advice.

Mrs. Bircan told me that after the hair transplantation operation, I would observe hair loss with crusting loss. Indeed, I have observed such a situation from the second week after my hair transplantation operation. As a result of my research, I have learned that this condition is called the “shock spill phase.” In the shock shedding phase, the styling hair follicles are not falling out. The shock shedding phase is taking place to open the area where the newly seeded hair follicles will come out. My hair loss decreased from the second month onwards and was completely cut in the third month.

A Few Months After The Hair Transplant

The first time my hair came out after my hair transplantation operation was the third month, after my shock loss phase. My first hair was weak and sparse. From the sixth month, I observed that my hair began to strengthen and rumble. A year after my hair transplant operation, almost all of my planted hair roots came out. My hair, which came out at the end of the first year, was bushy, healthy, and natural-looking.

As the main reason I have bushy and healthy hair right now, I can count the interest of Mrs. Bircan, an expert in hair transplantation, against me because it kept me informed and took care of me both before and after the procedure, which made me go through a comfortable and painless operation process. I am so happy to come back from the days when I gave up on my hair and got my bushy, healthy, and natural hair. My most excellent advice is to please choose your hair transplant specialist and the clinic carefully. Because I think this is the most critical point in the process. Top 5 Hair Transplantation Doctors

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