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Popular Hair Transplant Techniques

By 27/09/2020February 6th, 2022No Comments4 min read
Popular Hair Transplant Techniques

Popular Hair Transplant Techniques. Hair transplantation is the best option for people who are losing their hair. The best advantages are a permanent solution for the problem with a microsurgical procedure. The procedure definitions that the patient can have new hair follicles with minimal surgical intervention in popular hair transplant techniques instead of traditional surgeries. 

Popular Hair Transplant Techniques

There are several popular hair transplant techniques commonly used like FUE and FUT. These methods have some advantages and disadvantages from each other. For example, the FUE method doesn’t leave any scar. On the other side, the FUT method may leave a slight scar in the head’s back. The patient who will have an operation should have healthy hair. The surgeons should decide the method to be applied. Even though the FUE method doesn’t remain a scar is mostly preferred, other methods can be used. What is the different techniques of hair restoration?

The FUE METHOD (Follicular Unit Extraction )  

The FUE method is the most commonly used, and it offers no scar after the surge. The success of the operations has increased by the high technological medical tools. There are three steps to be applied respectively. 

  • Extracting hair follicles 
  • Creating incisions  
  • Grafting hair follicles 

All stages of the hair transplant operation should be performed with extreme attention..

Extracting Hair Follicles 

The follicles must be extracted with extremely high technology so that the operational success will increase. The follicles are removed by using a fine hollow needle, so minimal distortion occurs. 

The diameter of the fine tool is chosen depending on the length of each hair follicular. Generally, between 0.7mm and 0.9mm, needles are used. Using the sharpness and disposable needle is extremely important in the success of the surgery. The follicles have to harvest one by one carefully to avoid of follicular damage. For instance, if the patient has very curly hair, u-graft (curved punch) will be used during the operation for minimum damage. 

These factors may vary depending on the patient, so the surgery must decide the best appropriate popular hair transplant technique and tool. 

Creating Incisions  

Stell knifes used to create incisions within the transplanted area. The direction of the transplantation and correct angle are determined easily by the steel blades. The surgeon has to make slits in the area depending on the direction and angle of the hair.   

The recovery period is shorter with the sapphire knife. 

A few blades will be used depending on the hair follicles’ thickness in operation, and the blades should be used disposable. 

Grafting Hair Follicles 

The transplanting is the final step to obtain permanent hair follicles. The extracting follicles will be grafted with an angle of 40-45 degrees one by one. Approximately 4000 grafts can be transplanted per an FUE operation.  

The Advantages of the FUE Methods  

The patient will have impressive, natural-looking, and denser hair. 

There won’t remain any scar after the surgery. 

The patient can return to their daily routine quickly, thanks to the quicker recovery process. 

98% of new hair follicles will grow as virgin hair. 

It is a permanent way of treating moderate to severe hair loss. 

About the Operation  

The patient aged between 20 and 60 years can prefer the surgery. 

The patient needs three days for pre-surgical preparation and recovery time. 

The operations take at least 4 to 12 hours but the time depends on the number of grafts.  

The patient will be able to see the latest outcome in hair growth 6 to 18 months later. 

The DHI METHOD (Direct Hair Implantation) 

Unlike the FUE method, creating incisions and grafting are transplanted simultaneously in the method. It means that two steps of the process in operation are combined. The harvesting hair follicles are directly grafted to recipient areas. The creating channel for incisions isn’t necessary on the method. 

Advantages of DHI Technique 

The time of remaining outside for grafts will be able to reduce. Therefore, the surgeon can obtain stronger and healthier follicles. 

The survival rates for follicles will increase. 

After the surgery, the patient will be able to return to daily life faster. 

The shaving isn’t necessary for the operation. 

The Disadvantages of DHI Technique  

The doctors and team must have long-term training to be experts for using the technique. 

The technic generally a more costly process than others. 

More attention has to be provided during the operation. 

The Common Points Between the All Population Hair Transplant Methods  

Hair transplantation is a serious operational procedure. For this reason, the patient must prefer a hospital setting to avoid the risks in hair restoration. 

The patient must prefer the best surgeons who have been training on the popular hair transplantation techniques to get the best results. 

The high technology and more attention must minimize the damage of follicles to be successful in different hair transplant technics. 

The success rate in the operations depends on the right method. 

The right angle, distance, and density are so essential to reaching natural-looking and healthy hair.

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