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Natural Transplants Hair Restoration Clinic

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Natural Transplants Hair Restoration Clinic

Natural Transplants Hair Restoration Clinic Hair strengthening and hair loss treatments are performed by experts in our natural transplant hair restoration clinic. The natural appearance of hair transplantation is to make new hair transplantation from one’s hair follicles to the shed hair of the person.

Spilled hair leaves its place to dilution and baldness problems over time. This situation is quite common in men aged 30 and over. Genetic causes and stress are the biggest causes.

In natural transplants procedure, healthy hair follicles are transplanted by microsurgical procedures to the places where the hair follicle is no longer active.

Natural Transplants Hair Restoration Clinic

So how is natural hair transplantation done? In practice, the grafts are taking from the neck. Because the testosterone is not affecting the neck follicles. So, they do not fall out easily. If it is spilling on them then it can take from other places such as the chest.

Hair follicles taken from the neck are calling grafts. The grafts are applying to the area of transplantation. Of course, the transplantation area must first be prepared for the process. Hair transplantation is much more advantageous if it is natural.

Application of Natural Transplants Hair Restoration Clinic

The application may take a few hours depending on the density of the hair. If the balding area is quite large, it can be spread over several sessions. After the end of the transplantation, a special bandage is wrapping around the head and the patient is discharging from the clinic after 1-2 hours. After 3 days of home rest, he can continue his normal life, but his head should be wrapped. Because the sun’s rays can damage. The doctor may give painkillers in case of pain during this period. You should come for dressing at the end of the 5th or 6th day.


Different methods are using in the natural appearance process of hair transplantation. These methods may vary according to the person’s head structure, age, hair density, the size of the balding area, and the shape of the hair. FUE is mostly preferred because it leaves no traces. It should not be forgotten that hair transplantation is not only a solution for baldness but also a solution for thinning hair.

ACell + PRP treatment

his method is a treatment method that consists of a combination of the extracellular matrix, vitamins, drugs, and PRP that connects cells. ACell + PRP is preferred in hair transplantation applications and after transplantation to strengthen the hair.

Process of Acell/ PRP Treatment

We take blood from the patient and centrifuge it and reveal a plasma with a rich platelet ratio called PRP. We add the Acell mixture called “magic powder” to this plasma and we reveal a vaccine obtained from the patient himself. This vaccine increases healing and tissue production by affecting stem cells and growth factors.

This mixture starts treatment by stimulating follicular stem cells. Stem cells and growth elements from the patient’s specific blood are stimulating and the therapy procedure begins to go faster. By imitating healthy tissue near the activated stem cells, models and hair are also beginning to spread by modeling healthy follicles. The existing follicles become stronger and healthier.

Differences between PRP and ACell + PRP

In the ACell + PRP method, the extracellular matrix, vitamins, medication, and PRP located next to the rich platelet plasma consisting of the patient’s blood helps the hair treatment. With this application, the scars disappear in the donor areas and rapid recovery is provided. Positive differences are observed in hair density compared to cases where ACell + PRP is not applied. While more hair grows from the transplant areas, the hair that grows is strong and healthy in quality.

Natural Transplants Hair Restoration Clinic: DHI Hair Transplant

The direct Hair Implantation method is an operation performing with a medical pen called “Choi”. This tool must be used by experienced specialists. Choi’s feature is that it collects the grafts and places them directly without the need for incision and channel opening.


We anesthetize the area where the hair is removed with local anesthesia and collect the hair follicles with the Choi pen. We complete the process by transplanting the roots we have collected to the scalp with the Choi, which has a very thin tip and can contain the hair root with its special design.

The operation is completed in 10 to 14 hours. As in other hair transplant methods, we check and follow up on the first day, and wash on the second day and continue for 1 week to 10 days.

Advantages of DHI Method

The advantage of this method is that the roots are transplanting without waiting. Thus, the rate of keeping grafts healthy increases. It allows for more frequent planting, and a much more natural appearance is obtaining. If the existing hair is not damaged, it can also be applied to patients whose hair loss level has not reached the end. DHI hair transplant technique requires expertise and precision. You can achieve successful and satisfactory results thanks to the experienced staff of our clinic.

FUE Hair Transplant

Follicular Unit Extraction, one of the most well-known hair transplant methods, is an operation that does not cut the scalp, leaves no traces, and offers an easy healing process.

The Process of FUE Hair Transplant

Local anesthesia is sufficient for FUE. After making the area where the hair strands to be placed will be collected ready for the operation, we take the hair follicles that we find suitable one by one. We start the root harvesting process by using the FUE motor with incision tips ranging in length from 0.6 mm to 0.8 mm. The follicles we collect are about 2-3 hairs. When the hair follicle collection phase is over, we begin the separation and then the transplantation phase. The angle of the channels is also an important factor in the natural appearance of the hair. If different angles are not capturing in every part of the head, the desired appearance can not occur.

Hair Laser

Laser beams increase the blood circulation of passive hair follicles by stimulating the hair follicles. It contributes to new hair formation and thickening of weakened hair. Women prefer laser instead of hair transplantation. People whose hair has lost its former strength can stop their hair loss and make it more vibrant, brighter, and more voluminous.

Hair loss in women is largely a genetic condition. It is generally causing because of the goiter hormone, the female hormone, vitamin, iron, zinc, etc. Its deficiencies also play a role in hair loss.

Hair transplantation is a type of tissue transplant and post-procedure care is very important. Experts must make hair transplantation. For pleasant results, professionalism is important for transplantation. These procedures must be done by Natural Transplants Hair Restoration Clinics.