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Natural Hairline Hair Transplant

By 18/11/2020February 6th, 2022No Comments5 min read
Natural Hairline Hair Transplant

Natural Hairline Hair Transplant A natural hairline hair transplant is a serious application.  This process needs high care. For this reason, it is particularly important that you ask every detail about hair transplantation and get competent answers.

Importance of Natural Hairline Hair Transplant

One of the most important things in hair transplant is the natural hairline. A hair transplantation specialist should design the front line of your hair correctly. The line called the front hairline or forehead line refers to the line where the forehead and hair meet.

One of the most important factors affecting the success of hair transplantation operation is the ideal planning and application of the anterior hairline. In hair transplantation operations; front hairline determination carries big importance for the success of the operation.

The Place of Hairline Is So Important

Before deciding about the right place for the frontal hairline some measurements such as the number of grafts for transplantation and hair analysis must be in consideration.

The criteria considered in determining the ideal form in the front hairline are as follows:

  • An ideal forehead line position is determining by calculating the ratio of the parts of the person such as nose-chin-eyebrow to each other.
  • The distance between the forehead line and the eyebrows should be approximately four fingers wide.
  • When the person’s eyebrows are lifted, the top line on the forehead and the forehead line should be 1 cm.

Important Criteria for Natural Hairline Hair Transplant

In the process of determining the frontal hairline, factors such as age and are important. Good quality, strong and thick hair in the donor area is providing maximum density. We can list the important criteria in forehead planning as follows:

Age and Gender of The Patient

Certain criteria are considered appropriate for each age group in determining the front hairline. Planning made in line with these criteria contributes to the natural appearance. For example; Although there is a sufficient amount of grafts in elderly patients, it would be contrary to the natural appearance to bring the anterior hairline closer to the eyebrows as in younger individuals. Likewise, in young patients, planning the anterior hairline behind and leaving the forehead area-wide is a situation contrary to the purpose of the operation.

On the other hand, the anterior hairline also varies according to the gender of the patient. The ideal appearance can be obtained by choosing sharp or curved lines suitable for the characteristics of both sexes.

Facial Features of The Patient

The facial features of the patient have an important role in planning the anterior hairline. Although the forehead width of an average person is around 7 cm, this width varies proportionally in people with smaller or larger facial features. Golden ratio calculations are widely using to determine the forehead line in ideal conditions.

The Width of The Cultivation Area

To obtain the desired natural appearance in hair transplantation operations; The area where the spill occurred should be wide enough to be covered with grafts in the donor area. If the transplantation area is too large, the grafts in the hand will be insufficient, so the front hairline can be positioned further.

Donor site density

Even if the transplantation area width is normal, there may not be enough hair grafts in the donor area. In such cases, the front hairline can pull back so that the hair follicles obtaining can be placed in the transplantation area in a balanced way.

The quality level of hair

The hair grafts taken from the donor area must be strong, healthy, and of high quality. If these grafts are not of the desired quality, since much more transplantation will be required per unit area, the front hairline is necessarily positioned behind the desired.

Naturalness in front hairline design

In the front hairline design, the curve of the line needs great attention to achieve a natural appearance as mentioned below.

Curve While

It is determining the curve of the forehead line; The width and the level of the forehead, the size of the temples, and the beginning of the wrinkle are considered. Females generally prefer a crescent-shaped or straight forehead line. For men, for a more masculine appearance, shapes resembling the letter U, V, or M can be applied by leaving a recess in the temples. Triangle and oval frontal hairlines are other preferred curvature types.

The alignment of the transplanted roots

As in general in hair transplantation, the roots should not be planted in completely regular order in the front hairline. Just as our hair does not grow side by side in a row before transplantation, it is distributed evenly to our scalp in an irregular form, attention should be paid to this situation when determining the front hairline. Usually resembling brick lay; Sequencing is made so that each root is in the middle of the two roots behind it.

Canal angles

While determining the forehead line, work should be done in line with this principle; The angle of the canals in the forehead area of ​​the patient should be around 30 degrees, and the angle of the canals in the temple area should be around 45 degrees.

A Conclusion About Natural Hairline Hair Transplant

Hair transplant operations are microsurgical operations performed to eliminate aesthetic concerns. Therefore, all expectation is towards a natural and aesthetic appearance. The correct determination of the front hairline is of great importance as it directly affects the facial expression of the person.

It significantly rejuvenates the age of the patient and estimates from the external appearance. The front hairline is one of the most noticeable and quickly noticed areas after hair transplantation, is one of the most basic criteria of success in hair transplantation.

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