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Natural Hair Transplant

By 18/11/2020February 6th, 2022No Comments4 min read
Natural Hair Transplant

Natural Hair Transplant We can call natural hair transplant the ‘permanent solution to hair loss problem’. It is a microsurgery operation. One of the foremost fundamental problems of today is hair loss. Although baldness and hair loss seems to be peculiar to men normally, it is seen in women also.

People with hair loss complaints should first bear a health screening to seek out whether any health problems cause hair loss. If health problems like vitamin and mineral deficiencies, hormonal problems are the cause of hair loss, firstly these should be treated. Hair transplantation is performing if the hair loss continues after the mandatory treatments are applied.

Techniques Utilized in Natural Hair Transplant

All the subsequent natural hair transplant techniques are successfully applying in our clinic. The approach to be applied is set in keeping with the mutual judgment of the doctor and so the patient.

Direct Hair Transplantation as A Way of Natural Hair Transplant

Hair follicles are collecting and separating with the assistance of a micro motor. These follicles are manually transplanting into the opened channels. It is the primary common method for hair transplantation.

Hair Transplant with FUE Method

The FUE method may be a technique that is frequently using today.  This method allows the transplantation of chest and back hair. Since anesthesia is applying before hair transplantation, it is inconceivable for the patient to feel any pain during the operation.

In this method, the micro-motor tip is dipping into the skin to center the follicle.  And therefore, the hair is extracting along with the follicle and also the tissue surrounding the hair.

After the hair follicles are removing, they are keeping in an exceedingly special solution during the transplantation process. Approximately up to 4000+ grafts, in other words, 8000-12000 hair strands are transplanting in one session within the FUE technique.

After FUE Hair Transplantation

Newly transplanted hair starts to fall out at the tip of a few months. within the continuation of this process, new hair grows between the second and third months and visibly fills the old balding areas. Towards the tip of the sixth month, the transplanted area begins to seem old-haired.

After completing the difference and development of the hair, it gains the foremost natural appearance in an exceedingly year or two in step with its physical properties. Since the hair carries the person’s DNA, it comes calling at the identical color and character. Since the hair follicles loving the FUE method don’t shed, there’s no further hair loss.

Natural Hair Transplant with DHI Method

Natural hair transplantation with DHI is also referred to as unshaved hair transplantation. It does not require shaving. Within the DHI method, the main aim is to return the patient to his lifestyle as soon as possible.

Before starting the transplantation process the donor area is analyzing in a very computer environment with a high-resolution camera. As a result of the analysis, the hair is cutting a touch, and therefore the area to be transplanted is meaningful. Then, local anesthesia is applying to the donor area.  So that the patient does not feel pain.

Natural Hair Transplant Process with DHI

After the anesthesia process is completed, the grafts placed on the micro ends are beginning to be transplanted towards the sparse areas from the front of the designed area following the hair growth direction and natural structure.

A small amount of crusting is shed within every week. The transplanted hair will fall go into two to a few weeks. By the third month, the hair transplanted begins to grow slowly and by the sixth month, most of the hair grows. After the completion of a year, the hair starts to realize its old natural appearance and therefore the transplanted roots don’t fall out again.

By the third month, the hair transplanted begins to grow slowly and by the sixth month, most of the hair grows. After the completion of a year, the hair starts to achieve its old natural appearance, and also the transplanted roots do not fall out again.

Follicular Unit Transplantation as A Natural Hair Transplant

Hair transplantation is performing by placing the separated hair follicles within the channels opened within the area to be transplanted.

Since the scalp within the style of a strip taken from the nape area cannot be larger than a particular size, the quantity of roots that are transplanted in one session with the Fut technique is mostly limited to 1500-2500 hair follicles.

The FUT type hair transplant method is one of the trendy hair transplant methods that have been applied since 1990

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