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Natural Hair Loss Treatment

By 31/10/2020February 6th, 2022No Comments5 min read
Natural Hair Loss Treatment

Natural Hair Loss Treatment Hair loss can affect your self-esteem, appearance and self-confidence. You may feel weak in your body, but the truth is that you can do a lot to slow down or even reverse hair loss. Male pattern baldness, also known as androgenetic alopecia, is an inherited trait. It affects more than half of men over the age of 50. Keep reading to learn natural hair loss treatment tips that could help you slow down the process.

It is not something you can always prevent, but there are some hair loss treatments that can slow down the process. Home remedies can help treat certain types of hair loss. See how you can choose the right option for you.

The right natural remedies for hair loss can depend on the real reason why your hair is thinning, so it is important to talk to a doctor to get an accurate diagnosis.

Better hair care

No matter why your hair is falling out, it is important to follow a decent hair care routine to reduce breakage and keep your hair full and healthy. Try these helpful hair care strategies:

  • Avoid putting your hair in very narrow ponytails and similar styles. According to the American Academy of Dermatology, this can cause a type of hair loss called alopecia areata, which pulls the hair from the roots.
  • Try sleeping on a satin cap or satin pillowcase to avoid pulling or breaking your hair at night.
  • Reduce the use of hot styling tools, which can break hair. Hard paints and bleaches can also cause breakage.
  • Experiment with conditioners and other hair products to keep your hair hydrated and reduce breakage.

Vitamins and supplements

Iron: In premenopausal women, iron deficiency is the leading cause of hair loss.

Vitamin D: Low vitamin D can make your hair thinner.

Zinc: Without enough zinc, hair can break or fall out.

Selenium: Low selenium levels can cause hair loss, but this is a relatively uncommon cause of thinning hair

You can check for vitamin deficiencies from your doctor with a simple blood test.

Onion juice

Onion juice is high in sulfur, which promotes blood circulation to the scalp. Poor blood and oxygen circulation causes the death of scalp cells, which leads to hair loss. Therefore, applying onion juice to your hair and scalp stops hair loss and promotes regeneration of hair follicles. Sulfur also promotes the formation of collagen, which translates into hair regeneration. Onion juice also has antibacterial properties, which kill germs on the scalp that may be responsible for hair loss. You are sure to see a significant change in your hair after applying the juice once a week for a few minutes each time before rinsing with a mild shampoo. The strong smell of onion disappears after rinsing.

An old study showed that the use of onion juice as a topical hair loss treatment resulted in significantly greater regeneration than just tap water in people with unstable alopecia. It may smell a little, but you know, sometimes there is a small price to pay!

Coconut milk

Coconut milk is by far the most effective natural hair loss treatment. This is because it is rich in many essential nutrients that promote hair growth. Contains potassium, iron and fatty acids. In addition to nourishing the scalp, the ingredients penetrate the hair shaft, sealing moisture, thus providing protection from heat and dirt. Fatty acids also prevent hair strands from breaking, preventing hair growth and strengthening. Applying fresh coconut milk to your scalp for a few hours a day before rinsing is very effective.

Egg mask

People all over the world apply egg masks. It is one of the oldest natural remedies for treating broken hair and hair loss. This is due to the restorative properties of egg white, it has a high content of nutrients. With high levels of iodine, selenium, phosphorus, iron, sulfur and zinc, egg white replenishes lost hair with shiny, softer and healthier hair. It is very easy to make your own egg mask in the comfort of your own home.

Quit smoking

Everyone has heard that smoking has a bad effect on the lungs, but did you know that it can cause hair loss? Research shows that there is a link between smoking and hair loss. Quit smoking as soon as possible.

Massage into scalp

When massaging your scalp, stimulate the hair follicles that can be really helpful. A study in Japan was conducted on a group of men who received a scalp massage for 24 days and after that their hair was thicker.

A balanced diet

A balanced diet can keep your hair in good condition. Be sure to include a good variety of foods, such as vegetables, fruits, whole grains, unsaturated fats and lean proteins.

Some vitamins and minerals found in food are associated with healthy hair. Try adding these foods: foods high in iron, such as lean beef, beans, green leafy vegetables, rich in iron grains and omega-3 fatty eggs such as salmon, mackerel, tuna, yolks, hemp seeds and meat

Reduce stress

Your hair and scalp feel the stress you feel, if you have a stressful lifestyle, your hair will show it to the world. Here are some things you can do to reduce stress:

  • Regular exercise
  • Listening music
  • Doing yoga
  • Meditation

Treatment for underlying conditions

Dealing with the underlying medical conditions can also help answer many of your hair loss questions. Conditions such as hypothyroidism are known to play a huge role in hair loss. This can also be said for some medications and even for stress. Proper management of these medical conditions can slow down hair loss or even reverse it completely.

Get help now about natural hair loss treatment

While home natural hair loss treatment remedies for hair loss can work, it is important to know why you are losing your hair before starting any home remedies. Do not delay medical treatment, as this can cause more hair loss and make it difficult to find effective treatment. Get help today.