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My Hair Transplantation Journey

By 15/12/2020February 6th, 2022No Comments3 min read
My Hair Transplantation Journey

Why did I decide to have hair transplanted?

My Hair Transplantation Journey I had lost my hair because of the stress I have been going through over the years, my illnesses, and the medication I have been taking. As I progressed at my age, I lost a lot of my hair. As soon as I gave up on my hair, I became aware of the much-preferred and increasingly popular hair transplantation process in recent years. Even if I was cautious, the permanent solution and the painless procedure in a short period helped me decide.

When I did more detailed research, I learned that the process progressed very quickly, that there were no marks at the end of the procedure, and that the seeded hair was permanent for life. It is also a relief to see that anyone who has dilution or shedding in their hair can have hair transplantation for various reasons. I have only been informed that the person who will have hair transplantation should have the number of grafts required for transplantation. In fact, in my daily life, people born without hair, also known as corners, were also being transplanted.

In one year, tens of thousands of people preferred this painless and easy process and continued their lives with full and bushy hair. One of these people decided why not be me and get a hair transplant.

Why Did I Choose Turkey to Plant Hair?

After I decided to have hair transplantation, I investigated which country and which specialist should have my hair transplantation done, and I also got a variety of information about it. I have concluded that it is essential that the center, plastic surgeon, or hair transplantation specialist, and the hospital have the latest technological devices. As a result of my research, I have identified the Estenove clinic in Turkey as the appropriate place for my hair transplantation process, where I learned that plastic surgeons have experienced and hospitals have technological devices. Also, Bircan SAYDAM, working at the Estenove clinic, was a well-known and successful specialist in this field. Then I set out my travel details from America to Turkey, where I live, and bought my plane ticket. So my hair transplantation journey began.

Hair Transplants and Aftermath

Bircan SAYDAM and his team, who are experts who will perform my hair transplantation process after coming to Turkey from America and settling in my hospital, welcomed me very warmly. They told me in detail about the transactions and told me that the process is straightforward and short-term since there is nothing to be excited about or afraid of. Mr. Bircan’s warm attitude made me feel a little relieved.

Before the hair transplantation process began, Mr. Bircan’s team did various tests and analyses. As a result of these analyses and analyses, the region, quantity, and planting area of the grafts to be taken were determined. I was informed about the whole process because they gave information about the process during their operations. Bircan Bey, who will then perform my hair transplantation process, made a drawing of the new hairline expected to occur after the operation. Now it was time for the new hair roots to be snedded out. Thanks to the anesthesia procedure before the hair was scrutinized, I went through a painless and painless procedure.

After the hair transplantation process, Mr. Bircan mentioned that both the donor area and the transplant area were being traded, so I had to pay extra attention to these areas and protect my head area from possible impacts. After resting in the hospital for a few days and returning to my country and home, I had redness and crusting in my hair within the first 15 days of the procedure. Because this condition is perfectly normal, these crustings self-pouring within 15 days. It is a good thing I had my hair transplantation done at EsteNove clinic in Turkey and Bircan SAYDAM. I have bushy, healthy hair right now.