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Most Effective Hair Loss Treatment

By 09/10/2021February 6th, 2022No Comments5 min read
most effective hair loss treatment

Taking care of your hair is very important for your overall health. Not only it improves your physical appearance, but also it ensures that your scalp is healthy and your overall hygiene is maintained well. Regular hair care is essential for preventing hair loss and keeping your hair healthy.

Why is Hair Care Important?

Haircare helps boost your self-confidence. In today’s world, appearance matters tremendously and having healthy and thick hair can elevate your look. It also promotes healthy hair, which is important for your well-being. It ensures that there are fewer split ends, reduces dryness, and keeps your hair shiny and thick. Additionally, it also prevents premature hair loss. Hair loss, unfortunately, affects a significant proportion of the population. While regular hair care can prevent hair loss, sometimes, it is not enough. You can experience hair loss at any stage in your life. While it is normal to lose 50 to 100 hair strands a day, bald spots, receding hairlines, and extremely thin hair is a sign that you need hair loss treatment.

Reasons for Hair Loss

Before looking at the different types of hair loss treatments, it is essential to understand what causes hair loss. The most common type is hereditary hair loss or androgenic alopecia. It occurs in men and women alike, and it causes the hair follicles to grow smaller. This ultimately results in the stoppage of hair growth. Hair treatments like perms, colouring, straightening and even tight hairstyles can also adversely affect your hair.

Another predominant cause of hair loss is hormonal issues. This especially causes hair loss in women. Scalp infections, scalp psoriasis, and general illnesses can also cause the hair to fall out. While treating the illness or infection serves as a hair loss treatment in these cases, sometimes it is not enough.

There can be many other causes for this, and it is crucial to understand why you are losing hair. Knowing the precise cause can help you figure out what kind of treatment is needed or if you need to get a hair transplant. It is always best to visit your doctor to understand the reasons for hair loss and to figure out the next steps.

Most Effective Hair Loss Treatment Options

As discussed earlier, hair loss results in poor self-confidence. An unfortunate consequence of this is that people are too ashamed to ask for professional help and sometimes, they try shampoos and serums that supposedly treat hair loss but actually make it worse. Others end up taking supplements and vitamins without a proper medical prescription which can also worsen hair loss. It is generally better to ask your doctor before trying out any hair loss treatment.

Your doctor may suggest some blood tests to understand the cause. If it is because of infection or any other illness, your hair will usually grow back on its own after you get better. For other causes, you will get a hair loss treatment plan that can include some self-care options, medication, and in other cases, hair transplant recommendations.

Simple self-care treatments include using the right gentle shampoo, a good conditioner, and oil or serum. You should wash your hair regularly with products that compliment your hair type. This will help reduce hair loss. Drying your hair with a soft cloth instead of a hairdryer will also help. This kind of regular hair care needs to be followed even after getting a permanent treatment like a hair transplant.

Hair Loss Treatments

It is also advisable to stop, or at least reduce colouring, hair styling with heat (like curling or straightening), and other chemical hair procedures. If you need to do them, it is best to visit a salon instead of doing it yourself. Salon professionals are well-trained and use safe products and equipment.

Maintain a healthy diet and drink water. This is a piece of very popular advice that applies to multiple health conditions. Naturally, it also applies to hair loss. A good diet can help reduce hair loss and lead to healthy and glossy hair. Avoid smoking as that too can worsen hair loss.

These hair loss treatment procedures and self-care need to be followed even when you get a hair transplant done. While transplants are permanent, they also require regular care and maintenance just like your normal hair would. Always follow professional advice and use products that are gentle and suitable for your hair type.

Hair Transplant Treatment

Self-care and medication can definitely help with hair loss, but sometimes that is not enough. For people with excessive thinning hair, male or female pattern baldness, a hair transplant can be a great, permanent solution. With great advancements in technology and healthcare, it is easy to get excellent and natural-looking results with the transplant. It is a very in-demand choice across the globe. If you think that it is very expensive, worry not; hair transplant prices are quite reasonable.

Hair transplants are cosmetic treatments where hair from one part of your body is transplanted to the part where there is most hair loss. This procedure is not only done for scalp hair but also for beard and eyebrows. There are different types of hair transplants available, and your doctor can help you choose the one that is well suited for you. FUE or Follicular Unit Extraction is very popular. It involves implanting the individual hair follicles to the parts affected by hair loss. It is a permanent and fruitful hair loss treatment. DHI or Direct Hair Implantation is another popular hair transplant technique where the time taken between collecting the hair grafts and implanting them is minimized. This is also an efficient method and can elevate your hair in fantastic ways!

EsteNove Hair Transplant

Hair transplants are medical procedures and need to be done by qualified professionals only. Hair transplant in Turkey is very popular, and for a good reason! The Turkish Healthcare Travel Council ensures that all regulations are correctly followed. The clinics have well-qualified doctors and nurses who use the latest equipment for the procedure. Many people from different countries get their hair transplant in Turkey.

At EsteNove, we are committed to delivering excellent hair loss treatment that is customized for you. If you have any queries about hair transplants or want to consult with our doctors, contact us today.