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Management of Hair Loss

By 13/09/2020February 6th, 2022No Comments5 min read
Management of Hair Loss

Management of Hair Loss, Nowadays, both women and men are suffering from baldness problem. When they faced with shedding hair, many people aren’t sure about what to do. The management of hair loss, also called baldness, can be treated with medications and surgery methods.

Management of Hair Loss

Shedding hair has so many causes, such as genetic factors or vitamin deficiency. At this point, there are several options the patient can use. For example, they can cover up the bald area with a different hairstyle, the cosmetical product can be used, or if the patient has deficiency disease, some extra vitamins or other supplements can be taken.  

People can reduce their hair loss with a few tricks you can apply at home. 

Use a moisturising hair cream after every hair washing, so breakage reduces. 

Use a microfiber towel to help the hair dry faster, so it can help to reduce the time of blow-dying. 

Don’t use hot-oil treatments because these cause more damage. 

Don’t use any chemical processing, such as colouring, perming, straightening with high temperature. If these are necessary, prefer professional services like an expert hairstylist. 

Don’t use irons or hot combs; when you use the hair will become weaker. 

Blow-dryer has to be set the lowest heat, and if possible, the hair should be dried naturally instead of the blow dryer. 

Comb the hair kindly. 

Eat healthy food. If you don’t take enough vitamins like protein, folic acid, or vitamin D, it may cause shedding. Besides, if they too few take calories can also lead to hair shedding. 

If people have too much of specific vitamins, such as A or E, it can cause the same problem.   

These tricks can stop hair loss. On the other side, all of these solutions are temporary, and permanent results can’t be provided. If the patient’s hair loss can’t be stopped or reduced in these ways, it can be applied to the hair transplant operation. The aesthetical process is the best management of hair loss. 


The doctor will control the patient’s scalp and ask some problems, including hair care routine, medical and family history, to make a diagnosis.   

There are some tests to determine the stage of the shedding process. 

Blood test: The test can help the medical problems that can lead to hair shedding. 

Pull test: The doctor kindly pulls the patient’s hair, so it can be seen that the stage of the shedding process. 

Scalp biopsy: The doctor takes hair follicles from the scalp to examine them. 

Medication in Treatment of Hair Loss

If there is a disease that causes the hair loss problem, treatment will be necessary. If a specific medication causes hair loss, the patient may stop taking it by the doctor’s advice. The most common medications in treatment of hair loss; 

Minoxidil is commonly used to treat hair shedding. The product should be used once daily by women in twice daily for men. Minoxidil helps to stop or reduce hair loss. Six months of treatment have to be applied to prevent hair shedding. If it works, the patient will need to continue using the medicine for life. 

Scalp irritation and unwanted hair growth on hand and face are the possible side effects of the medication. 

Finasteride  is a medication for men. The patient has to take daily, and the shedding becomes slower and new hair can grow. To determine the effect of the drug should be used for a few months. After six months of treatment, the medicine provides almost 30% improvement in hair shedding. 

This medicational treatment may cause depression, diminished sex drive and sexual function. 

Other medications  can be useful to stop shedding, such as Carospie, Aldactone, and Avodart. 

But all of these medications mustn’t take without the doctor’s permission. 

Hair Transplant Surgery

In the most common baldness problem, only the top of the head is affected. The hair transplant or called hair restoration is an aesthetical surgery in the management of hair loss. After the surgery, the patient will have permanent hair. 

There are several methods in the surgery, and these methods are applied individually. For instance, the FUT method is the best option for an individual who has curly hair, or people who have a less bald area can prefer the FUE method. 

Bleeding, swelling, and infection on the scalp are the possible effects sides of the surgery. Besides, people may need more than one operation to get the best impact they want. 

So, What are the Different Permanent Methods in Management for Hair Loss? 

There are a lot of methods people can do to slow or stop their hair shedding. At this point, people what to do depends on the cause of why their hair is shedding in management of hair loss.   

FUE Method 

The FUE method is the most commonly preferred way, thanks to high technology. In operation, hair follicles are harvested from the donor area, the donor area can be provided from the back or side of the head, and then transplanted to the bald area one by one. The operation takes between 4 and 12 hours. After the surgery, there won’t remain any scare, and this management for hair shedding can not be noticeable by other people. 

FUT Method  

FUT method is another permanent operational management of hair loss. In operation, a large number of hair follicles are extracted from a strip of skin from the scalp and transplanted the bald area. The size of the skin depends on the bald. Almost 3500 and 4000 follicles can be transplanted in one go. The main disadvantage of the method is that the patient may have remained a scar after the surgery. 

Laser Therapy

According to the Food and Drug Administration, low-level laser treatment can help to reduce hair loss among men and women. The doctors are continuing to study on the method to determine its long-term effects. 

This management of hair loss has been improving by advanced technology from day to day. In the future, laser therapy and other methods in shedding treatment will be more common among people.

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