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How Much It Cost Hair Transplant In Turkey

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How Much It Cost Hair Transplant In Turkey

How Much It Cost Hair Transplant In Turkey While they affect both men and women, baldness problems can seem quite embarrassing to bear in everyday life. Hair loss is also, for some people, the cause of a lack of self-confidence.

Fortunately, there are technical and discreet solutions to escape the opposing views of society on your baldness.

Indeed, thanks to the hair transplant Turkey, you reconstitute your hair. Unlike many European countries, Turkey offers its hair transplant services at competitive prices.

General information on hair transplantation
Why do a hair transplant in Turkey?
Price of a hair transplant in Turkey vs. cost of a transplant in France
Hair transplant in Turkey, a low-cost service?
General information on hair transplantation
As humans get older, especially from the age of 50, they are expose themselves to a high risk of hair loss. Baldness is, therefore, a natural phenomenon, even if it has specificities. Thus, its origin can be hereditary, hormonal, or psychological. Likewise, taking certain medications and eating habits can accelerate hair loss.

Past times

In the past, science was unarmed when it came to partial or total hair loss (alopecia), but today cosmetic surgery has evolved considerably and even offers effective and modern methods favorable to hair transplantation. Among these methods, hair transplant Turkey is the one that allows new hair to be implanted, filled with vitality, in place of those that are lost. This method has been adopted since the 90s in several countries in Europe, Asia, and America.

Concretely, opting for a hair implant means choosing a surgical operation during which the hair and its follicle are took and then implanted on the bald area. If, in the past, the process was excruciating, advances in science increasingly allow painless interventions under local anesthesia.

Hair transplant is carried out according to two different techniques, one older transplant by strip and the other more recent: hair transplant by follicular extraction (FUE). The first is for those who are severely affected by alopecia. This technique consists of taking, under local anesthesia, a scalp strip (23 cm long, 1 cm wide maximum) for cutting a few grafts intended to be reimplanted in the bald area. For this technique, each session lasts an average of 2 to 5 hours and promotes the hair implant of a maximum of 5000 hairs.

The second technique is for common alopecia. Here, the bulbs or micro-grafts are took directly to be reimplanted on the bald area. The follicular transplant requires more time than the previous one, but its healing merits being discreet.

Why do a hair transplant in Turkey?

If there is a benchmark in hair transplant Turkey, it is indeed Turkey. Why? Well! There are many reasons. First, the prices of its practitioners are, by far, very affordable in comparison to those of several other European countries. Then, it is recurrent to be bound, thereby real specialists in hair implantation. At the same time, this is not always evident elsewhere.

At the end of the hair transplant sessions, patients’ recovery is under notice very closely in Turkey. They have prescribed an analgesic, antibiotics to avoid any risk of infection, and anti-inflammatory drugs to reduce swelling.

Turkey has an increasing number of modern clinics and agencies specializing in hair transplantation in Istanbul as Body Expert. These details make many prefer this country for their Turkey hair implant needs, to spend the holidays or enjoy medical tourism.

In the best Turkish clinics, Istanbul hair transplant does not suffer from any technological barrier; sometimes, robotic grafting techniques use the FUE or DHI methods. No language barriers to think about. Indeed, doctors practice English, and clients benefit from the full guidance of an interlocutor.

Price of a hair transplant in Turkey vs. cost of a transplant in France
Since it represents an excellent remedy to fight against baldness, hair transplant Turkey has become a whole sector, which has undergone a significant evolution in recent years. The average price of a Turkey hair transplant varies very often depending on the technique in use, the country where it is is use; the clinic chose, etc.

In France and more precisely in Paris, the hair costs € 1.27. Thus, it is necessary to foresee 4,200 euros for a strip operation (FUT) of 1,500 grafts, even if the price can go back to 2,500 euros for a brief FUE operation.

But in Turkey, hair transplantation is even cheaper and comes with many other benefits. It is even applicable to Turkey hair implant benefits, discounts of up to 80% on your local expenses. Concretely, the hair is at 0.97 € in Turkey for 3,000 follicular extraction grafts (FUE) if it is an operation over two days. This is equivalent to 6,400 euros for 6,600 hairs; the costs of 2 to 3 nights in a 5-star hotel and transfers between the airport, clinic, and hotel are free.

Hair transplant in Turkey, a low-cost service?

It must be said that Turkey’s hair transplant Turkey operations are affordable for most people with alopecia. However, this in no way detracts from their quality. In medicine and even more in the hair surgery sector, Turkey has enjoyed an unrivaled reputation for several years.

The extraordinary expertise of its clinics speaks for itself. Many have understood it: qualified and most experienced doctors practice in Istanbul. These frequently provide world-class results and thus participate in the revolution in hair implants in Turkey.

If the quality of their interventions is high and practical, it is because the objective is to achieve customer satisfaction and reduce the stress often caused by worries related to hair loss.

In summary, Hair Transplant in Turkey is the best solution to baldness problems when performed under ideal conditions. By the way, Turkey reaffirms its technical competence to meet your expectations.
Most establishments have a very complete and diligent customer service who, after listening to your specific case, will not hesitate to tell you how they can help you, by what procedure, at what price, and, finally, if you need it. Wish, when to make your first visit to their establishments.

Either way, if you are considering a hair transplant Turkey treatment with definitive results and you don’t want any surprises or unexpected costs, we recommend, beyond these few tips, to conduct your investigations. And considering what has been laid out here and your budget, choose the best option for you.

Recovering lost hair and densifying hair under severe affection by alopecia is possible without spending much money. The best hair transplant clinics in Turkey are proof of this. How Much It Cost Hair Transplant In Turkey