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How Much Is Hair Implant Surgery

By 08/11/2020February 6th, 2022No Comments6 min read
How Much Is Hair Implant Surgery

How Much Is Hair Implant Surgery On behalf of those who wonder how much hair implants cost, it should be said that hair implants are called; is a common name for hair transplant applications. People who have problems such as hair transplantation, hair loss or baldness are generally taken from the hair examination areas designated as donor areas; baldness or hair loss is the application of planting in the areas where it is experienced.

How Much Is Hair Implant Surgery

Although there are two different hair transplantation methods in general, the preferred method in hair transplantation application today is mostly one-to-one, and this method is called FUE. In the FUE method, hair follicles are taken individually from the donor area for hair transplantation and applied individually to the area where hair transplantation will be done. What needs to be done after hair transplantation is also an important issue.

What Happens After Hair Transplantation?

Hair transplantation practice generally takes almost one day for the requester. After the complete end of the hair transplantation process, the transplantation area and donor area are wrapped and closed using bandages. The day after hair transplantation, the person returned to the hair transplantation center or doctor to get a dressing. After dressing, the relevant areas are closed again by wrapping them with bandages. The person is only available for rest on the specified day and next day.

The dressing process is repeated on the 2nd day after the hair transplantation operation, but this time the relevant areas are not closed with bandages. On the specified day, hair transplantation between the person and his doctor after the operation and what needs to be done interviews are held. During this interview, detailed information about the first washing procedure and other needs to be done by the doctor are given to the person who has had hair transplantation on the 3rd day.

Process After Hair Transplantation with Stages

The 3rd day after the hair transplantation operation is the first hair wash day of the person who has had hair transplantation. The person can also go to the hair transplantation center – clinic if he wants to wash the first one in question. If the person does this alone at home, it should be done carefully, following the specialist doctor’s information and recommendations. Hair washing is repeated twice every day until the 15th day after today. In the first week of hair transplantation, hair shows itself in the transplantation area. Hair that has been rapidly growing with the hair washing process’s effect makes the person’s face laugh for a short time. Because no later than a week later, the new hair in question disappears with a shedding called shock shedding, which spans one a year.

In the second week of hair transplantation application, the hair follicles that have been cultivated are mostly clinging to their new ducts. As of this week, the person who has had hair transplantation can work out and return to his or her sex life, provided that he is careful and sensitive. Although many prohibitions have been eliminated, the person who has had hair transplantation should always be careful and attentive to any damage that may come from outside the relevant area.

After Two Months

After two months after hair transplantation, it can be seen that the hair is out in places. Every hair that will start to come out from this month is the permanent hair of the person. The hair and roots in question continue to grow more and more frequently from this period onwards. Six months after the hair transplantation operation, the person who has had hair transplantation begins to get the appearance of hair. From that time on, the rate of hair getting normal hair cycle is about 70 percent.

One year after the application of hair transplantation, it is now when the results of hair transplantation are taken in full. The person who has undergone a successful and efficient hair transplantation operation can see 90 percent of the hair that has been snedding out these days. The person will not fall into his next life but will continue with strong and healthy hair.

Considerations After Hair Transplantation Application

Hair transplantation operation is a procedure that requires high concentration, attention, expertise, labor and materiality. It is just as important as before and after the procedure, which requires much effort from both the person requesting hair transplantation and the specialist doctor who will perform hair transplantation. Therefore, it is necessary to get detailed information about what to do after hair transplantation operation, what to look out for, what to avoid, and pay attention. The rules that must be respected after the hair transplantation operation, what needs to be done and what needs to be avoided are the responsibility of the person who has been transplanted in its entirety. After hair transplantation, it is possible to specify the points that the person who has undergone the operation should pay attention to as such:

  • The person who has had hair transplantation should not interrupt the dressing days told to him after the operation.
  • A person should be cautious against infection in the first days after the operation.
  • The person should not use alcohol or cigarettes during this period.
  • A person must use their medications in full and on time.

The person who has had hair transplantation should act by the specialist doctor’s instructions and avoid situations that would jeopardize the success of the operation.

  • It should be suspended from sports and not yet engage in sexual activities.
  • It is necessary to protect the hair transplantation area from heavy rain, wind, sun, and dust, and to use hats when necessary.
  • After the hair transplantation operation, the person should be fed foods that support hair health and balance their nutrition.
  • The person should not take any external blows to the area where hair transplantation is carried out.
  • The person should not scratch the area where hair transplantation is done, and should not interfere with this in case of crusting.

Can Cigarettes Be Used After Hair Transplantation Operation?

Smoking before and after the hair transplantation operation can negatively affect the hair transplantation process and its success. Since smoking has a reducing effect on the amount of oxygen in the blood; Since the hair follicles are also fed from the blood, the hair follicles’ inability to feed adequately may come up. Therefore, significantly if smoking after hair transplantation, this will strengthen the healing process and negatively affect it. Smoking also increases the rate of blood clotting, which has adverse effects on blood circulation. Therefore, blood flow to the hair follicles slows down, and the roots cannot be adequately fed. Therefore, it is highly recommended to avoid smoking one week before and one week after hair transplantation operations.

Can Alcohol Be Used After Hair Transplantation Operation?

As with smoking, alcohol has a negative effect on hair transplantation. Because alcohol thins the blood, it is likely to increase the risk of bleeding during and after hair transplantation. As well as smoking, it also has the same effects as smoking due to its effect on reducing the amount of oxygen in the blood, causing the hair ducts not to be adequately nos fed. Being drunk by drinking alcohol after a hair transplantation operation is also not appropriate, as it can cause a blow to the hair transplanted area or unconscious movements. Therefore, alcohol should be avoided before a certain period before the hair transplantation operation and after a certain period, as in smoking, according to the specialist doctor’s advice. How Much Is Hair Implant Surgery