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How Much Is Get To Hair Implant?

By 09/10/2020February 6th, 2022No Comments5 min read
How Much Is Get To Hair Implant

How Much Is Get To Hair Implant? Hair loss is a problem that occurs for different reasons and is generally seen in men. Hair loss, which causes psychological and social problems as well as aesthetic problems; Today, as a result of technological developments, new methods can be treated with hair transplantation applications.

How Much Is Get To Hair Implant?

Patients who have hair loss problems before hair transplantation experience a detailed examination process. At the same time, during this period, there are processes of evaluating the patient’s history, examining the hair and skin structure, and deciding on the appropriate hair transplantation method.

Cost for Hair Implants

How Much Is Get To Hair Implant Hair implant fees differ according to the level of hair loss, the hospital where the implantation is performed, the number of grafts to be transplanted, the technique used, the doctor performing the operation, or the additional services provided.

One Price Policy

Some hair transplant centers apply a single price in hair transplant prices. This means determining the only valid price for certain hair transplantation methods regardless of the number of grafts. This has advantages as well as some disadvantages.

Fee Per Graft

While 2000 grafts are sufficient for some people in hair transplantation, 5000 grafts are required for some people. Some of the hair transplant centers determine a hair transplant fee per graft. As the number of hair follicles to be transplanted increases in charges per graft, the price of hair transplantation increases.

Pricing By Method

Hair implant price policies can be determined according to the hair transplant method to be chosen. Hair transplant centers can set different prices or additional fees for some methods they apply.

Pricing By Doctor

Hair implant centers can determine the price policy according to the doctor. Also, it is known that there are transplantations without a doctor.

2 issues need to be clarified in order to calculate hair transplant prices. How many grafts will be transplanted? Which method will be used for hair transplantation? Below are important information and price lists to help you with your choices.

Hair transplant graft prices:

The calculation is made based on the number of grafts you need and the average hair transplant prices per graft.

Hair Implant Methods and Prices

Hair transplant prices are affected by the cost of the transplant method. Before determining the hair transplant prices, you need to decide on your transplant method.

To find out your hair transplant price, you can find the number of grafts you need from the tables below.

Graft Prices

In hair implantation, graft roughly refers to the hair root to be transplanted. Each person’s follicle structure is different. In order to find out your hair transplant cost, you need to learn the number of hair follicles or grafts you need. We will use the Norwood scale for this. You can then calculate the average hair implant prices by seeing the hair implant method you prefer and the costs of the additional applications you want.

Hair transplant prices may vary depending on the number of grafts to be transplanted. The more hair follicles to be transplanted to the patient, the longer the operation time, the less the graft, the less the operation time and burden, which affects the costs.

The hair transplant price list includes procedures involving 500-1000 grafts such as beard and mustache transplantation, regional or densification transplants such as 2500 grafts, or hair transplantation operations performed above 3500 Hair transplant prices per graft vary between £ 1.5 and £ 4 in 2020.

Minimum cost can increase hair implant fees depending on the number of grafts.

Although the number of grafts decreases, the cost of basic expenses is very effective in the figures. Hair transplant prices are affected by the minimum cost.

For example, even if 200 grafts are transplanted,

3-4 person team,


operation room,

Medical drugs and such basic expenses will not change and will be reflected in the hair transplant price.

The structure of the grafts affects the hair transplant fees according to the number of grafts.

As the graft quality increases, the contracts per graft also decrease the hair transplantation costs, as more intensive transplantation will be performed with fewer grafts.

How Many Graft Do You Need?

There are two ways to learn about hair transplant prices and understand how many grafts are needed for your hair transplant.

Norwood Scale: You can make an approximate estimate by using the Norwood Scale, which we explain in detail below.

Online Analysis: You can learn the number of grafts required for your hair transplantation by using the free analysis service of hair transplantation centers.

Hair Implant Fees According to Norwood Scale

The reason for the wide price ranges below varies according to different criteria such as center, doctor selection and method, hair transplantation method, doctor selection. Prices given are average and variable.

Type I: It is a period when hair loss begins but is barely noticeable. Although there is no obvious change, the dilution can be understood with careful analysis. Hair transplantation is not recommended at this level.

Type 2 and Type 2a: Widening of the forehead and opening in the temples have begun. When hair loss slows down, hair transplantation can be performed if other conditions are suitable. Although the number of grafts needed in type 2 hair loss varies according to follicle density and quality, the average is 1500/2500 grafts.

Hair transplant prices in Type 2 are between ₺ 3.500 and ₺ 5.000

Type 3 and Type 3a: Hair loss also caused openings at the peak. At this level, the hairline has regressed and the forehead is wider. Thinning starts just at the top… The number of grafts is between 2500/3500.

Hair transplant prices are approximately between ₺ 6.500 and ₺ 10.000.

Type 4 and Type 4a: The appearance of hair loss has taken the appearance of a typical male pattern hair loss (AGA). This type of hair loss requires 3500/4500 grafts for hair transplantation. Type4 hair transplant prices are between ₺7.000 and ₺ 14.000.

Type 5: The openings at the top of the head are combined with the front, and the balding has shown itself. This type of hair loss requires between 4500/5500 grafts for hair transplantation. Hair transplant prices for this type of hair loss are between

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