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How Much Hair Implant Cost

By 09/10/2020February 6th, 2022No Comments5 min read
How Much Hair Implant Cost

How Much Hair Implant Cost As every job has a cost, the hair implant also has a cost. Knowing how much money is required for this, we want to prepare our budget. Hair transplant prices may vary according to many situations. So there is no single fee. It can vary from person to person, from city to city, from the center to center. Today, everything will be clear in your mind by giving you all the details about hair transplant prices. After doing a lot of research, you have decided on this operation.

How Much Hair Implant Cost

After this stage, you will start this search as to where I should get it done and how much are the hair transplant prices. Of course, the average costs to be received for this transaction are determined. So there are differences between wages, but there is no extreme gap. Now let’s explain all the details on this subject.

Points to Consider in Hair Transplant Prices

  • Be sensible about extremely high or very low wages. Problems can arise in both.
  • Do good research, talk directly to a few places, and be examined. Ask for price lists from different cities in Turkey.
  • Since the transplant fees are determined per graft, and you cannot count it, the place you will make in this regard should be reliable.
  • Compare prices between centers. Avoid places that make bulk packages in terms of price.
  • It will be cheap at the cost of the stairs. Do not trust your health to such places to be cheap. You may experience irreversible results.
  • In clinics located in very elite districts, the numbers will inevitably be a little inflationary. Because these clinics have high rental costs
  • In Turkey, prices are very affordable. People in many European countries, from America, from Asia, come to our country for hair removal and restoration. The breadth in this is price and quality.
  • In many countries, the prices are excessive because of the planting in dollars. for seeding in Turkey are very good figures.
  • Never do the procedure in places where more than 6000 grafts are planted once.
    •These points are purely for commercial purposes. This high planting cannot be done for more than a day. At this point, they’ll tell you to blow up the numbers, but they’ll actually do a little hair transplant.
  • After the hair transplant, do not go to the centers that sell very expensive shampoos and hair products. These are purely commercial places.

What Changes Hair Transplant Prices?

There are basic points that will affect the money you will pay after this operation. These points change this fee. Price changes are also based on the following situations. Here are the decisive points;

Hair Transplantation Method And Extra Things To Do

First of all, you should ask which transplantation method will you apply and how do you transplant. FUT technique was used before, but this method is now history. The FUE method is applied in many centers. There are clinics that develop this method and practice it differently. Robotic FUE and DHI Hair Transplantation are customized techniques performed according to the Fue principle method. Fees vary according to these techniques. Apart from this, avoid purely commercial advertisements such as “the last system”, “best technique” “first and only”. Because the technique to be applied is certain, that island FUE, everything else is an exaggeration and inappropriate. Since the robotic FUE method is made with a computer, it has high costs, so there is not much interest. Also, additional applications such as PRP are applied to strengthen the hair after transplantation. It increases the numbers you will pay in these applications. You should discuss these additional methods with your doctor and decide accordingly. Additional implementations can help, but whether such high fees are worth questioning or not.

Number Of Grafts To Be Transplanted

The amount of grafts will vary according to the area on your head. If you ask what graft is, it is a hair follicle taken from the donor area. This hair root may have 2-3 or even 4 strands of hair. Each hair follicle is expressed as 1 graft. Many transplant centers determine prices according to the number of grafts. Although there are places that offer collective fees, their number is very few. As the amount of grafts increases, the transplantation price will also increase. The average cost of graft transplantation is 2$.

If you transplant 2000 grafts, it will cost 4000$. The amount of grafts is cruel and who will prolong the duration. For example, 1000 grafts will be transplanted in 3 hours, while 2000 grafts will be transplanted in 6 hours. Here they will come out of your pocket as a cost. Determine how much transplantation will be done with your doctor.

The City And District Where The Place To Do This Operation

It is an important criterion that affects city and district wages. While prices increase in some cities, they decrease in some cities. For cities in the east, wages drop slightly but rise somewhat as demand increases towards the west. In many cities in Turkey, it is no longer in hair transplantation centers, but the quality is shifting slightly towards the larger city centers. Since customer potentials are in big cities, more comprehensive centers are located at these points. For example, since the rents and expenses are high in luxury districts in Istanbul, planting fees increase at these points. So the luxury district, the luxury center increases the amount

Hair Transplant Price and Average Prices

First, In Turkey, we can not state the average plantation prices because they are various. When the fee per graft changes, the amount you will pay changes. There may be clinics that charge the PRP fees beyond these figures. They add on these numbers and express the total amount to you. You can also have PRP, you can specify this in particular. How Much Hair Implant Cost