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How Much Fue Hair Transplant Cost In Turkey

By 08/11/2020February 6th, 2022No Comments6 min read
How Much Fue Hair Transplant Cost In Turkey

How Much Fue Hair Transplant Cost In Turkey As a method used in hair transplantation applications, the FUE hair transplantation is waiting for answers to how much it costs in Turkey. In this regard, it is essential first to clarify the issues related to how hair transplantation is done.

How Is Hair Transplantation Performed?

Before the hair transplantation, a preliminary interview and examination are carried out with the person requesting hair transplantation. Through this interview and examination, hair analysis and blood tests are performed by the person requesting hair transplantation. As a result, it is determined whether the person is suitable for hair transplantation operation. When performing hair transplantation, the front hairline of the person is drawn first, and then some drawings are made showing how many hair follicles will be added to which area and how much hair follicles will be taken from which donor area.

Following these determinations, local anesthesia is applied to the person requesting hair transplantation and hair ingesting one by one from the donor area is started. Hair follicles are taken one by one using the FUE hair transplantation method and lined up on a particular plane. The hair follicles, which are considered inadequate and weak about the hair transplantation process. After that, tiny ducts are opened in the area where hair transplantation will be done. The tiny ducts in question are precisely the size that the hair ducts fit. Thus, it is more comfortable to hold the hair roots.

What Is The Importance Of Front Hairline In Hair Transplantation Applications?

Hair transplantation application, as it is known, requires meticulousness and attention in many aspects. Even any negativity or minor carelessness that may develop during this operation may decrease the success rate and a decrease in the efficient result that is intended to be received. In this sense, one of the most important considerations is the front hairline of the person. The front hairline is a factor that affects the appearance of the person with the facial expression, the age at which it appears.

If the front hairline is not determined in the most appropriate way to the person, an unwanted or unable appearance may likely occur due to hair transplantation. Therefore, to avoid problems in determining the front hairline, it is essential to work with specialists, experienced physicians and teams. Determining the most suitable front hairline for the person requesting hair transplantation is an issue that requires not only theoretical knowledge but also a high level of expertise and experience. In this sense, it is useful to emphasize the importance of hair transplantation center and physician selection when making hair transplantation operations.

Is It Possible To Transplant Hair From Body Hair?

The question of whether hair transplantation can be applied from body hair is curious in most people. Accordingly, it is mainly possible to apply hair transplantation from body hair, but the effectiveness of such hair transplantation practices is debated. Hair follicles taken for hair transplantation procedures are mostly taken from the back of the back of the forehead. There are not enough donors in the person’s back of the blood; Chest, beard and leg areas are also looking at whether there are donors’ hair roots. However, it is also kept in mind that the hairs in these areas are different from the hair strands in terms of structure. Hairs found in other parts of the body are not a type of hair that goes on like hair strands.

The hairs in these areas generally last to a certain level and then stop growing. Therefore, hair transplantation of this type is not recommended for people who want to have hair length and who want to use long hair—hairs found in the body, different from hairstyles in terms of structures, thicknesses and root models. Therefore, hair transplantation hairs are taken from various parts of the body negatively affect obtaining the desired image in the person, and different problems may arise.

As a result, hair transplantation from different body parts can be carried out efficiently and appropriately. However, information and warnings should be made in detail to the person requesting hair transplantation regarding the consequences and risks that may arise due to hair transplantation.

How Much Does Hair Transplantation Cost In Turkey?

How Much Fue Hair Transplant Cost In Turkey The prices of hair transplantation applications cause people to fall into some mistakes when they request hair transplantation. As such, it can be seen that hair transplantation is carried out in places under stairs with non-specialists by some people who want to benefit from the current interest of hair transplantation application.

Such places usually perform hair transplantation at a more affordable price. However, due to the lack of an expert team and other necessary conditions, those who prefer such places will likely experience victimization and achieve negative results. Therefore, during the investigation of the center or specialist doctor who will have hair transplantation, it is not the amount of hair transplantation price but the expertise, experience and profanity of the relevant center or doctor.

The prices of hair transplantation should be at a certain level, although the prices are not exact figures but vary. Therefore, if hair transplantation services are to be taken, it is useful to avoid the center or persons serving below this level; otherwise, it is possible to get the results that people want to obtain from hair transplantation and cause various problems in terms of health.

In this sense, to make the right choice for hair transplantation, it is essential to take care of the team or center’s experience and expertise that will perform hair transplantation before hair transplantation fees. Hair transplant prices vary depending on the width of the hair transplant area of the person requesting the hair transplant and the number of hair follicles that will be applied to the area.

How Soon Is Hair Transplantation Completed?

The hair transplantation application’s completion time varies depending on the width of the hair transplantation area of the requesting person and the number of hair follicles to be transplanted. For people, 2000 may need 3000 for some people and 4500 or more for others.

The number of hairstyles in question is determined by the specialist doctor and team who will do the hair transplantation depending on the area’s width to be transplanted. Another factor that determines hair transplantation duration is the doctor and his team who will do the transplantation. The dexterity, practical ability and experience of the specialist who will do hair transplantation are sufficient for the operation’s duration. Some specialists – physicians, can transplant 4500 or more hair roots at a time, while others can divide the transplantation operation by two times.

Therefore, this is a matter of working policy of the hair transplantation specialist in its entirety. Usually, a session lasts between 7 and 8 hours. As a matter of fact, a session period of more than this period should not be preferred. As such, local anesthesia is applied to the person while hair transplantation is performed.

Since the effect of anesthetic drugs is passing after a while; In case of elongation of the operation, the person is given medication again. Sessions longer than 7-8 hours are generally not preferred because the re-treatment of these drugs can harm one’s health. The most accurate practice is to split the sessions, which can take a long time not to pose any threat to one’s health. In this way, the person is more comfortable, and the hair transplantation specialist and his team can work much more efficiently.How Much Fue Hair Transplant Cost In Turkey

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