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How Much Does It Cost For Fue Hair Transplant

By 09/10/2020February 6th, 2022No Comments5 min read
How Much Does It Cost For Fue Hair Transplant

How Much Does It Cost For Fue Hair Transplant Hair loss is no longer a fate. You can regain your lost hair and have much thicker hair than before. Hair transplantation is a detailed, sensitive application that requires medical equipment. Therefore, professional clinics should be preferred.

How Much Does It Cost For Fue Hair Transplant

There are many techniques in hair transplant. But one of them is amazing. This technique iş FUE method. With the FUE (Follicular Unit Extraction) method, which is the most reliable and preferred method among hair transplantation procedures, hair follicles are placed in balding areas and a natural hair appearance is regained. This method is not a surgical procedure. You can benefit from the FUE hair transplantation method with a very comfortable process.

What is FUE Hair Transplantation?

The FUE technique, which does not require incision or stitching for hair transplantation, was introduced by Dr. Rassman and it was applied by Bernstein, it took its place in the medical literature as a safe method of hair transplantation. FUE, which is the most preferred hair transplant method in the world, is a technique that is performed by applying local anesthesia to patients and stands out with its comfort. Using special micro-motor tips specially developed for this process, hair grafts are taken one by one and transferred to the balding area. During this process, an extremely natural hair appearance is achieved as the natural hair growth angle is also taken into account.

How is FUE Hair Transplantation Performed

Collection Of Hair Roots With FUE

Before starting hair transplantation, the patient is given local anesthesia and the head area is numbed. Hair follicles in the nape area are loosened using a special device. The higher the hair graft quality of the patient, the greater the success of the procedure. In the FUE technique, the collection of hair follicles is usually completed in 2 to 4 hours, depending on the number of grafts, that is, from person to person.

Opening Transplantation Channels With FUE

After the hair follicles are collected, the area is covered with a special bandage to prevent infection. Then the patient lies on his back and channels are opened using a special procedure and a special device called micro-pen for the area where the sowing will be performed. These channels are also smaller than the needle tip. The tip of the micro-pen device is sharp and opens extremely small channels in the diameter that hair follicles can pass through.

Transplanting Hair Roots With FUE

Hair follicles are placed one by one in the channels opened to the application area. It should be transplanted immediately after the hair follicles are collected. For this reason, it is not kept long and the transplantation phase is started in a short time. The transplantation of the hair follicles, as in the collection of the follicles, is completed in 2 to 4 hours, although it varies from person to person. Since the area needs to get air for a while after transplantation, this area is not covered.

Immediately After Hair Transplantation

After these three procedures are completed, the patient is given various information and the patient is discharged. A few days after the procedure, the patient’s first dressing is performed. A very small point wound occurs in the transplanted area and this is an expected, natural situation. These wounds heal in a maximum of 1 month.

FUE Hair Transplant Techniques

Classic FUE Technique

During this application, hair follicles are taken from the hairy area called the donor area, and these are transferred to the area where the hair is sparse or bald. This technique is easy to apply, and the hair follicles needed can be taken from more regions and completed without a trace.

Gold FUE Technique

This method stands out with the fact that the hair transplantation method can be applied without the need to shorten the hair. Hair follicles are removed from the donor area without shortening or shaving and transferred to the balding or thinning area. THE Gold FUE technique is the most advanced hair transplant technique and it is completed without pain or aches.

MP FUE Technique

This method is a hair transplant technique developed on the principle of shading. The aim is to transfer hair to sparse areas and to obtain a thicker hair appearance. While presenting a natural look on the hair, it has an effect for several years.

Micro FUE Technique

In this method, the front hairline is drawn and the area where the hair will be taken, that is, the donor area, is also drawn. Then, with micro-motor tips with a diameter of 0.6 to 0.8 mm, hair grafts containing a small amount of skin are taken and transferred to the area with thinning or hair loss. There is no bleeding in this method.

FUE Hair Transplant Prices

Hair transplant prices with the FUE method are very changeable. They can change from clinic to clinic.

The FUE method is a procedure that requires the hair follicles to be collected and transplanted one by one from the donor area with the help of a micromotor device. It is the basic hair transplant method used most frequently today. FUE hair transplant prices are more affordable compared to other methods.

FUE hair transplantation prices may differ according to the number of grafts. If you go to a reliable clinic and meet an expert, you can learn the prices. By the way, don’t forget that the prices of the hair transplantation FUE method may be more expensive for more intense transplantation.

FUE is the most widely used hair transplant method today. The FUE method is carried out with a manual punch or a micromotor device, which is a newer method. FUE, which is based on removing and transplanting hair follicles with tiny-tipped punches, is both more common and more convenient than other techniques. While calculating hair transplant prices with the FUE method, using a manual punch can change the FUE hair transplant prices. Also, due to additional applications such as PRP, sapphire, or pen method (DHI), hair transplantation prices may differ with the FUE method How Much Does It Cost For Fue Hair Transplant