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How Much Does Hair Transplant Cost In Turkey?

By 15/02/2021February 6th, 2022No Comments5 min read
How Much Does Hair Transplant Cost In Turkey?

How Much Does Hair Transplant Cost In Turkey? The cost of hair transplant Turkey is proper. The price of hair transplantation in Turkey can make hair transplantation to single digits, according to European and Asian countries. This represents a relatively lower cost for hair transplantation, both on average and taking into account the general treatment.

The price of hair transplantation treatment in Turkey is different because of several factors. It is due to the variety of service offers; treatment packages are available at different prices. Here, the maximum number of healthy transplants per session is something to accept. Finally, low labor costs and the purchasing power of the local currency affects the cost of hair transplantation in Turkey.

What Is Included In The Cost Of Hair Transplantation In Turkey?

Normally, doctors perform hair transplantation in Europe and America at 2-digit fees. These prices usually include treatment only. In addition, this price evaluation depends on the graft number. However, clinics in Turkey, personalized treatment plans based on the patient’s specific medical needs, our experienced staff, on-site translation services, offers all-inclusive packages offering quality treatment in 4-5 star hotel accommodation. VIP vehicle transfers, one-year follow-up procedures.

The cheap cost of hair transplantation in Turkey must not mislead the applicant. Low prices do not equal low quality. Transplantation in Turkey prices is lower because of low labor costs and other economic factors when comparing to other countries.

How Long Does The Hair Transplant Take?

Since hair transplant Turkey is a multi-step procedure, it can take up to 8-10 hours depending on the treatment used, the number of grafts extracted and implanted. The steps – extraction and opening of the channels – are very time consuming and take 1-3 hours depending on the number of follicular units extracted. Doctors can carry out these stages with breaks given to the patient to take his meals and rest. Although the operation takes place in one day, the washing process is available the next day. Therefore, the whole process takes two days.

Choosing the Right Hair Loss Treatment

Apart from the factors worth mentioning, the cost of hair transplant in Turkey depends on the number of transplants that the patient needs for implantation. The correct number of hair follicle transplants should be consulted by a surgeon. This is the reason why you should always recheck the reputation of the clinic. Ultimately, your clinic is the one that offers hair transplant procedures by a certified surgeon.

A good clinic for hair transplant in Turkey is one that puts the needs of the patients before anything else. Although it is difficult to determine the exact number of transplants a patient needs, your clinic will help you see a surgeon. The surgeon will tell you the most suitable number of grafts, and it may be best to determine the exact number of grafts during the procedure.

What Are The Preferred Hair Transplantation Procedures Of Surgeons In Turkey?

Once the doctor completes the consultation session and the patient is eligible to travel to Turkey, the right treatment for hair transplant Turkey comes in as a decision by the team of surgeons. It can be confusing for new patients to know their basic needs – the type of skin, the cause of hair loss, the right type of treatment, how it differs from other treatments, and more.

Hair transplant treatment is classified into two categories – surgical and non-surgical treatment. The surgical treatment further divides into – follicular unit transplantation (FUT), follicular unit extraction (FUE).

What Are The Surgical Treatments Offered In Turkey?

As the surgical process is already described above, the steps are almost similar and may vary depending on the type of hair loss, the number of hair transplants, and the type of treatment required.

What Are The Non-surgical Treatments For Hair Transplant?

Minoxidil: It is an FDA approved hair loss treatment for both men and women. It is a generic drug in liquid form for rubbing into the scalp daily for six months. It stops hair loss and helps regrowth. Treatment is long term, and an individual should apply it continuously for X months for best results.

Finasteride (Propecia): It is also an FDA approved treatment for men only. It comes in the form of pills for using daily to stop hair loss and promote the growth of new hair. Like Minoxidil, this treatment is also long term, and an individual should consume it regularly to maintain hair growth.

Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP) Treatment: Although it is not approved by the FDA, it is a widely used treatment for hair loss and a complementary treatment after hair transplant Turkey. In this treatment, doctors collect the platelet-rich plasma in the patient’s blood by centrifuging it. The doctors inject the plasma with the growth hormones into the patient’s scalp for regrowth. Multiple sessions should be done for six months to a year for lasting results.

How To Choose The Right Hair Transplant Clinic And Surgeon In Turkey?

Choosing the right treatment alone does not give the desired results. It also depends on the skills and experience of the surgeon as well as the type of treatment that is appropriate. Although the Turkish Ministry of Health carries out frequent inspections, patients are still advised to check the credibility of the clinic and the doctor.

Here are some key points to consider when searching for hair transplant clinics and doctors in Turkey:

  • Check the clinic’s accreditation with international medical associations such as JCI or ISHRS. This helps decide whether the clinic is following surgical, medical, and clinical guidelines.
  • Make sure the clinic offers a free consultation session to answer patient questions. This helps patients choose the right kind of treatment accordingly.
  • The surgeons at the associated clinic must be certified by the government and have extensive experience in this field.
  • Check the clinic’s reputation from its catalog, before and after photos, Google star ratings, and reviews of previous patients on Google.
  • Make sure the clinics don’t provide instant results. The clinic must provide appropriate follow-up services to monitor the recovery period of its patients.
  • Surgeries should be performed by surgeons rather than technicians for hair transplant Turkey. How Much Does Hair Transplant Cost In Turkey?