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How Much Are Hair Implants?

By 09/10/2020February 6th, 2022No Comments5 min read
How Much Are Hair Implants

How Much Are Hair Implants? Hello, thank you for coming into our website to find information about “How much does it cost for hair implants?” Today we will do our best to give you accurate and useful information about the subject. Now without any further due, let’s get into it. Shall we?


Many technical and clinical techniques make offers and promise to increase the volume of your hair or to help you grow more hair. But; many of them are not very effective. Therefore, success can only be achieved with hair transplantation in places where there is little or no hair.

How Much Are Hair Implants

But how much does a hair transplant cost? Although there is no clear answer to this question, the cost generally varies according to the type of hair, the size of the transplantation area and the technique to be used. Of course success will have a cost.

Let’s first look at what this process is and how it is done.

What Is a Hair Transplant?

These hair transplants, which have been applied by doctors in the United States since the 1950s, have changed a lot with the development of technology until today. Basically, it is a filling surgery by transplanting hair cells to areas with thin, sparse or no hair.

First of all, it is determined which technique will be used for the area to be transplanted. This is FUSS (follicular unit strip surgery) or FUE (follicular unit extraction). This is usually done in clinical settings or in private surgical areas in doctors’ offices. As the first procedure, your scalp is cleaned and your procedures are started by injecting medicine to numb the back of your head.

If the FUSS technique is to be used, your doctor will remove a 6 to 10 centimeter scalp strip from the back of your head and put it aside and cover the removed area. It covers this area with the surrounding hair bristles. The operations team then divides the 6 to 10 centimeter strip of scalp, which is removed from the back of your head, into 500 to 2000 micro-pieces each containing hair cells (hair strands). These parts are called grafts. The number of these grafts varies depending on the quality, type of hair cells and the size of the area to be transplanted.


But; If the FUE technique is to be used, the process presses will be slightly different. This time, your doctor will start the operation by shaving the area from the back of your head where the hair strands will be transplanted. The hair follicles to be transplanted afterwards will be removed one by one from here. This area will heal in small spots.

The rest is the same in all techniques. The prepared grafts or hair follicles are transferred to the transplant area, which is cleaned and made ready for operation. Of course, before the area is cleaned and numbed. With the scalpel needle half, small holes are created. Grafts or hair follicles are placed in these prepared points. Depending on the size of the area to be transplanted, these procedures can take between four and eight. Some transplants may not be fully successful. Such situations may require additional.

How Much Is The Treatment Costs

The cost of hair transplantation is quite variable and generally depends on the technique to be used and the size of the area to be transplanted. Unfortunately, these costs are directly out of your pocket. Most insurance companies consider hair transplantation as a cosmetic/aesthetic procedure. The cost of hair transplantation depends on many different factors.

The Main Influencing Factors Are

Where you live: The number of hair transplant clinics in your area of ​​residence may affect the number of nearby surgeons and a surgeon’s remuneration by varying with the relative costs of regional living costs.

The type of transplant you choose: There are two different types of hair transplantation: follicular unit transplant (FUT) and follicular unit extraction (FUE). Each has a different cost.

Clinical Experience:

Depending on the brand value, experience and the experience of the team, the costs of the clinic that will make the transplant vary. Of course, if the doctor or clinic you choose works with the best, they may naturally charge more. However, it should be remembered that high wages do not always mean absolute success. For this reason, do your research carefully. Your choices will affect your operation.

How much hair do you want to transplant: The size of the area to be transplanted is of course one of the most important factors that directly affect the costs. Transplantation of a few small areas and the entire upper region naturally has quite different costs.

Travel expenses: This is not something your doctor would charge, but it is still a cost to consider. Sometimes you have to travel to find the best experts, and you should consider these costs when deciding whether you can afford the procedure.

Cost of recovery from a hair transplant: In addition to the treatment costs, there are other potential recovery costs you should take into account, these include:

  • pain relief during emergency recovery
  • anti-inflammatory medications to reduce swelling in the surgical area
  • antibiotics to reduce the risk of infection

Infection risk is one of the most known and common problems. If you experience such complications, the area where the infection developed will need to be treated. This too; It will cost you additional costs, including medication and doctor examinations. Before having a hair transplant for this reason, do a good research on how to deal with the costs in case of such problems with your clinic.

How Is The Hair Transplant Cost Calculated?

In formal; hair transplant process is dependent on many factors, including the overall complexity of the transplants, as well as other ‘individual hair properties’, including the amount of hair to transplant to achieve the patient’s desired results.

When you are planning a operations, you will need to be reviewed for the risk of further hair loss, as well as how best to use the available donor hair. All factors are different for everyone and will affect the hair transplant cost you can expect to receive. Quick way to find out how much a operation will cost is to have a free consultation with hair clinic.How Much Are Hair Implants

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