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How Much Are Hair Implants UK

By 09/10/2020February 6th, 2022No Comments5 min read
How Much Are Hair Implants Uk

How Much Are Hair Implants UK ? Hair loss problem is one of the problems that can happen to anyone, whether women, men, young or old. Numerous solutions have been developed for hair loss that occurs for many different reasons. However, creams, medicines, etc. By saying that although there are many products in the market, this problem could not be avoided.

How Much Are Hair Implants UK

With the development of technology, the biggest precaution to be taken against hair loss is the hair transplantation method. At this point, let’s briefly talk about what hair transplantation is before moving on to the factors that vary in hair transplant prices.

What is Hair Transplant

Hair transplantation is an application performed with local anesthesia. Therefore, it is a method that provides a permanent solution with creams and vitamins that should only be used for certain periods after the application, without feeling any pain or ache. The hair transplantation method has been tried by many people who are faced with hair loss problems. In this context, it has become more and more popular as both natural and permanent results are obtained. However, it has been proven to be a reliable method with an increase in the number of people who have it done. As the popularity has increased, more hair transplant methods have begun to be developed, even technological devices specific to this concept have also been developed.

People who are considering hair transplantation will firstly search for a suitable method and get detailed information by doing detailed research. No matter how much information people get about the hair transplant method, what most people wonder about is the details about hair transplant prices. When there are specialist doctors in the field or when deciding on the clinic where hair transplantation will be performed, the issue that is definitely asked and compared is again the issue of hair transplant prices. But why are there so many clinics in the market and so many different price lists? In other words, what causes the differences in hair transplantation and hair transplantation prices to be so great?

How Are Hair Transplant Prices Determined?

1) The Experience of the Clinic and Specialist Doctor where the Operation will be Performed

When it comes to hair transplant prices, as in all matters, the biggest factor that creates the price difference is the clinic where the operation will take place. Consider brands that are in the same industry today. They all do the same job, but the main reason for the difference in service prices is quality. Think of the brand you shop with the most. Why not choose other brands doing the same job? Because you are satisfied with the quality service you receive there and you trust that brand. The same is true for hair transplantation. Generally, very good clinics can be more expensive than lesser-known places in terms of quality and trust. The main reasons for this are that the clinic has many references. Also, the presence of specialist doctors who are professionals in hair transplantation plays an important role in the price factor.

2) Method to be used

Another factor that we encounter after the clinic where hair transplantation will take place is the method to be used during hair transplantation. This is one of the most important factors. Because the methods and devices to be used play an important role. Therefore, it will affect the time to be spent and the success of the result. Even if the operation to be performed is a low center in terms of quality, the up-to-dateness in hair transplantation technique increases the price. For example, the results obtained in the DHI hair transplantation method are much more successful and the price is equally high.

However, an important factor affecting the price so much is the special motor item used during the application. According to the FUE method, the biggest difference is that this motor is used. Thanks to this motor pen, the visual harmony during planting are so successful. Also, the DHI technique takes an average of twice as long as the FUE method, and it is also more expensive in terms of money, as it increases the time spent. In addition to these, if there are also tools such as robotic devices to be used, there will also be an increase in the fee for these. Robotic hair transplantation, FUE, DHI, Unshaved hair transplantation, hair tightening transplantation, etc. Both the time spent and the tools used in such methods have significant effects on the price.

3.Number of Grafts

 Another item that has an effect on hair transplant prices and is one of the important criteria in determining the price is the number of grafts. The graft is the number of roots collected to be transplanted from the head. They can be single or double, triple, and quadruple hair follicles. The increase in the number of grafts also means an increase in the number of hair follicles to be transplanted. With this increase, the tight appearance of the hair will also increase. Therefore, time spent in methods has become the main factor affecting the price factor.

Each of the hair transplant methods applied in the borders of our country is approved by the Ministry of Health. Charging tariffs naturally occur for something approved by the Ministry. The Ministry of Health makes annual arrangements and determines an average price for hair follicles to be transplanted. It also determines this according to the number of grafts. In this way, we can see how important the number of grafts is on hair transplant prices.

Hair Transplant Cost in the UK

How Much Are Hair Implants Uk The cost of a hair transplant is also variable in the UK for the reasons we have mentioned above. It can also cost various prices depending on the size of the hair loss, the type of procedure performed, and the quality of the clinic and its team. Considering all these reasons, if you find a hair transplant center in the UK where you can get a quality and reliable service, do not miss it if the price is suitable. How Much Are Hair Implants Uk

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