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How Long To Avoid The Sun After Hair Transplant

By 20/09/2020February 6th, 2022No Comments5 min read
How Long To Avoid The Sun After Hair Transplant

How Long To Avoid The Sun After Hair Transplant? Nowadays, most people prefer permanent solutions for their baldness problem because temporary solutions aren’t effective and practical. For instance, if you decide to use a wig, cosmetical products, or bandana to cover your hairless part of the head, you have to use these each and every day regularly. So, these don’t offer permanent ways. On the other side, when you prefer hair transplant surgery, it provides a permanent solution for your baldness and thinning problems. Recently, two different operations are performed by high technology in hair restoration. The first one is the FUE, and the second one is the FUT method.

Avoid The Sun After a Hair Transplant

These are very different from each other, but the common point between these techniques is that you will reach impressive and great-looking hair after a while. However, the surgeon must decide which way to apply based on the patients’ hair characteristics, quality of hair, and quantity of a donor area. After the surgery, you will get perfect results, but it depends on you. You must listen to your doctor’s advice closely. You need to take the right amount of your medicine at the right time, protect your head against impacts and avoid the sun after a hair transplant for quite a while.

According to expert doctors in hair transplant surgeries, you have to protect your scalp from the sun for a minimum of 4-5 months after the operation. Most surgeons recommend wearing a hat that covers full of your transplant area during the 4-5 months when you go out. Besides, you should avoid using sunscreen until your incisions in the head make a full recovery. When you see a full recovery, you should use a hat or sunscreen with at least 30 SPF for a few more months. It will increase your chances of hair restoration success.

Damage to the scalp

Incisions in any part of your scalp will become more sensitive to sunlight. Sun exposure can delay the recovery time and may result in more scarring. We should protect ourselves from sun exposure for at least four or five-month after the surgery. There are cells called chromatophores in human skin, and these cells are responsible for pigmentation on the skin, and they will become darker when exposed to the sun to protect the skin. However, especially in the FUT method, when the skin is extracted in the hair transplant operation, they will die or go into sleep mode. After the surgery, new cells can take a few months to regenerate. So, when exposed to the sun, there will be more risk because of sensitivity in the transplanted skin.

The patient should take into consideration the following after the hair restoration;

  • A hair transplant operation contains incisions where the extracted grafts will be transplanted. For this reason, the skin will be more sensitive to sun exposure. Besides, the whole procedure may end up in failure because extreme exposure to the sunlight can penetrate deep into the inner layers, leading to more damage in unhealed tissue.
  • The grafted hair follicles and scalp need time to adapt and grow.
  • The transplanted area will most probably be more sensitive for the first months.
  • Besides, sun exposure can lead to changes in your scalp’s color, especially in transplanted areas. Therefore, you must protect your scalp from direct sunlight.
  • Generally, patients prefer to have hair transplantation in the summer months. Thus, the risk of exposure to direct sunlight will increase.
  • The patients’ skin becomes extra sensitive to ultraviolet rays after the surgery.
  • When you don’t avoid sun exposure, there may happen burning, itching, or inflammation in the transplanted area.
  • There isn’t an exact time for avoiding the sun; it depends on the patient’s symptoms. Generally, the patient should avoid the sun after the hair transplant surgery for 4 or 5 months. You can go out whenever you wish by taking the due precautions, such as wearing a hat.

It would be best to avoid sun exposure after the hair transplant operation for four or five months.

When you follow the instruction correctly, your new hair follicles will adapt and grow within six months. Here are some tips to protect your scalp from sun exposure;

  • You can; wear a hat or cap: A hat should be loose so it will cover your head and not constrict the scalp.
  • ; comb the current hair over the new follicles to protect them from the sun: When you want to go out, you can comb your existing hair over the new hair follicles to avoid the sunlight.
  • ; use a sunscreen with your doctor’s advice: The most effective way of protecting your skin from sun exposure is sunscreen. It should be at least 30 SPF. Besides, you can prefer the form of a spray for sunscreen, so it would help to prevent touching the scalp.
  • Going outside: Going outside after the surgery won’t be prohibited, but you shouldn’t go out in the afternoon when the sun is its peak.
  • Swimming pools and the sea: You should avoid entering swimming pools and the sea because they contain many bacteria.

A hair transplant operation is a treatment that can provide permanent hair for both women and men.

When you choose experienced doctors, they can minimize the risk of postoperative hair shedding. However, most success depends on you. You should follow postoperative instructions carefully. For instance, you need to avoid sun exposure after hair transplant operations for several months because your scalp and new hair follicles need time to recover. Sunlight is sometimes one of the most dangerous things because of UV radiation. It can affect your skin health, skin color, the recovery process, and new hair grafting in a couple of shakes. Besides, sun exposure may damage not only your scalp but also the hair follicles. If you don’t be careful, you may need additional treatment. So, the recovery process will be longer. If you are careful enough, the risk of complications will decrease while operational success will increase.

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