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Hair Treatment Turkey

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Hair Treatment Turkey

Hair Treatment Turkey Long or short hair is a fundamental aesthetic detail. It is not only women who take care of it; they carefully follow fashion to have a color and cut perfectly suited to the physiognomy of the face. Details that also attract the attention of the other half of the sky. In fact, more and more men take care of their hair following the seasonal trends. They do not disdain at all to intervene with a hair transplant Turkey in case of hair loss.

A choice that also involves fair sex with the aim of improving the aesthetics and look. Also, to feel at ease and always in order. As a  remedy for hair loss, the most requested intervention is the one that uses the technique FUE or Follicular Unit Extraction. They are able to fully meet expectations in terms of results. The FUE  technique boasts a positive outcome for the grafting of the bulbs both in the frontal area and on the vertex, with a success rate of 90-95% in the first case and 60-70% in the second. The results of the hair transplant allow obtaining thick and healthy hair.

Hair transplantation FUE technique, Turkey

As announced by the Turkish Ministry of Health, every year, about 60 thousand men take a  trichological holiday in Istanbul to regain their hair. Approximately 300 clinics are authorized to offer a  hair transplant in Turkey. These are specialized structures that guarantee a cutting-edge service at very low costs. To opt for a hair transplant Turkey, Istanbul in the forefront is a clientele that comes from all over the world, in the vast majority of cases from the United States, Canada, and Europe. Customers from India, Pakistan, and the Middle East are also growing.

Turkey Hair Transplant, How it Works?

The FUE  technique works thanks to an autotransplant, a decidedly revolutionary and minimally invasive practice. It involves taking the bulbs present in the occipital area one at a time to transfer and implant them in the areas without hair. Thanks to the autotransplant,  the hair will grow with a completely natural look and will be stronger than it was before the fall. The hair has nothing artificial and can be treated like those grown spontaneously so you can comb, cut, color as desired. On the occasion of a holiday, you can buy back your hair thanks to a technique that involves two specific intervention operations: extraction and retransplanting.

The first step focuses on the follicular sampling, performed after having anesthetized the skin. Every single follicular graft has a different number of hairs, from one to five. The collection is performed in the nape area thanks to motorized support, the so-called punch, which uses a cylindrical tip which, with a rotating effect, goes to extract the hair. The rotation, which allows the extraction, must be adapted to the degree of elasticity of the scalp, with a targeted variation of the speed.

The second step considers the replanting of the units withdrawn. If during the first phase, the patient has to lie down, with his face resting on a hollow cushion. In the second step, the patient remains seated. Also, in this case, experts perform regular anesthesia, and they replace the follicular units on the scalp. The expert performs the reimplantation operation thanks to the Implanter. It is similar in all respects to a pen on which doctors place a thin needle.

The support allows holding the follicular graft firmly when placed on the patient’s head. The experts transplant the follicular graft into the scalp at a depth of no more than 2 millimeters. They do this to avoid trauma but above all without making cuts or deep incisions. This proceeds with small punctures, which the patient is able to easily bear.

Turkey Hair Treatment Reviews

To get a better idea of ​​what hair transplant Turkey implies, it may be useful to listen to the opinions of those who have undergone this type of intervention. Once the doctor completes the two operations, the clinic issues a regular certificate of guarantee for the life of the hair transplant performed in Turkey. This is a document in which the clinic certifies that the autotransplant operation will allow the patient to enjoy a  definitive hair graft. A guarantee that once grown, the new hair will never fall out.

How Does The Scar-free Hair Implant Work?

The natural result, no visible scar, and quick and painless post-surgery: this is the FUE technique (Follicular Unit Extraction), used successfully all over the world. The treatment consists of the implantation of follicle by follicle. What does the autotransplant mean? The extraction and re-insertion of the follicles of the same patient. In this way, the hair will grow back completely naturally.

Simply because they are their own bulbs, but doctors take them from a “healthy” donor area, generally the nape and sides of the head; that is, alopecia does not affect those parts of the scalp. Using the FUE technique, you can transplant beard, mustache, eyebrows, and eyelashes. The recommended age for hair transplantation is 18-80 years; you can do it even without shaving.

Hair transplant Turkey begins with a personalized schedule depending on the type of alopecia. The medical team that will follow the treatment step by step will carry out a scrupulous assessment of your situation. The hair transplant process begins with local anesthesia of the scalp. Doctors do this, so the patient does not feel the slightest sensation of pain and feels at ease. Doctors use local anesthetics, in small quantities, to avoid swelling of the scalp.

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