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Hair Transplantation in Turkey

By 07/09/2020February 6th, 2022No Comments15 min read
Hair Transplant in Turkey

Hair is an important part of the human body. Hair, and ways of styling it, have varied all through history and among different cultures across the world. It is a key part of one’s personal identity. Not only that, but your hair also carries weight in society. People express their individuality through their hair, and how you wear it matters to not only yourself but also to the people around you. Hair Transplantation in Turkey, Hair loss, which is considered a common problem of many people today, can occur in both male and female individuals. After the hair begins to fall out, one’s self-confidence is declining, and some problems arise in social life.

hair transplant in turkey

Since hair plays a decisive role in the appearance of a person, it is quite possible that people with hair loss will experience psychological problems. With the loss of hair, the person may look older than he is. It is possible to reverse this negative situation, which directly affects social life. Thanks to the businesses that provide hair transplantation services in Turkey, people’s hair can grow louder than before. It then follows that people tend to be very self-conscious about their appearance with respect to their hair. Hair loss affects people irrespective of their age, gender, and geographical location. With advancements in healthcare and technology, hair loss problems have become a thing of the past. While multiple treatment options are available, a very popular one happens to be hair transplants. More specifically, hair transplant in Turkey.

A hair transplant involves a simple medical surgery. It is conducted to add more hair to a part or parts of your head or scalp, or even other parts of your body. Hair transplants are commonly performed for the hair on your head, eyebrows and beard. The basic principle behind it is to take hair follicles from the part of your body where the hair is thick and ‘graft’ these follicles to the areas where the hair is thinning.

Around 60% of men and 50% of women go through some kind of hair loss. As it affects more than half the adult population, many people are getting hair transplant treatments. The first hair transplant surgery was done way back in 1952 by Dr Norman Orentreich in New York City. Since then, the techniques have improved vastly, and the popularity of hair transplantation has grown, especially when it comes to hair transplants in Turkey.

You might ask, why Turkey? Here are the reasons

hair transplant in turkey

Hair Transplant in Turkey – Medical Tourism and More

Turkey is located in a very unique part of the world. Close to countries in both Asia and Europe, it is also highly accessible to people from all over the world. Istanbul Airport is one of the busiest hubs ever and gets travellers from all over the world. Turkey is a highly rated tourist destination, with many beautiful places to visit. Additionally, it has also become very popular for health care and medical tourism.

Medical Tourism:

This health care can range across various types and procedures. The reasons for medical tourism are also quite different depending on each case. The most popular reason is the cost associated with the healthcare issue. People travel to get treatments that are more affordable to them. Additionally, people also visit other countries to receive healthcare treatments and procedures that are normally not available in their local city or country.

Turkey, especially in regions such as Istanbul and Ankara, is becoming a highly favoured destination for medical tourism. Hair transplants in Turkey are very popular for a multitude of reasons. The best hair transplants in Turkey are done with meticulous care and by using the latest techniques.

Health Centres – Hair Transplant in Turkey

The Turkish Healthcare Travel Council is a renowned institution, and as the name suggests, it is dedicated to healthcare travel in Turkey. They have created regulatory standards and ethical codes of conduct to be followed across all segments of healthcare, thus ensuring that the hair transplants in Turkey are conducted with utmost care and precautions. Healthcare tourism in Turkey is a billion-dollar industry, making it one of the best destinations for hair transplants.

People from all over the world, including places such as the UK, USA, other European countries, Middle Eastern and Northern African countries, visit Turkey for hair transplantation procedures. People from different backgrounds and cultures arrive to get hair transplants in Turkey and leave after receiving successful treatment and a wonderful vacation as well.

The best hair transplant clinics in Turkey are staffed with highly trained physicians and specialists who have studied the different techniques and procedures. They are knowledgeable about the science that goes into treating hair loss and follow all the standard procedures as prescribed in the regulations. The medical infrastructure in these hair transplant clinics is also well maintained and updated according to the latest developments in technology. EsteNove, located in Istanbul, is one such clinic providing one of the best hair transplants in Turkey.

Checklist to Help You Select a Turkish Hair Transplant Clinic

If you are travelling to get a hair transplant in Turkey, you need to know some important factors before choosing where you want to get the procedure done. Hair transplantations are conducted in most major cities of Turkey. The larger cities tend to have a more advanced infrastructure, and their staff can cater to many patients.

Here are some of the important factors and features to take into account when choosing to receive a hair transplant in Turkey:

  • Make sure that the clinic has all the relevant approvals and health certificates from the Turkish Ministry of Health. The ministry has many stringent procedures and regulations to allocate these certificates, so it is important to choose a clinic that has received them.
  • Ensure that the clinic provides adequate hygienic and sterilised conditions. You may go through their website or brochures to understand their services. Do read reviews on the internet.
  • Similarly, also read up on the procedure and make sure that the clinic you choose has the relevant equipment for the specific type of hair transplant that you are looking for.
  • Additionally, you can also research the doctors who are part of the clinic. You would want to choose someone with sufficient experience and expertise for the hair transplant that you intend to receive.
  • Also, please make sure that the clinic is staffed with emergency response personnel to assist the doctors.
  • Costs are another important factor. Conduct basic research on current industry prices to ensure that you choose a clinic that has optimal charges. Very high or very low prices are not common and must not be chosen.

It is vital to take all these factors into consideration so that you can get the best treatment from a hair transplant clinic in Turkey. As this is a very personal and unique procedure, it is always best that you have plenty of information with you to enable you to make the best decision.

What is Hair Transplantation?

Hair transplantation, baldness, and hair loss of people collected from the neck areas of healthy hair follicles are planted and transplanted to the area where the loss occurs. This procedure is performed with local anesthesia. It is done by specialist doctors in the centers approved by the Ministry of Health.

During hair transplantation, the roots collected from the neck area are selected among the strongest. The percentage of the shedding of these roots is quite low. In this way, healthy roots will be placed in the area with clarity. With medical advances, this operation has gained a low level of risk and reliable quality. The person who will undergo hair transplantation operation in Turkey does not necessarily need to be bald. This operation can be carried out in the region where certain dilution is experienced.

Hair transplantation is performed in surgical rooms sterilized by specialist doctors. Doctors begin processing with high concentration during the operation and end the operation with great care. The error rate needs to be minimized. Although it is generally a reliable surgery, irreversible results can be obtained in some incorrect movements. Therefore, good research should be done when choosing hair transplantation physician. Hair transplantation surgery should not be performed in what is called under stairs. It would be the right move to look at businesses that offer well below the market price with a suspicious eye.

Is Hair Transplantation Reliable in Turkey?

The best health centers providing hair transplantation services in the world are located in our country. Many people from abroad travel to our country in order to receive this service. Hair transplantation services are an important branch that makes up the health tourism sector in our country. Famous artists, footballers, politicians, and people from all walks of life come to our country and choose hair transplantation in Turkey.  

There are some factors that enable Turkey to become a brand in this field. These factors are among the factors that our specialist physicians can read well about their innovative philosophies and developments in medicine. Furthermore, the fact that marketing strategies on a global scale have a good infrastructure is an undeniable achievement. Istanbul, health centers that provide hair transplantation services are of great interest to people.  There are adequate facilities and infrastructure in metropolises such as Ankara, Izmir, and Antalya.

Where to Do Hair Transplantation in Turkey?

Hair transplantation can be done in most other provinces as well as large provinces such as Ankara, Istanbul, and Izmir. Infrastructure adequacy and references are often chosen by large provinces. Details to consider in choosing hair transplantation center:

  • Having approved certificates and qualifications of the Ministry of Health,
  • Providing hygiene conditions and sterilization,
  • Adequate equipment of the operating room,
  • Doctor’s experience,
  • Having emergency response personnel outside of a specialist,

Apart from these details, caution should be taken against health centers that may charge extra fees. Because there is a certain market for the work done. Businesses that offer well below the market should also be rejected. It is necessary to investigate market prices in case of permanent damage.

Who Can be Hair Transplantation in Turkey?

A very common question that people have when they look into hair loss treatment options is – “Am I eligible to receive hair transplants?” This is, indeed, a very valid query. Hair transplantation surgery can be generally done for anyone who is suffering from hair loss problems, regardless of gender.

Usually, a set of routine tests are conducted before the hair transplant surgery to find out what precautions need to be taken. These are some simple blood tests like blood sugar, coagulation tests and also blood pressure tests. It is important to know these results so that the doctors can prepare for the procedure. If you have an underlying condition, please let the doctors know accordingly.

If you are a diabetes patient, you can still receive a hair transplant in Turkey. However, your doctors have to be made aware of it so that they can arrange for the necessary preparations and care.

For cancer patients, hair transplantation is definitely an option to consider. However, it is conducted only after their cancer treatment is completed. There are certain tests that need to be performed to determine if the person is eligible for hair transplant surgery. According to the results, the doctors will decide whether it is possible or not.

Similarly, allergic reactions are also tested before the surgical procedure. The doctors need to know if the solutions used during the surgery cause you any allergies. As per the test results, the doctor will decide whether to perform the surgery and also decide what precautions to take. It is also not advisable to go for a hair transplant in Turkey if you frequently consume steroidal drugs. The hair follicles become weaker because of side effects from steroid substances. As hair transplantation surgery is done by grafting hair follicles from one part of the body to another, it, unfortunately, cannot be conducted for people who do not have any hair follicles at all.

Pay Attention to These When Having a Hair Transplant

Hair transplantation can be applied to anyone with hair loss problems, regardless of male and female. Some tests are applied to patients before surgery. The results of these tests can be operated unless there is any adverse situation.

There is no barrier to hair transplantation for people with diabetes. Specialist physicians should be more careful when simply performing the operation. During the operation, small channels are opened on the scalp, and hair follicles are collected. Minimizing the risk of bleeding will be important.

Cancer patients are in a different place in hair transplantation than others. Hair transplantation can not be performed while cancer treatment continues. Some tests will be performed after the end of treatment. According to the data in the test results, the hair transplantation center will decide whether the surgery can be performed. Hair emanation may not be performed in some patients who may have allergic reactions. Some solutions are used during the operation. Substances in solutions can lead to allergic reactions in patients. Necessary examinations should be performed before surgery and allergic data analysis of the patient should be provided.

Hair transplantation is not recommended for those who are engaged in bodybuilding and use steroid-type chemical drugs. The weakening of the hair follicle may occur due to the side effects of steroids. This operation cannot be applied to any patients who do not currently have a hair follicle. Hair transplantation can be done through hairs found in the person’s body.

Types of Hair Transplant in Turkey

There are different types of hair transplant services available for you. While the most common one is for the hair on your head, eyebrow hair transplant and beard hair transplant are also quite popular.

FUE (Follicular Unit Extraction) is a popularly used hair transplantation method. It involves grafting the hair follicles without using a linear incision during the surgical procedure. It is a safe procedure and is chosen by many people.

DHI (Direct Hair Implantation) is another common technique used for hair transplantation surgery. It minimises the transportation time taken between grafting and implanting. It is chosen by many people and is quite safe.

EsteNove’s clinic conducts these procedures in Turkey. You can learn more details about them on our website.

Do’s and Don’ts Before Hair Transplant in Turkey

To ensure the best results, it is crucial to make a note of some precautions before getting your hair transplant in Turkey. If you are physically active or routinely do sporting activities, you would need to stop these practices a couple of weeks before the surgery. Since sports accelerate the blood flow in your body, it is important to not take part in strenuous activities to minimise the risk of bleeding during the surgery.

  • No smoking or consuming alcohol is allowed for at least two weeks before the surgery. It is highly recommended that you do this to ensure that the procedure is not affected by the negative effects that are associated with smoking or alcohol consumption.
  • Do not consume very spicy food the day and night before your hair transplant surgery. It may interfere with the procedure.
  • Do wash your hair one or two days before the surgery. Wash your hair as you would normally do with shampoo and conditioner. Do not use any additional products.
  • The doctors and specialists consider your health to be their main priority. Please share your medical history, medication details, and any concerns with them so that preparations for your hair transplant in Turkey can be carefully planned as per your needs.drawing before hair transplant

What to Do Before Hair Transplantation Operation?

People who want to remove hair should pay attention to certain conditions before a certain period of time before entering surgery. Regular sportspeople should stop activities a week before surgery. Given that the sport accelerates blood flow in the body, during the operation, a large amount of blood will appear from the canals that open to the neck area. In order to minimize the risk of bleeding, it will be important to suspend sports activities for a while.

It is the opinion of experts to leave smoking and alcohol use for a week. Both habits have a negative effect on blood circulation. Another view reported by experts is that there should be no sexual intercourse a week before the operation. If he’s using blood diluent drugs, it should be stopped.

Some tests should be put into practice before hair transplantation. Blood values will be determined and analyzed in these tests. If the result of the tests does not indicate the desired point, hair transplantation operation may not be performed. Specialist physicians’ priority is the health of the person.

Can Hair Transplantation Be Done From Body Hair?

The priority for hair transplantation is in the hair follicle in the neck area. If there are not enough roots in the neck area, analysis of hair follicles in other regions can be done. Various surgeries can be performed using beard, leg, and chest hair follicles. However, the structure of body hair is different from the hair. Prolongation times are limited; after a certain period of time, they stop prolonging. Therefore, this method is not recommended for people who would prefer long hair.

During and After Your Hair Transplant in Turkey

Hair transplantation surgery lasts for around eight hours on average. The surgeons will perform all the aftercare medical procedures that are needed for you. Like any surgery, you will most likely feel a bit sore and perhaps even minor pain after the hair transplantation. The doctor will recommend medication for the pain. Consume the medicines as prescribed. You will have to make further appointments to change or remove the bandage and dressing. Listen to your doctor accordingly. Smoking and alcohol consumption must be stopped for a short period. Ask your doctor when you can continue with such activities and also any other sporting or physical activities.

Like with any other medical treatment, follow the doctor’s advice and communicate any information or concerns that you might have. Resolve all your queries to ensure that you are in a good state of mind before and after the hair transplant in Turkey. 

What Should be Considered After Hair Transplantation?

The end time of hair transplantation surgery is approximately eight hours. This time may last according to certain conditions. The next day, the patient should come back to the medical center and have a dressing. After dressing, the bandage will be replaced. On the second day, the dressing will be done again, but the bandage glands will be removed. With the third day, the information that the head can be washed is shared with the patient. In the next process, the patient should pay attention to:

  • The danger of infection should be taken into account.
  • Smoking and alcohol use should be restricted as much as possible.
  • The medicines given by the doctor should be used completely.
  • No sexual intercourse should be entered for a while.
  • Sports and exercise movements should be interrupted.
  • Drugs that can accelerate blood flow should not be used.
  • The head area should be prevented from being hit.
  • The hair transplantation area should not itch by hand.
  • Formed shells should never be removed.
  • Head area should be protected against effects such as wind, rain, sun.
  • Natural supplements that can improve hair health should be used.

As long as hair transplantation patients in Turkey pay attention to these details, it will become possible for their hair to grow and get a good look.

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