Hair Transplantation in Turkey, Hair loss, which is considered a common problem of many people today, can occur in both male and female individuals. After the hair begins to fall out, one’s self-confidence is declining, and some problems arise in social life.

Since hair plays a decisive role in the appearance of a person, it is quite possible that people with hair loss will experience psychological problems. With the loss of hair, the person may look older than he is. It is possible to reverse this negative situation, which directly affects social life. Thanks to the businesses that provide hair transplantation services in Turkey, people’s hair can grow louder than before.

What is Hair Transplantation?

Hair transplantation, baldness, and hair loss of people collected from the neck areas of healthy hair follicles are planted and transplanted to the area where the loss occurs. This procedure is performed with local anesthesia. It is done by specialist doctors in the centers approved by the Ministry of Health.

During hair transplantation, the roots collected from the neck area are selected among the strongest. The percentage of the shedding of these roots is quite low. In this way, healthy roots will be placed in the area with clarity. With medical advances, this operation has gained a low level of risk and reliable quality. The person who will undergo hair transplantation operation in Turkey does not necessarily need to be bald. This operation can be carried out in the region where certain dilution is experienced.

Hair transplantation is performed in surgical rooms sterilized by specialist doctors. Doctors begin processing with high concentration during the operation and end the operation with great care. The error rate needs to be minimized. Although it is generally a reliable surgery, irreversible results can be obtained in some incorrect movements. Therefore, good research should be done when choosing hair transplantation physician. Hair transplantation surgery should not be performed in what is called under stairs. It would be the right move to look at businesses that offer well below the market price with a suspicious eye.

Is Hair Transplantation Reliable in Turkey?

The best health centers providing hair transplantation services in the world are located in our country. Many people from abroad travel to our country in order to receive this service. Hair transplantation services are an important branch that makes up the health tourism sector in our country. Famous artists, footballers, politicians, and people from all walks of life come to our country and choose hair transplantation in Turkey.  

There are some factors that enable Turkey to become a brand in this field. These factors are among the factors that our specialist physicians can read well about their innovative philosophies and developments in medicine. Furthermore, the fact that marketing strategies on a global scale have a good infrastructure is an undeniable achievement. Istanbul, health centers that provide hair transplantation services are of great interest to people.  There are adequate facilities and infrastructure in metropolises such as Ankara, Izmir, and Antalya.

Where to Do Hair Transplantation in Turkey?

Hair transplantation can be done in most other provinces as well as large provinces such as Ankara, Istanbul, and Izmir. Infrastructure adequacy and references are often chosen by large provinces. Details to consider in choosing hair transplantation center:

  • Having approved certificates and qualifications of the Ministry of Health,
  • Providing hygiene conditions and sterilization,
  • Adequate equipment of the operating room,
  • Doctor’s experience,
  • Having emergency response personnel outside of a specialist,

Apart from these details, caution should be taken against health centers that may charge extra fees. Because there is a certain market for the work done. Businesses that offer well below the market should also be rejected. It is necessary to investigate market prices in case of permanent damage.

Who Can be Hair Transplantation in Turkey?

Hair transplantation can be applied to anyone with hair loss problems, regardless of male and female. Some tests are applied to patients before surgery. The results of these tests can be operated unless there is any adverse situation.

There is no barrier to hair transplantation for people with diabetes. Specialist physicians should be more careful when simply performing the operation. During the operation, small channels are opened on the scalp, and hair follicles are collected. Minimizing the risk of bleeding will be important.

Cancer patients are in a different place in hair transplantation than others. Hair transplantation can not be performed while cancer treatment continues. Some tests will be performed after the end of treatment. According to the data in the test results, the hair transplantation center will decide whether the surgery can be performed. Hair emanation may not be performed in some patients who may have allergic reactions. Some solutions are used during the operation. Substances in solutions can lead to allergic reactions in patients. Necessary examinations should be performed before surgery and allergic data analysis of the patient should be provided.

Hair transplantation is not recommended for those who are engaged in bodybuilding and use steroid-type chemical drugs. The weakening of the hair follicle may occur due to the side effects of steroids. This operation cannot be applied to any patients who do not currently have a hair follicle. Hair transplantation can be done through hairs found in the person’s body.

What to Do Before Hair Transplantation Operation?

People who want to remove hair should pay attention to certain conditions before a certain period of time before entering surgery. Regular sportspeople should stop activities a week before surgery. Given that the sport accelerates blood flow in the body, during the operation, a large amount of blood will appear from the canals that open to the neck area. In order to minimize the risk of bleeding, it will be important to suspend sports activities for a while.

It is the opinion of experts to leave smoking and alcohol use for a week. Both habits have a negative effect on blood circulation. Another view reported by experts is that there should be no sexual intercourse a week before the operation. If he’s using blood diluent drugs, it should be stopped.

Some tests should be put into practice before hair transplantation. Blood values will be determined and analyzed in these tests. If the result of the tests does not indicate the desired point, hair transplantation operation may not be performed. Specialist physicians’ priority is the health of the person.

Can Hair Transplantation Be Done From Body Hair?

The priority for hair transplantation is in the hair follicle in the neck area. If there are not enough roots in the neck area, analysis of hair follicles in other regions can be done. Various surgeries can be performed using beard, leg, and chest hair follicles. However, the structure of body hair is different from the hair. Prolongation times are limited; after a certain period of time, they stop prolonging. Therefore, this method is not recommended for people who would prefer long hair.

What Should be Considered After Hair Transplantation?

The end time of hair transplantation surgery is approximately eight hours. This time may last according to certain conditions. After the end of the operation, the area where the hair is planted is covered with bandage glands. The next day, the patient should come back to the medical center and have a dressing. After dressing, the bandage will be replaced. On the second day, the dressing will be done again, but the bandage glands will be removed. With the third day, the information that the head can be washed is shared with the patient. In the next process, the patient should pay attention to:

  • The danger of infection should be taken into account.
  • Smoking and alcohol use should be restricted as much as possible.
  • The medicines given by the doctor should be used completely.
  • No sexual intercourse should be entered for a while.
  • Sports and exercise movements should be interrupted.
  • Drugs that can accelerate blood flow should not be used.
  • The head area should be prevented from being hit.
  • The hair transplantation area should not itch by hand.
  • Formed shells should never be removed.
  • Head area should be protected against effects such as wind, rain, sun.
  • Natural supplements that can improve hair health should be used.

As long as hair transplantation patients in Turkey pay attention to these details, it will become possible for their hair to grow and get a good look.