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Hair Transplantation and Ethnic Differences

By 13/09/2020February 6th, 2022No Comments6 min read
Hair Transplantation and Ethnic Differences

Hair Transplantation and Ethnic Differences, Today, with the expansion and significant development of the health sector, hair transplantation operations are also quite easy compared to the old one. Hair transplantation is a personalized application. In this process, one’s hair structure, hair loss, hair loss shape, and the quality of hair in the area that will be a donor are among the most important factors affecting the success of the operation.

It is often not possible to achieve natural results with a standard design. Therefore, a personalized hair design should be created and hair transplantation should be done in accordance with this design. Ethnic differences are one of the most decisive characteristics in the diagnosis of hair loss, all stages of hair transplantation, and the results of hair transplantation. According to the results of a study on people who have been studying hair transplantation all over the world, some types of hair loss are much more common in some ethnic groups than others.     

Hair Habits Determine Hair Type

Your habits, such as scanning your hair, the way you tie, and your habits directly affect your hair type. For example, hair loss, which occurs on the sides and front parts of the hair due to the very tight binding and knitting of hair, is much more common in women of African and American origin than others.

Hair knitting tightly and thinly from childhood is a traditional hair for American and African women. As mentioned, hair types vary according to ethnicity. Therefore, it is not the right approach to applying the same hair transplantation process to people of all races. Hair transplantation is very important to determine according to the type of hair of the person.

Hair loss can be shed over time due to tight braids, intensive post work use, and the use of conditioner. When hair loss begins, hair strands and scalp are damaged, the hair may not grow again.

Every Race Makes Its Own Hair Transplantation

Ethnic differences have a big impact on hair and beard transplantation of individuals. For example, one of the most preferred things for people coming to Turkey from Arab countries is the cultivation of mustaches and beards. Because having a bushy beard and mustache is considered one of the symbols that represent masculinity and power in the Middle East. On the other hand, when we look at Europeans, we can see that they prefer a natural look in hair and beard rather than Arabs who prefer sharp lines. 

Although there are many hair types according to various sources, there are 3 types of hair types in medical terms. Hair is usually examined in 3 main ethnic groups: white (Caucasian), Black (Africa), and Yellow (Asia). The protein and chemical structures of the hair are the same in all three groups, they do not differ. These groups differ slightly from each other in terms of hair density, hair growth patterns, and hair strands.

These differences are as follows; Asians

  • Fastest hair growth pattern, medium hair density Africans
  • Slowest hair growth pattern, lowest hair density Caucasus
  • Moderate hair growth pattern and highest hair density

Based on the information we give above, we can say that each race has disadvantages and advantages of hair type. For example, Asians have the fastest growing race in hair with a hair extension of approximately 15.3 cm, while their hair densities are lower than the Caucasians. The most important factor determining the conformity of hair transplantation for people who want to remove hair is the density of hair in the area where the hair will be taken, the donor region. There are 2 main factors that form hair density.

One is the number of follicular units that fall per square meter on the scalp, while the other factor is the diameter of the hair. When we look at the hair types of the race, we can see that there are some general characteristics of time. Asian hair types are usually made up of flat and round cross-sections, while the flat and caucasian hair types of African origin are oval. The density of hair follicles is a characteristic due to ethnishes.

When we look at hair types, Asian hair consists of single and binary groups, while Africans have grafts that have triple hair. On the other hand, the hair grafts of people of Caucasian origin contain three and four hair strands. People of African descent appear very intense despite having thin hair, which is mainly due to curly hair type. The epidermis layers that surround the hair follicle of Africans are much thicker than in other races. This can cause damage to the hair follicles and breakout during the intake of grafts.

Another possible problem is the danger of developing keloids due to wounds during the healing process after hair transplantation.

In hair transplantation, minor wounds occur on the scalp. The body begins to produce more cells to complete tissue repair, resulting in a number of abnormal wounds. This is most common in Africans. However, whatever happens, hair transplantation is very likely to be successful if done by an accurate team and a successful expert.

Hair transplantation for Africans and Arabs with curly hair is a much more detailed and technical procedure than what is done to a person with flat hair. When we look at Asians, the number of hair per square centimeter, i.e. hair density is much, much less than Arabs and Africans. However, the hair thickness is very large, so her hair appears voluminous and intense.

Because of this characteristic of their hair, just like Africans, they have the advantage of having much more dense hair with less graft. Asians with hair loss problems, the donor regions where the purchase for hair transplantation will be much narrower, especially compared to those of the Caucasus. In such a case, if the amount of hair in the donor area is not sufficient, supplements can be made from the chest hairs and beards. Does Hair Color Affect The Density of Hair?

Yes, we can answer that question as an influence. So how does hair color affect hair density? On average, the group with the highest hair density with 146,000,000 hair strands are blondes. When we look at the lowest hair density, redheads come across with an average of 86,000. When we compare Africans and Asians, the breed that suffers the most hair loss is Caucasians. In addition, the problem of male hair loss is also the most common problem seen in the Caucasus.

Which Race Is The Most Advantageous in Hair Transplantation?

People of Caucasian origin need more hair grafts to get a more intense appearance in hair transplantation than in Africa and Asians. At the same time, the scalp they have is much more flexible than Asian sands and Africans. The length of the hair follicles of Caucasians is also much shorter than Asians, especially those with a very long hair follicle. Thanks to this feature, the grafts of people of Caucasian origin are collected more comfortably. At the same time, the risk of transsection and the likelihood of permanent damage to hair follicles are much lower than in other races. For these reasons, we can safely say that the race that is in the most advantageous position in hair transplantation is Caucasians. In addition to all these advantages, many different hair transplantation techniques can be easily applied to people of Caucasian origin.

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