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Hair Transplant without Shaving Your Head: Is It Possible

By 14/09/2020February 6th, 2022No Comments5 min read
Hair Transplant without Shaving Your Head: Is It Possible

Hair Transplant without Shaving Your Head: Is It Possible? The answer is yes, it is possible to perform FUE hair transplant without shaving, but still, the answer depends on individuals and different circumstances. If only a small area is to be treated, the surgeons might be able to carry out the surgery without shaving the donor or the recipient areas of your head. However, this might cause the process to be more challenging, so it is usually done by shaving these areas.

What are the benefits of shaving your head before a FUE hair transplant?

Although it is possible to undergo a FUE hair transplant without shaving your head, there are some benefits that shaving the donor and recipient areas provide. For example, shaving these areas gives the surgeons a better view on the places they will work on. This will also make your procedure to be simpler and faster and you will spend less time in surgery. With shaving, there will be no risk of grafts becoming tangled during the procedure.

A shaved head is easier to keep clean during the recovery time after the surgery; you will be able to apply the aftercare spray during the first days of recovery. In addition, the risk of dislodging of the grafts is reduced since there is no hair surrounding the newly implanted grafts and sticking to them.

What Unshaven FUE Hair Transplant?

There is some confusion over what non-shaven FUE actually means and how it is carried out. In some situations, it means that the donor area of the head is shaved completely but the recipient area is not. In some other situations, it implies that the area of the donor scalp is shaved and covered with surrounding hair after that. Also, it may imply that neither the donor nor the recipient area is shaved.

These methods are usually used in cases where only a small area of hair loss is being treated, because non-shaven FUE is a complicated and time consuming procedure. Also, keep in mind that this method will not be suitable for everyone.

Also known as U-FUE, which stands for Undetectable or Unshaven FUE, is a method that helps restore hair in patients who suffer from balding or thinning hair. Since it is a complicated and time consuming procedure, it is performed by highly skilled surgeons in top restoration clinics.

Other than that, the procedure is very similar to the normal FUE hair transplant. Hair follicles are extracted from the donor area and after that the strands are cut leaving only the roots and these roots are implanted onto the donor area. Then, grafts are blended into the thinning or balding area in order to achieve a natural look.

There are two methods to this procedure. One is Partially Shaved Hair Transplant, which involves shaving only a small part of the donor area, and the other is Complete Unshaved Hair Transplant.

Partially Shaved Hair Transplant

As mentioned before, a small part of hair is shaved and then concealed with surrounding hair. The term “unshaved” is to imply that only a small area is shaved in the donor site but will remain “undetectable”. Patients who have longer hair that require approximately 2800 grafts in order to perform the hair transplant can be suitable for this procedure.

This method is also called linear shaving, in which done by taking hair follicles in small lines or a small square shape in a way that enables surrounding hair to cover and easily conceal the shaved part. In order to cover this part easily, your surgeon may suggest that you grow your hair slightly longer before the hair transplant procedure.

By this means, patients are able to maintain the style and length of their hair during and after the procedure. They will be able to return to their daily routines without revealing they have had a procedure, the scabs or any other indicator in the donor area will not be visible. Also, since the number of grafts that are transplanted are fewer, their recovery time will be shorter.

Disadvantages of this procedure may include a higher cost than other methods. The treatment will require multiple sessions and last longer since there must be 6 month gaps between two sessions. Also, this method can only be carried out with patients who have long hair.

Complete Unshaved Hair Transplant

In this method of complete unshaved hair transplant procedure, shaving the donor area in order to extract follicles is totally eliminated. During the extraction process, a round tipped rotary punch is used in order to score around the hair follicle. This device rotates a full repetitive 360 degree cycle and separates it from all tissue attachments.

After these follicular units are extracted the strands of hair are cut down to the root and then grafts are transplanted one by one onto the balding or thinning areas of the scalp. As the case with other hair transplant procedures, the patient may experience shock loss, which is a temporary shedding of transplanted hair, in the first weeks following the procedure.

So what are the benefits of this method? After the procedure, post-operative scabs and crusts will not be visible. Also, recovery time will be shorter, since the grafts that are transplanted are fewer.

But, this is a method that is labor intensive and meticulous and it requires training experience and skills. So, you need to be careful choosing your doctor in order to avoid unwanted outcomes. It also takes more time compared to other methods of hair transplant, since only a limited number of grafts are transplanted per session. The method is slightly more expensive, too.

It is important that the patients are aware of the processes of these procedures and take consultation from a professional to determine if they are a good candidate for the procedure. This decision is made during the planning stage before a hair transplant procedure after the patient is examined by the doctors.