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Hair Transplant Turkey Clinic Center

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Hair Transplant Turkey Clinic Center

Hair Transplant Turkey Clinic Center Hair transplant Turkey is a revolutionary hair restoration technique that can completely transform the appearance of thinning hair. The principle is simple: it involves taking hair from an area where it grows continuously to reimplant it in a bald spot. Its purpose is to allow hair to be found where the patient wishes by moving part of their hair.

There are several types of hair transplants:
The FUE technique (Follicular Unit Extraction): the most practiced nowadays, it allows the removal of follicular units one by one without leaving a scar on the neck and is suitable for reduced baldness.
The FUT method (Follicular Unit Transplant) or the strip technique: rarer, it consists of collecting the hair implants of a scalp strip usually removed from the back of the head and divided into tiny grafts be by the following transplanted into the recipient area.
This intervention is almost painless. It is a part of scalp skin taken from the head’s back (occipital and retro auricular area up to a maximum height of 10 cm).

Hair transplant indications

Hair transplantation is indicated for men (or women) who want to drastically remedy their hair loss and fill in the bald areas of their scalp. The most common method is FUE hair transplant Turkey.
Before moving on to our tips for understanding how to choose your hair transplant clinic, a little reminder is in order. Especially given the multitude of offers posted on the internet.
How not make a mistake when choosing a clinic and a medical team for the execution of your follicular transplant? First of all, you should bare in mind that hair transplantation is a strictly medical act to be performed by a dermatologist. Or by a cosmetic surgeon or even a non-specialist doctor accustomed to this type of intervention. As such, the National Council of the Order of Physicians quickly provides all the information on a practitioner’s qualifications.

Select your hair transplant clinic

It is advisable to contact several practitioners to obtain several opinions. It is preferable to obtain an estimate drawn up by the doctor who will operate in absolute terms. To get a more precise idea of ​​a practitioner’s experience, do not hesitate to ask for photos of patients he has already transplanted. You can also be accompanied during the operation by a relative or a member of your family. If the practitioner refuses, don’t waste your time. Because a doctor who performs a transplant logically has nothing to hide

Tips for choosing the right hair transplant clinic

Here are our tips to understand how to choose your hair transplant Turkey clinic. While also comparing the different proposals, and benefit from the best final aesthetic result, and at the fairest price :

Choosing a good clinic

Because a hair implant transplant is an intervention requiring a well-trained medical team, it is best to only select clinics specializing in follicular transplantation. To be sure that the medical team will devote all the time necessary. Indeed, the risk of lighter care is less than with a cosmetic surgery clinic offering many acts of aesthetic medicine. The medical team’s size that will perform the hair transplant gives reasonable indications as to the chances of success. But also the seriousness of the clinic. It is estimated that it takes between eight to 10 people to perform a hair transplant in right conditions. Also, for a hair implant in Turkey, it is necessary to have sufficient information to choose the best clinic.

Check practitioner skills

Remember to check the surgeon or practitioner’s skills, especially with the council of the medical order. Indeed, the surgeon who will perform the hair transplant must be a specialist in follicular micro transplantation techniques. Collect all the information necessary for the best choice. Call for a video conference with SKYPE if you cannot come to the hair transplant clinic for a personalized consultation. Then ask for a personal evaluation without obligation and from photos.

Avoid obsolete clinics

The layout of the clinic and the location of the intervention rooms in the same building as that of the consultation offices is an excellent way to judge the service’s quality. Avoid entrusting a job that requires so much know-how and continuous training to obsolete clinics because the techniques of micro follicular grafts have nothing to do nowadays, with the coarse hair transplants of the 90s aspect ” field of leeks. ” In fact, more and more surgeons are outsourcing the medical act to hospitals or private general clinics. It is therefore essential to choose your hair transplant clinic in Turkey.

Analyze the quote carefully.

Hair Transplant Turkey Clinic Center Before committing, take the time to read the hair transplant Turkey quote carefully in order to find out what is included in the price. The section must state the number of follicular units needed, not just the number of hairs. We must also take a step back and impose a withdrawal period. Never engage without thinking. The same goes for the operative report. This will allow you to check that the intervention carried out complies with the estimates and corresponds to your expectations.

Learn about the techniques used by the clinic

For a perfect FUE hair transplant, with minimal loss of grafts, the best clinics use micro punches with a diameter of 0.7mm, or 0.8mm, or 0.9mm. They are sorting of follicular families using stereoscopic binocular microscopes. Find out if the clinic you have chosen uses this technique both for sorting the grafts and for their integration, which is also in use utilizing binocular magnifying glasses.

Watch out for scams

Beware of clinics offering promotions, especially after the first visit, and you get a call back by a salesperson who is a little too insistent. Unfortunately, there are many scams in the hair transplant business. Even apparently serious clinics try to deceive their clients. They offer them a long and expensive treatment before and after the hair transplant Turkey The only 2 treatments, which have been shown to be effective, are “PROPECIA ” and “MINOXIDIL. ” The classic argument is the preparation of the scalp, and after the treatment, its stimulation in order to promote new hair cycles. Hair Transplant Turkey Clinic Center