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Hair Transplant Turkey Before and After

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Hair Transplant Turkey Before and After

Hair Transplant Turkey Before and After People give great importance to their hair. Because it looks like natural makeup, you can add beauty to your look with your hairstyle. Because of this, people prefer hair transplant operations. People who want to have a hair transplant should not apply to this procedure without knowing what to pay attention to before and after. If you have problems like baldness, hair transplantation is one of the best solutions for this. Hair transplant turkey is a preferred option. Although there are issues of concern, hair transplantation procedures can give very natural results.

There are essential points that you should pay attention to before hair transplantation. Besides, there are some things to be aware of after hair transplantation. Before moving on to these, we can explain the hair transplantation process for people who want to learn about hair transplantation.

What is Hair Transplant Turkey?

Hair loss, which is the cause of development due to the male hormone, is also one of women’s frequent problems. Hair transplantation is hair follicles taken from the nape of people with hair loss and baldness are transferred to the problem area. The roots to be transplanted in hair transplantation are selected among healthy and strong sources that are not likely to be shed.

Hair transplant turkey is quite popular among hair transplant operations. It is also a safe method that can be applied by people who experience lightening and thinning due to hair loss. In other words, the person who will have a hair transplant does not need to be completely bald. doctors perform the hair transplant operation in the operating room environment together with specialist physicians and their teams. Since it requires high precision and meticulousness, you should be very careful when choosing your doctor and clinic.

The number of applications supported by local anaesthesia in hair transplantation is increasing day by day. After these operations, which will last between 3 and 5 hours, you can continue your daily life where you left off and get a natural look. This problem is more common in men, but studies show that the risk of hair loss decreases after the age of 40.

Along with genetic factors, stress and external factors are among the most important causes of hair transplant. After the experts learn the necessary information about the patient’s hair, the hair transplant process starts quickly with the correct application treatment. The hair transplant turkey process has several requirements.

How is the Hair Transplant Turkey process works?

Before the hair transplant turkey process, doctors do a preliminary interview and examinations with the patient. During this meeting, doctors do the patient’s hair analysis and some blood tests. As a result, the patient is eligible for surgery or not. While performing the hair transplantation procedure, first, the front hairline of the patient is drawn, and then some drawings are made showing how many grafts will transfer to which area and how many grafts need from which area. After these determinations, the doctor applies local anaesthesia to the patient. Grafts are taken one by one and set out on a particular plane. Doctors take hair from the nape area. If there are not adequate donors in the nape area, doctors check if there are grafts with donor features in the beard, chest, and leg area. However, the structure of the hair in these areas differs according to the hair strands.

Patients have more hopes, especially with the recent increase in hair transplantation methods. In addition to successful results, if you want natural and healthy hair, you can make meetings with your doctor in a short time and take steps for examinations. It would be wrong to say that every patient with a hair loss problem can benefit from this treatment. One of the most critical factors here is to reach the living hair follicles in the human body. If there is no area or structuring in your body that meets this, unfortunately, hair transplantation treatment will not be successful. For repairing the hair loss area, doctors collect hairs from the person’s own body, which is usually the hair follicles in the neck area, which is the most efficient donor area. That is how the hair transplant turkey process works.

What to Do Before and After Hair Transplant Turkey Operation?

There are several things you need to do before hair transplant Turkey. Patients should stop the use of drugs with blood thinners or anticoagulant properties. Since some alcohols have blood-thinning effects, doctors don’t recommend drinks. Patients should quit smoking one week before. Before and after hair transplantation, patients should not drink caffeine and smoke nicotine for a while. Hair transplant turkey operation is a type of process that does not require you to stay in the hospital. After the operation, the patient is free to return his home or hotel to rest. You should not drive until 6 hours after the hair transplant procedure. The first 48 hours after the system; is the most critical process. During this period, the patient should avoid any contact with the transplanted area. Experts should wash patients’ hair after two days, which is extremely important for adapting hair follicles transplanted to their new sites.

Approximately three weeks after the hair transplant turkey operation, 80% of the patients who underwent hair transplantation lose all or part of their transplanted hair. This situation is common and always temporary. After the hair falls out, it will take 3-6 months for the hair to regrow. However, it takes its most beautiful form within one year after the transplanted hair’s adaptation process is completed. You can calculate that your hair will grow approximately 1 cm each month.

After the hair transplant, take the recommended medications regularly. Stay away from driving and activities that require attention within 6 hours after hair transplantation. For three days after hair transplantation; Avoid stress, excessive excitement, sports, sexual intercourse, alcohol, and cigarette consumption. Before the operation, doctors wash patients’ hair before and after the process, and Patients should visit the clinic. Experts recommend using natural shampoos rather than shampoos with chemical content here.