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Hair Transplant Surgery With Fue Method

By 09/10/2020February 6th, 2022No Comments5 min read
Hair Transplant Surgery With Fue Method

Hair Transplant Surgery With Fue Method The loss of 100 strands of hair per day is considered normal. A solution must be found for hair loss above this. In hair loss above this rate, if thinning or openness occurs in the hairy area, it can be said that these people have hair loss problems. To better determine this, a hair pull test can be done. In this test, 20-30 hairs are pulled. Meanwhile, if the number of palpable hair is over 5, it can be said that hair loss is intense. There are many reasons for hair loss. We will talk about some of them.


Almost one in 10 women between the ages of 20 and 49 may experience hair loss due to iron deficiency due to anemia. Your doctor will need to do a blood test to diagnose anemia.

What to do: A simple iron supplement is enough to fix the problem. Besides hair loss, other symptoms of anemia include fatigue, headache, dizziness, pale skin, cold hands, and feet.


Hypothyroidism is a medical term used when the thyroid gland does not work. This small gland on the neck can cause the risk of hair loss in cases where the metabolism does not secrete enough hormones as well as the secretion of hormones that provide growth and development. Your doctor may do a number of tests to determine the true cause.

What to do: Using medication to treat thyroid can solve the problem. Returning thyroid levels to normal

Vitamin B Deficiency

Although relatively rare in the USA, low vitamin B levels are another fixable cause of hair loss.

What to do: Simple supplements like anemia can help treat the problem. You can try different diets. It contains the natural B vitamin in fish, meat, starchy vegetables, and non-sour fruits. As always, eating plenty of fruits and vegetables, a balanced diet, as well as good fats such as lean protein, avocados, and nuts, are also very good for your overall health

The most permanent solution for hair loss due to the reasons we mentioned above is hair transplantation. And one of the most widely used methods in hair transplantation is the FUE method.

FUE Method in Hair Transplant

          In this method applied since 2004; Hair follicles from the donor area are taken one by one and made ready for transplantation. It is done without any surgical procedure. The roots are taken one by one with the 0.7-1 mm micromotor tips from the back of the hair and planted in a sparse or open area. An average of 2,500-3,500 hair grafts can be transplanted in the open area. No stitches are required.

Hair Transplant Surgery With Fue Method

In FUE hair transplant operations, determining the root density per cm² to be applied to the transplant area is important for the success of the operation. This method is mostly preferred for the comfort of the person. The FUE technique is also preferred by estethica because it does not leave visible traces in the non-surgical method or donor area. It is a painless procedure since it is performed under local anesthesia. This process, which should be done in the hospital and operating room conditions, takes an average of 5 hours.

Return to Normal Life After FUE Hair Transplantation

One day rest is recommended after FUE, and the next day the patient can go to work. Transplanted hair grows from the 3rd month, and it takes an average of 9 months for the whole to grow. Nowadays, many hair transplant specialists prefer the motorized system to save time. Thanks to the Fue Engine, grafts can be taken at more frequent intervals, and when the same amount of field scanning is compared, more grafts can be removed from the field taken with the motor.

Another advantage of the Fue Motor is that the rate of breaking down grafts with multiple roots, ie 2-3 and 4 roots, is less, in other words, the success of the follicular unit to preserve its integrity is higher. For these reasons, it can be said that hair transplantation has turned into a more comfortable operation thanks to the Fue Engine.

FUE Hair Transplant Advantages

  • The FUE method is the last technique used since 2004.
  • It is a much more comfortable operation for both the patient and the physician compared to the old method.
  • Since it is a technique that is open to technological developments, it benefits more from the blessings of technology every day.
  • Thanks to the motor and tips used, the operation time is much shorter than FUT.

Since no incision is made, the patient is much more likely to be convinced and to feel comfortable during the operation.

  • There is no need to spend extra time for separating the roots.
  • Since there are no stitches, only 3 days of dressing is sufficient in the FUE technique instead of dressing times of about 15 days.

2500-3000 grafts (average 6000-6500 hair strands) can be transplanted in a single session.

  • Unlike the FUT technique, FUE leaves no traces.
  • FUE is available for multiple sessions and multiple grafts.
  • In FUE, 85% of patients are covered with a single session. A second session may be required for a patient group of only 15%.
  • Operation time is shorter in FUE (average 5 hours). No extra time is required for the separation of the grafts.
  • They are the roots taken in the FUE technique, which are clean and free of residues, so it is possible to open smaller channels. In this way, there will be no traces in the planting area.
  • The patient is discharged with a casual hat without a bandage on his head.
  • The patient is able to do office work the next day.
  • It is possible for the patient to return to work immediately after the first wash (approximately 36 hours later). This time is much longer in the FUT technique.
  • The FUE method, which was preferred by very few physicians at first, has become very common among physicians today and has shown that it is a more reliable method.Hair Transplant Surgery With Fue Method
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