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Hair Transplant Repair Turkey

By 15/02/2021February 6th, 2022No Comments6 min read
Hair Transplant Repair Turkey

Hair Transplant Repair Turkey A thick head of hair is a matter of pride not only for women but for men, to whom early fasting looked with great envy. This is not surprising since the light “clearing” on the head with sparse plants is unlikely to be a decoration, attracting the attention of the opposite sex.

Extremely acute hair loss problem at an early age, when everyone wants to be attractive and loved but can be proud of good hair is not everyone. Liquid hairs – that’s half the problem, the solution of which is very easily accessible drugs and alternative methods. But alopecia (baldness) resists such therapy is one of the more complicated,

We notice that individuals treat the problem of alopecia differently. To a more significant or lesser extent, of course, everyone who encounters the appearance of bald spots on their heads suffers. But hair transplant Turkey solve the problem in different ways. One tries to cover the external defect with internal characteristics. While the other stop is noticing this deficiency, admiring the beauty of the human soul.

Others change the image, starting with the procedure with a hairstyle. Which allows hiding the lack of hair on the front part of the head and crown. For the time being, it works a lot. Women are more successfully hiding, throwing their hair to one side, and men with long hair. Unfortunately, this method did not help at all for a long time. And eventually had to find other ways to solve the problem if it prevents a person from feeling full and trust.

Hints for the procedure

Hormonal disorders are one of the internal factors that can cause the hair follicles to move to a sleeping state when they stop producing new hair only. Other factors can lead to frequent stressful situations, severe stress, depression. Long-term drug use, chronic infections, intense course of chronic pathologies, deficient states, strict diets, where the body does not receive the necessary vitamins and minerals (sometimes struggling beauty can result in problems for the head). External causes, drowsiness acting on the hair follicles, can be in use as a powder or their consequences and adverse environmental conditions.

There is another variant of diffuse alopecia in which the foremost external cause (anagen form). Toxic substances increase background radiation, chemotherapy and radiation sessions, head trauma with skin damage.
In this case, the bulbs do not have time to fall asleep under the influence of harmful factors. And hair loss is seen in part growth. In the case of trauma, subsequent hair growth prevents scar tissue formation (cicatricial alopecia).

In principle, the preparation begins with the reception of the patient physician-trichologist. Who, if necessary, appoints operations and offers the most effective way of their implementation. Depending on the diagnosis and the patients’ features. Also, consulting a plastic surgeon who will perform the hair transplant Turkey surgery, the operation is stipulated area, change zone transplantation and donation, the number of phases of surgery (and usually 2-3 stages between about six months), and the date of the first procedure.
The specialist will also tell you how to properly prepare for the upcoming course. Considering that the preparation period can be in ihibition up to 2 weeks.

The longest, perhaps, is that people who have addiction to cigarettes need to be prepared. Doctors understand that giving up smoking for a certain period is a low price for beauty and health. But it is necessary to suffer not more or less, but two weeks. But such a “victim” is conformable by a person’s readiness to address the problem of baldness radically.

Quitting smoking before any of the hair transplant Turkey procedures is necessary. Because nicotine increases the likelihood of complications during surgery. It also has a bad influence on hair and tissue repair’s survival in the postoperative period.

Easier for wine fans. Completely abandon the favorite drinks they need one week before the upcoming operation. That is the time of which is set in advance.

Causes of hairloss
What else can cause hair loss? Harmful customs (this can be seen in smokers and enthusiastic fans of alcoholic beverages), skin diseases, improper hair care, and sometimes even immunity in decline.

In most cases, diffuse alopecia treatment reduces the isolation of a negative factor that complicates hair loss. Sometimes, medication and physiotherapy treatment require a diet high in essential vitamins (vitamins B, C, A, PP) and minerals (emphasis on zinc) and receiving vitamin-mineral complexes.

And even such treatment does not always give good results, and baldness continues to improve. In this case, doctors often offer such a radical procedure as a hair transplant. And the choice of methods for performing the transfer is left to the patient.

Among the disadvantages of hair transplantation

The procedure has a cosmetic rather than a healing effect. If you trigger hair loss by some disturbances in the body, it is wiser to address their treatment rather than masking the problem by shifting the cover for the head from one place to another. It makes sense to avoid side effects from other forms of treatment and not instead of therapy with transplantation.

Results after the procedure
How much does a hair transplant Turkey cost on average? The hair transplant procedure’s total cost depends on the number of transplanted grafts or follicular associations. You can find prices, not for the whole operation but one graft or FU (follicular unit).

On average, if you make the dollar at 27, 6, the average value of a transplanted graft will change within 3-4 dollars. However, clinics where the cost of graft will be lower ($ 1.5-2) or higher (up to $ 7 per graft).

But we must understand that 1000-2000 grafts is decent to look at changes in the forehead (in the forehead correction and treatment of bald patches) or by increasing the density of hair mixed with native hair. If the bald head is large, the same number of grafts or follicular associations in place along it will be ridiculous (average hair density on the head is not less than 80 hairs per 1 square centimeter).

The fact is that there are a large number of grafts in the hair transplant Turkey and a plus. The graft price, in this case, is slightly lower than transplanting just 1,000 grafts.

Feedback about hair transplantation
Former patients of the hair transplant Turkey clinic will note that despite the considerable duration of surgery carried out under local anesthesia. They do not experience much discomfort, not on this occasion. Nor in connection with ongoing manipulation, during rehabilitation, very few shared significant pain at the site of surgery. I am in frustration just because of the need to wear a unique headdress for 7-10 days, but men and women know that it is quite right that it is necessary for their excellent, besides helping to hide hat temporary skin defects (redness implantation zone, red dots in the donor area in short unsightly brown hair fresh scar on his head, etc.).

But what a person can not stand to achieve his goal, especially when it comes to external attractiveness. And the hair transplant procedure is not the most significant test. Although not all operations are successful and a particular risk, it is always possible to carry out a correction in a prestigious clinic.

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