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Hair Transplant Prices Turkey

By 15/03/2021February 6th, 2022No Comments5 min read
Hair Transplant Prices Turkey

Hair Transplant Prices Turkey Nowadays, many men and women have hair loss due to various reasons. The most current solution against hair loss is a hair transplant. Turkey has developed in hair transplant. That is why many people wonder about hair transplant prices in Turkey. Hair transplant prices in Turkey vary depending on many factors. First of all, the patient needs to choose a hair transplant technique. Different techniques change the price of hair transplants. It is also important how many hair follicles the patient needs. In this case, you will need an examination. Of course, you can not live in Turkey. Therefore, you may not be able to come for a face-to-face assessment. 

In these cases, you can request a visual review from the hair transplant center. It would help if you took an accurate picture of your hair loss. You can send this to our hair transplant center over the internet. Our hair transplant center can give you an estimated fee for hair transplant fees. If you are coming to Turkey for a hair transplant abroad, you have a few chances. Our hair transplant center gives you accommodation and transportation. You can buy all this in one pack. You can reach the fees of these services by calling the phone lines of our hair transplant center. Also, you can send a message to our live support line. 

Why Should We Choose Turkey for Hair Transplant? 

Today, many people come to Turkey for hair transplants. Many people know that Turkey is the ideal country for hair transplants. There are many advantages of having a hair transplant in Turkey. First of all, Turkey is a highly developed country in the health sector. Therefore, it has the latest technology tools for hair transplant. Also, many specialists in hair transplant live in Turkey. That’s why our hair transplant center has a high success rate in hair transplant.

In addition to these, hair transplant centers in Turkey offer different opportunities to their customers. Hair transplant centers have perfect packages for people who do not live in Turkey. If you don’t live in Turkey and are afraid of going to an unfamiliar country, don’t worry about coming to Turkey. Our hair transplant center will pick you up from the Airport. Then our clinic puts you in a hotel for your accommodation.

Our hair transplant center plans all these before you come to Turkey. As a result, you will not have any difficulties in Turkey. Also, when you come to Turkey, you will have the chance to have a short-term holiday. Turkey has a lot of both natural and historical sites. In Turkey, you can see Turkish works, Byzantine works, and works of ancient civilizations. For example, both Byzantine and Turkish works are together in Istanbul. The most excellent example of this union is Hagia Sophia. Today, millions of tourists come to Istanbul to see Hagia Sophia. When you come to Istanbul for a hair transplant, you can easily see this historical structure without doing anything extra. Also, cities such as Muğla and Antalya on the Mediterranean coast are top-rated for summer holidays. When you come to Turkey before the plantation in this town you can take a summer holiday. 

Hair Transplant Istanbul

What Are the Techniques of Hair Transplant in Turkey?

If you want to have a hair transplant in Turkey, you should first choose a hair transplant technique. There are several different methods of hair transplant. First of all, there are two distinct techniques as traditional methods and FUE. The FUE technique has the latest technological tools. With these tools, doctors can be more meticulous. Therefore, no cut or wound occurs after an FUE hair transplant. In the traditional method, scars and cut marks arise. These cuts and scars cause a bad image in your mind for a while. Therefore, it is very advantageous for patients to have no incisions. Thanks to the FUE technique, the patient does not feel much pain after a hair transplant. However, after an FUE hair transplant, the patient can return to office work within 2-3 days.

However, the patient may need to take a break from heavy work and sports for a while. Therefore, the most popular method is FUE hair transplant. Apart from these, the patient has two different hair transplant options, with or without shaving. Sometimes, even though people have hair loss, they can still have hair on their heads. In this case, they don’t want to shave the other hair on their heads. Because these people already have hair loss. It can make them feel bad if they have further hair cuts as well. Not having your hair cut will make you feel better. That’s why you don’t have to change your image, thanks to an unshaved hair transplant. Many people will not even notice that you have undergone hair transplant surgery because you have not cut your hair. In this way, you can continue your regular life comfortably. 

How Does the Hair Transplant Surgery Process in Turkey?

 Beginning of all, you should follow the rules given by your doctor before coming to the hair transplant surgery. Hair transplant begins with the doctor’s application of sedation to the patient. Thanks to sedation, the patient does not feel pain during a hair transplant. However, the patient is conscious during sedation. After sedation, the doctor shaves a small area of the patient’s nape. Hair follicles in the nape area are the strongest hair follicles. Therefore, these hair follicles never fall out. 

The doctor carefully collects the hair follicles in the neck area one by one. The doctor then checks the length of these hair follicles. The reason for controlling the size of hair follicles is to prepare for the next stage. In the next step, the doctor opens hair channels to the hair loss area. These hair canals should be the same length as the hair follicles. Then, carefully, the doctor places the hair follicles in the hair canals. In the meantime, the doctor will use PRP treatment for your hair to grow faster. In this way, hair transplant surgery ends.

How Much Does It Cost For Hair Transplant?