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Hair Transplant Natural Hairline

By 04/01/2021February 6th, 2022No Comments5 min read
Hair Transplant Natural Hairline

Hair Transplant Natural Hairline In a hair transplant, the natural hairline place carries big importance for the success of the operations. Besides, in faulty operations with the wrong forehead line, may need an anterior hairline correction operation.

The process of this operation is no different from a hair transplant operation.  Hair grafts in the area close to the patient’s forehead can transplant to further back. Also, to the top points to retract the anterior hairline as well.

For the forehead line left behind the transfer of donor area grafts to this place to create the ideal line is possible. After the front hairline correction operation, after approximately 1 year the transplanted hair can have a natural appearance.

What is Hair Transplant?

Hair transplant; As predicted, it can be called the regrowth of the hairless area. Some conditions are important for this decision. Our experts in our clinic decide which method is right for you.

Hair structure, hair transplant natural hairline, donor hair analysis, and transplantation area analysis will provide us with our roadmap in operation. In this way, the results of hair transplantation will be positive.

In a conclusion, in hair transplantation, healthy and suitable hair follicles are determining.  And these follicles are added with medical methods to the shedding area, and new hair is growing.

In this way, no situation will pose a risk and cause difficulties. In this respect, it is important to follow the procedures of the sterile and professional environment.

Is Hair Transplant Treatment Risky?

In terms of preventing complications, before and after applications, rules are important.  For this reason, we carry out the process in a completely sterile and medical environment.

In this way, it is impossible to experience any problems in our clinic.  Therefore, the selection of the application center has great importance for hair transplants.  We recommend that you choose the right health center to avoid mishaps, wrong results, and complications.

What Are Hair Transplant Methods?

There are three different methods used in hair transplantation. FUE, FUT, and the last technique are DHI.

FUE Method

In the FUE method, known as Follicular Unit Extraction, your surgeon’s dexterity should be high. It is a method of removing follicles from a small opening by making a circular cut from the area of intact hair. This process is done until it reaches enough to fill the area. Hair transplant natural hairline, here again, is important.  The scars fade over time and therefore, it is a preferred method.

FUT or Follicular Unit Transplantation

In this method, a thin piece of skin is taken from the healthy part of the skull. With the help of a microscope, the hair follicles separated into a single unit. At the end of the procedure, the scalp is sutured and closed. Besides, it is not preferred because there may be non-aesthetic marks under short hair.

What are the Stages of Hair Transplantation?

Stages before hair planting are as follows;

  • Planning: It is the stage where the result-oriented roadmap is determined. For example; such as blood tests, determination of the number of grafts for weekly transplantation, and determination of the hairline.
  • Doctor Opinion: It is the stage of doing necessary interviews with the doctor. At this stage, the doctor asks the patient about drug allergies, diabetes, and so on

Operation Process Stages

Local anesthesia; Before the procedure, the doctor decides about the transplantation areas and injects local anesthesia.  So, the patient does not feel any pain after the operation or during the operation.

Collection of grafts; It is the stage of collecting the grafts by performing the necessary procedures according to the chosen method.  Nearly, 2000 roots are can collect per hour.

Preparation of Channels; Drawing is using to determine the roots before the operation.

The roots are opening in the area with determining drawing before the operation.

Planting Stage of Roots; The last stage of the application is the implantation of the grafts. The grafts are keeping in a sterile and nourishing liquid. They are placing in the planting area with the same care during the application.

Hair Transplantation for Women?

In order to achieve success in hair transplantation in women, tests should be done first. Hormone test, Hemogram, and vitamin deficiency tests recommend. After these tests, doctors evaluate the results.

If there is a deficiency, such as zinc or anemia, these are first treated with vitamin pills and the existing hair is strengthening. The hormonal problem must treat firstly. In this way, shedding is preventing, and the transplanted hair is preventing shedding.

What Type of Hair Transplantation is Done in Women?

2 types of hair transplantation are preferred for women.

Tightening Thin Hair

The Sapphire method is preferred. In the Sapphire method, channel pain occurs with the Sapphire Tip. The sapphire method is especially preferred by female patients who want to have thin hair.

Bringing the Receding Forehead Line Front

Its other name is the forehead narrowing process. The decision of your surgeon’s about Hair transplant natural hairline is a key in this operation.  The DHI method is generally using for this process. In the DHI method, the transplantation technique is different from the Sapphire method.

Things to Consider After Hair Transplantation

  • The hair transplantation area is should be protected for 48 hours and water contact is restricted.
  • A hard, small pillow must be used while sleeping at night. The contact of the planted roots with areas such as cover and bedhead should be avoided.
  • It is forbidden to use the pool, Turkish bath, sauna, sports activities, and hairdresser for one week.
  • While you can cut with scissors after 15 days, you can meet with your hairdresser after 45 days.
  • The first washing can be 48 hours after the operation. Washing is important that’s why doctors and healthcare team are assisting you at first wash.
  • The patient must not smoke during the operation and for one day after the operation. He or she must not use alcohol for an average of 1 month after the operation.

Importance of Hair Transplant Natural Hairline

Since this area is at eye level and in the front, it is much more important than other planting areas. The angle and direction of the grafts of the anterior hair area are important in hair transplantation operation.

Hair strands cannot be in a single row in this area. In order not to experience this situation, the hair strands are lined up in a mixed and natural system. The fact that the front hairline sequence includes some asymmetries creates a more aesthetic appearance.

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