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Hair Transplant Looks Natural

By 23/11/2020February 6th, 2022No Comments5 min read
Hair Transplant Looks Natural

Hair Transplant Looks Natural When hair transplants look natural this is because of the success of the methods used in hair transplantation

What is Natural Hair Transplantation?

In natural hair transplantation, fat and stem cell components are used for injecting balding areas of a person. It is slightly different and expensive than conventional methods, but the most important feature is to obtain more successful results.

With this method hair transplant looks natural. Especially men after their 30s experience hair loss due to genetic reasons and stress, this situation turns into baldness and dilution over time.

How Is Natural Hair Transplantation Performed?

The most important thing in natural-looking hair transplantation is the fat and stem cells taken from the person. The fat taken from the patient is combined with stem cells and an injection is obtained. Stem cell is the most researched subject in recent years because it is almost life-giving.

The steam cell is commonly using for renewal and revitalization. In short, it comes to life. That is why it is important in natural hair transplant looks natural.

Starting Natural Hair Transplantation

Before starting a natural-looking hair transplant, the ground should be prepared in a quality way. Therefore, fat-stem cell injection is performed first. The balding area is generally devoid of fat and the skin becomes thinner, so it approaches the bone.

Planting in such a region reduces the chance of success. In classical hair transplant methods, a chemical solution is injecting, and the skin becomes swollen. occurs. Here, the person’s fat replaces the solution. When the skin becomes swollen, it becomes easier to open the channels and the transplantation process begins.

A wrong move when taking the hair follicle will affect the whole result, it will completely disrupt the naturalness. Another thing to be aware of is the front hairline. To have a natural-looking hair transplant, attention should be paid to indentations and protrusions. The whole process ends in 8-10 hours, but if the balding area is large, it may spread over several sessions. A good hair transplant can be done with 4000-5000 grafts, but if the balding area is bigger, it may increase.

Will There Be Any Scars After Hair Transplantation?

In intensive hair transplantation, there may be a small operation scar in the area of hair follicles. However, this scar is very vague and will only be evident if the hair is shaved to zero or a number. However, with the FUE technique, there is no operation scar in normal hair transplantation. In the FUT technique, where the scalp is removed as a linear strip and then stitched and closed, the scar remains. When the hair is shaved very short, this stitch scar can be seen as a fine line.

Why Are There No Scars On The Hair Transplanted With The FUE Technique?

When hair transplantation is performed with the FUE technique, there is never a scar. With the advancement of technology, almost no scar remains, as hair transplantation is performed with advanced technological tools. Grafts are taken with micro-needles even thinner than a millimeter and transferred. There is no spotting or reddening at the base of the transplanted hair follicles. This is because the holes made by needles thinner than a millimeter are very small and they close immediately after treatment.

Will There Be Any Traces On The Hair Transplanted With The FUT Technique?

FUT technique has an incision and wound formation. For this reason, a problem such as scarring is encountered. With the experience and expertise of the doctor, this situation can be reduced to almost nothing. The scars are not visible or felt at all. However, this technique is not a preferred method since the FUE technique came. Because the operation with the FUE technique is a much shorter operation than the FUT operation, with the FUE technique, the patient does not get tired, there is no scar, pain and ache are not felt, and recovery occurs faster.

Does The Transplanted Hair Look Natural After Hair Transplantation?

In a good hair transplant, the hairline is in an accurate position that fits the person’s head structure perfectly. In such a transplant, the hair will be completely smooth and natural-looking after it grows. For this, it is sufficient for the doctor to be a specialist, a physician who knows anatomy and has high aesthetic sensitivity.

What Are The Factors That Are Effective In Determining The Hairline?

The hairline is the most important point in making the hair look natural. For this reason, hair transplantation may not be successful when the hairline is not correct. We can also say that; For a successful hair transplant, the hairline should fit the head perfectly. A physician with aesthetic sensitivity in the field will draw the hairline most properly after the necessary tests and perform the transplantation. The hairline is determined by considering the person’s head structure and age. If the hairline is determined correctly, the hair will present a natural appearance.

Recovery Process

Some factors that affect the healing process of natural hair transplantation, especially the first 2 weeks are very important. After resting at home for 2 days, the dressing should be brought and the bandage should be removed. Afterward, since the scalp will be very sensitive, gel shampoo should be used, no comb should be used and sunlight should be avoided. Following the recovery rules, are very important for hair transplant looks natural.

The doctor may prescribe vitamins B and E for a more comfortable healing process and painkillers in case of pain. After 2 weeks, the hair that grows out with shock shedding will fall out and start to grow again 3-4 months later. Natural-looking hair transplantation begins to show itself after 6 months. After 1 year, the whole process is completed.

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