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Hair Transplant Istanbul

By 09/02/2021February 6th, 2022No Comments5 min read
Hair Transplant Istanbul

Hair Transplant Istanbul Our hair is one of the most remarkable parts of our appearance. However, although we show interest in our hair, we may face the problem of hair loss. In these cases, genetic reasons affect hair loss. Today, the best solution for hair loss is hair transplantation. Hair transplantation is not a simple surgery. Due to this reason, patients should have surgery in the best hair transplant center. Turkey has the best hair transplant centers.

So there are many benefits of hair transplant in Turkey. You can find the best hair transplantation centers of Turkey in Istanbul. Istanbul is today one of the world’s leading cities in many respects. Istanbul is a city easily accessible for those who live in Turkey. Nevertheless, maybe you can not live in Turkey, do not worry. There are many advantages for someone living abroad, even doing a hair transplant in Turkey.

The best transportation option to go to Istanbul is by plane. After arriving in Istanbul by plane, the hair transplantation center will meet you at the airport. Afterward, the hair transplant center will take you to a private hotel with a private vehicle. So you won’t face any difficulties in Istanbul. The hair transplant center makes all your preparations before you arrive. You can travel as you wish during your time in Istanbul. Istanbul is an important historical city.

You can see both Turkish and Roman works together in Istanbul. Today, many tourists visit Istanbul to see Hagia Sophia, Topkapi Palace, and the Blue Mosque. You can see both Christian and Muslim traces in Hagia Sophia. In other words, Istanbul is the capital of a grand cultural synthesis. After you have your hair transplant, you can be near your doctor and have a beautiful holiday in Istanbul.

How is FUE Hair Transplantation in Istanbul?

First of all, there are several different hair transplant ways. The traditional method or FUE and shaved or unshaved hair transplantation. Among these, many patients today prefer the FUE and unshaven method. If you have a complete loss, shaved hair transplantation will not be a problem for you. Unshaved hair transplantation is an advantageous option for people who still have long hair. Therefore, first of all, the patient should choose one of these methods.

In all hair transplant methods, your doctor will give you a short briefing. Your doctor tells you about possible speculations in this briefing. In this case, the patient learns all the procedures before hair transplantation begins. The doctor applies sedation to the patient. Sedation is necessary for the patient not to feel pain. People often confuse sedation with anesthesia. However, the patient is not unconscious in sedation.

Afterward, the doctor starts the hair collection process according to the technique requested by the patient. The FUE technique is more advantageous than the traditional method at this stage. In the FUE method, your doctor collects the hair follicles with special small tools. Therefore, no cuts or stitch marks occur on your head. Traditionally, there is a bad cut and stitch scar. These cuts cause the patient to feel pain after surgery. The doctor collects the hair follicles from the neck area.

The nape area has the healthiest hair follicles. Therefore, the hair on the neck never falls out. After the doctor collects the hair follicles, your doctor opens the hair channels suitable for the hair follicles. These hair channels are in the hair loss area. Your doctor places the hair follicles in the hair canals. Then, a hair transplant ends. This operation is a hair transplant in Turkey.

What Should We Pay Attention to in Hair Transplantation?

A hair transplant is a significant operation. Therefore, there are some rules that the patient should pay attention to regulations. Your doctor will tell these rules before the hair transplant in Turkey. First of all, if you have any heart disease, you should share this information with your doctor. Again, if you have a regular medication that you need to drink, you should tell your doctor. Experts recommend not taking blood thinners such as aspirin. Also, it would help if you stopped consuming alcohol and smoking a few days in advance. It is best to stop drinking alcohol at least one week before. Also, you should not apply any care products to your head before the hair transplant operation. Your hair should be clean. 

After the hair transplant, you should be careful in the first wash. So it is better if a specialist washes your hair. It would be right for you to stay away from heavy work after hair transplantation. However, you can return to office work a few days after the hair transplant. Moreover, environments such as saunas are risky for your health. You can return to office work a few days after the hair transplant.

Hair Transplant Fees in Istanbul

Hair transplant prices in Istanbul vary according to many factors. First of all, the patient should choose a method for hair transplantation. Depending on the choice of this method, the price may decrease or increase. The number of roots needed by the patient may fall or increase hair transplantation price. Also, if you are coming to Istanbul from abroad for hair transplantation, the price may change. Hair transplant centers also take care of the transportation and accommodation of their guests coming from abroad. These features are the advantages of hair transplant in Turkey. That is why hair transplant centers offer all these features to their patients as a package. 

As a result, you should contact the hair transplant center to get the most exact fee information. You can find the numbers of hair transplant centers on their website. Most of the hair transplant centers have open live supports. In this way, you can communicate with hair transplant centers. You can also send your photo to hair transplant centers online. The hair transplant center can give you preliminary information about your hair loss situation. Of course, if you live in Istanbul, you can have this examination free of charge at the hair transplant center.