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Hair Transplant For Long Hair In Turkey

By 13/02/2021February 6th, 2022No Comments5 min read
Hair Transplant For Long Hair In Turkey

Hair Transplant For Long Hair In Turkey FUE long hair (Long Hair FUE) or FUE without shaving are among the techniques commonly used for hair transplant Turkey operations for several years. It is a complicated process that requires experience, knowledge and skill. These processes allow doctors to choose the healthiest hair follicles for hair transplant and get them right.

The FUE and long hair transplanting techniques give the patient the opportunity to regain healthy hair with minimally invasive procedures that do not want the hair to be shaved.

As with all other hair transplantation techniques, there may be some redness after the procedure. With the FUE technique and the long hair implant technique is providing patient comfort to hide these rashes. Also, there are very few traces of the long hair FUE technique to indicate that the patient has had hair transplants. The average number of grafts per session is around 500 to 1000 in a long hair or unshaven FUE operation, and the duration of the procedure is much longer because implantation of long hair requires much more care and work.

Hair Transplantation Without Haircut

The follicular unit extraction (FUE) technique eliminates the need to cut your hair. For long hair, it was necessary to cut the hair approximately 2-3 mm in length before the FUE technique. This obligation is causing problems for women and most of the men with this characteristic, so they decided to abandon the decision to do a hair seeding. Thanks to this modification provided by the Long Hair FUE technology, it is no longer necessary to shave the hair.

The Advantages of Long Hair FUE Transplantation

When the grafts are extruded with the hair intact, the patient can achieve a visibly enhanced appearance of hair. Because the hair is never cut, the patient can continue without having to take a break from potential work and social life. The patient can see the new hair shape immediately after transplanting, without having to worry about the front line and hair density, it can be an immediate idea. This also helps maintain a natural appearance.

At first glance, the hair extraction operation is incomprehensible. It is quite natural that those who want to do a hair transplant Turkey do not want this procedure to be done by everyone. It is not easy for patients to have to navigate society with a shaved image of the skin on the head. Plastic surgery has tried to eliminate this obligation in the development of hair transplantation procedures over the years. The Long Hair FUE technique is to make the hair transplanting process as easy as possible for both the operation process and the subsequent healing process.

Hair Transplant Care

Hair Transplant For Long Hair In Turkey The first month after a hair transplant requires that you give your scalp and hair a little more care and attention than you normally would. Particularly in the first week, you should use specialized shampoo on the treated areas while the scabs heal, and the hair begins to grow.

You should try to be more gentle when you wash and dry your hair too; making sure not to be too vigorous with shampooing or towel drying. It is advisable not to use a hairdryer to dry your hair at this time as well.

Transplanted Hair Loss

In the third week approximately, the patient who has undergone hair surgery may lose part of the grafted hair, originating from the effluvium of the hair. This process originates just after the successful completion of the surgical procedure; around the first few weeks after surgery or so. This type of newly grafted hair loss is completely normal.

It is the consequence of the surgical trauma to which this hair has been subjected; throughout the entire process comprised of the extraction, preparation and subsequent hair grafting.

After this generalized fall framed in the normality of the process; the grafted hair follicles will enter into a resting phase to later begin a new phase of restoration or growth about three months after the surgery was carried out. The time will come then to continue with the development of their hair cycles; without the need for any kind of complication to arise.

And it is that, in a generalized way, the grafted hair will continue to grow throughout the life of the patient since they are extracted with a genetic load that at no time will be affected by alopecia that affects the recipient area.

What Are The Differences Between Fue And Dhi Techniques?

The first major difference between these two methods is the method for hair transplant Turkey. In the DHI method, the expert’s transplant hair follicles one by one with a special pen they call a Choi pen without creating any incisions or channels in the recipient area. For the FUE method, the hair follicles are implanted, creating an incision or channel.

In the DHI technique, the recovery time after the procedure is much shorter than in the FUE technique. Therefore, patients can return to their normal lives quickly.

Since the DHI technique is a more sensitive process, it is slower. It is a more time-consuming procedure when you compare it to the FUE procedure.

Although the FUE technique has more advantages for implanting in larger areas, transplantation can be performed with less delay in the DHI technique.

In the DHI technique, the doctors transplant hair follicles in a very short time after their extraction, thus minimizing the possibility of damaging the follicles. In the FUE technique, the hair follicles that doctors collect they keep in a special solution.

What Are The Disadvantages Of The Dhi (No Shave) Hair Transplant Method?

The Unshaved Hair Transplantation (DHI) method has advantages in many respects compared to other hair transplantation methods. However, there are also some downsides. For example:

Since the DHI method is a more time-consuming process, it is more expensive than other hair transplant procedures. The process takes between 10 and 12 hours.

Since it is a much more sensitive procedure, it can be difficult for the surgeon to perform the operation from time to time.

The roots doctors take with the DHI method; they transplant them without waiting. Therefore, placing the roots according to the angle of the hair requires much more effort.

Since then, the doctor did not shave the hair; the risk of complications after the operation is high. It is higher in the method where hair did not go through the shaving process than the other transplant method. Therefore, patients receiving unshaved hair transplant Turkey service should pay more attention to cleanliness and hygiene. Hair Transplant For Long Hair In Turkey

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