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Hair Transplant Cost Turkey Istanbul

By 23/02/2021February 6th, 2022No Comments5 min read
Hair Transplant Cost Turkey Istanbul

Hair Transplant Cost Turkey Istanbul You are bald, and you are interested in the subject of hair grafting. But you do not know if it works and if it is worth taking the risk. Then hair transplant Turkey solve your doubts because regardless of whether you are the most carefree man in your image, there is an aspect that will cause us all concern; we mean hair loss.

In addition to changing our perception of how we see ourselves, it also affects the way others perceive us. And despite everything that can be in note, hair is a sign of aesthetics that will always give us more extraordinary grace and presence. That does not mean that men who are already bald have everything to lose. But what we tell you is that hair will always make us look better and play in our favor.

If you have begun to notice that relentless hair loss begins to stalk you, and no matter how hard you have tried, no shampoo, mask, or lotion has managed to overcome this hair loss. We consider that you should opt for a more drastic option. Which one once and for all put an end to alopecia. Whether you have just turned 30 or around 60, hair grafting is the ideal option to defeat the dreaded alopecia in a single round.

What is hair grafting?

As its name suggests, the micro-graft consists of extracting hair-resistant follicles from a donor area and then implanting them in the room with lost hair. In this way, it is achievable that the grafted hair can be born again and grow in the new area. And with time – approximately four months – this hair will behave normally; that is; It can be combed, trimmed, dyed, and arranged in the way that feels best to you.

Usually, the most common donor area is the nape, from where 20 to 25% of the hair location is, is took from. If, in short, the alopecia was very drastic and left you without any trace of hair on the head, you can consider taking the hair that is on the chest, back, or even the pelvic area.

Who can be a candidate?

It is more than obvious, but to be a candidate, you must suffer from hair loss. Having clarified this, it is also essential to carry out a medical evaluation; where the following aspects are evaluated: 1) Check how many follicles will be implanted. And also that the donor area (the neck) is in the right condition. 2) Make a personalized hair design consistent with each hair transplant Turkey  patient’s features and, most importantly, that it looks natural.

The only people who cannot be candidates for this type of procedure are those who do not have optimal donor sites. That is those people who have very little hair or hair on their body.

Is there a possibility of hair loss again?

We consider this to be a million-dollar question, for the excellent news for us the hair graft is definitive; the grafted follicles do not fall out again. The hair in the donor areas is much more resistant to the hormone responsible for hair loss (dihydrotestosterone).

What is essential to consider is that a second evaluation you can request to have a double procedure, the objective? Increase the density of the area treated, but this is entirely up to the individual’s consideration. It is normal and natural for some people to have higher hair density than others.

A hair transplant Turkey is a surgical process where the head’s hair is redistributed, taking hair follicles from the back where there are more to the bald areas to recover the hair. To carry out this surgery, you must have a team of trained people who have the necessary expertise and experience so that your hair follicles are treated with care and gentleness.

When a patient has hair loss and is receding, or has depopulated crown, or worse still is with an advanced degree of baldness and chooses to undergo a hair transplant, at least 1,500 – 3,000 follicular units should be sown so look good. The more grafts to recover the hair, the better the result will be. And also the more coverage the bald area will have. For a session of this magnitude, the doctor cannot do this work alone. This is an exact, meticulous procedure that requires great precision. If one person did it, they could not do more than 500 grafts per day, making the surgery inefficient.


In addition to the medical equipment, appropriate instruments are grace importance to perform the transplant. Either with the FUE method or with the strip method, tools designed to manipulate the follicles without damaging them are necessary. Such as forceps, micro-scalpels, magnifying glasses, prisms, and microscopes. The bristles are tiny and delicate structures. Hair transplant Turkey is a growing field where the produced instruments are increasingly new and useful to perform the procedure.

Taking into account all the above, it can be seen that a well-done hair transplant is a surgery that has its price. Cheap surgeries undergo without the proper instruments and possibly use a medical team with sufficient expertise. It should be a note that to achieve a hair transplant Turkey and gain hair, the medical team must be exclusively in employment to performing this procedure. If the team occasionally conducts this type of surgery, it will not develop the expertise it requires.


Hair Transplant Cost Turkey Istanbul As you can see, the number of grafts seeded to these patients does not match reality. In most cases, there are between 300 – 500 mini grafts. A mini graft is a 2-4 mm piece of skin that contains three or more hair follicles. This type of graft was in use until the nineties; this is the classic doll hair. Since then, only follicular units containing 1-4 grafts are in use, and it is the natural way the hair is in place when leaving the scalp.

Before thinking about the price of your hair transplant Turkey, we recommend taking into account the following recommendations:

Find a doctor who is in employment to hair restoration full time.
Ask the doctor to show you the cases of his surgeries.
What techniques does it offer: FUE method or strip.
Ask your doctor how he counts the grafts.
Ask him what kind of instruments he uses Hair Transplant Cost Turkey Istanbul