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Hair Transplant Before After Turkey

By 15/02/2021February 6th, 2022No Comments5 min read
Hair Transplant Before After Turkey

Hair Transplant Before After Turkey Hair transplant Turkey is the country where hair transplantation is performed to hairless zones or bent territories on the head. This hair transplantation treatment technique protects from further hair loss. In these activities, the segments on the brow and upper head folds are generally utilized.

Turkey, specifically, keeps on making progress as of late in the health area. Along with sufficient hair relocate facilities, health the travel industry proceeds with its exercises without easing back down. Before and after hair transplantation in Turkey, people thinking of having a hair transplant are eagerly followed. In this topic, we will explain what you need to do after and before we have done hair transplantation in Turkey.

Main Causes of Hair Loss

Going hairless influences two people. As a general rule, hair loss influences men more than ladies.

There is an enormous number of causes why an individual might be losing hair. Among the most well-known purposes behind people are family ancestry, hormonal changes, stress, prescriptions and enhancements, a low-protein diet, hair items or medicines, and infections, for example, thyroid or diabetes.

The Before And After Hair Transplant

Once the patient has decided to undergo a hair transplant intervention, we know that many questions come to mind from our experience. A common impulse in those who suffer from a problem such as alopecia. It is always better to solve before than later.

Regarding the best time to undergo a hair transplant Turkey , the answer would vary since not all cases are the same. For example, despite what many believe, age is not a determining factor in performing a hair transplant intervention. Yes, it is the absence of pathologies in the patient, the need for them to have a donor area, and specific densities.

Although there is no “standard” age for grafting hair follicles. Many specialists prefer to intervene in those patients who have already reach their thirties to better study future falls.

How Hair Transplantation Works

Hair transplantation in Turkey is usually carried out using the FUE technique. This stands for Follicular Unit Extraction. It consists of the extraction of follicular units and their subsequent implementation in the alopecic areas scalp. This intervention is especially a recommendation for patients whose hair loss starts by genetic predisposition. This affects a high percentage of the population.

During the operation, the surgeon extracts the follicles from the patient’s donor areas. The surgeon does this whether they are on the scalp itself or in another area of ​​the body. The follicles in these areas do not genetically have a predisposition to hair loss. By grafting them to the alopecic areas, they will carry these characteristics with them. The latter constitutes one of the most important factors that give reason to the hair transplant Turkey graft effectiveness. The graft follicles are not prone to shedding, as was the case with those that fall out, and by preserving these properties, the new hair will not fall out.

However, it must be borne in mind that these follicles are not the ones that will grow later. This graft does regain the reception of nutrients in the recipient area so that the hair will start to come out again with the transplanted follicles’ characteristics. Approximately three months after the operation, hair loss occurs after the graft, but this is because the follicles that went through the grafting process push themselves by the new hair, which has begun its growth phase.

How To Care For My Hair After Hair Transplantation In Turkey?

After an operation of these characteristics, doctors expect that the scalp is in a sensitive and delicate state, so it is necessary to apply specific care. This care will not have to be extended in the time since the recovery of the hair transplant Turkey is quite fast, and in a short time, there will be no risk of damaging the result.

The first night after hair grafting in Turkey, the idea is to keep the tape as long as possible. It is not necessary to touch the head since, in addition to causing pain, it can cause a problem, and depending on the degree of pain. Analgesic is a recommendation by the clinic itself. The patient washing their head the first time should do it 48 hours after transplantation and carefully follow the guidelines set out by the medical team, who will provide the appropriate products to perform the wash. The guidelines are as follows:

  • The doctor applies the foam spray to the area where the graft has been made. They apply it gently, and you wait half an hour before removing it.
  • To remove it, you must use a bottle with warm or cold water to avoid pressure.
  • Once you rinse the foam, you should apply the shampoo which the clinic provides on the entire scalp. You should apply it to the donor area with a gentle massage.
  • You should wash the transplant area by lightly touching, without massage or rubbing—the maximum possible care.
  • To dry the area, do not use a towel or hairdryer. Ideally, use a paper towel or absorbent paper and dab to remove excess water.
  • You can dry the donor area with a towel normally.

The head should be exposed to avoid pressure on the transplanted area, and the idea is to sleep in an upright position for the first week. For the latter, you can help with an inflatable collar.

Advantages of Hair Transplant in Turkey

Hair transplant Turkey is the only solution provided and effective to recover lost hair, which is its main advantage. However, it is an intervention capable of offering many other benefits, namely:

  • It is a painless operation since the scalp is completely anesthetized so that the patient does not feel anything.
  • The patient can remain awake during the operation, entertain himself by reading, watching television, or listening to music.
  • The postoperative of the hair graft is easy to carry out.
  • Recovery is very fast.
  • It is a definitive solution since the grafted hair will not fall out again.
  • The results are visible in about three months approximately.

Hair transplant Turkey does one of the most satisfactory surgical interventions on the current scene in medicine since meticulous studies have been carried out to improve this service. There are various techniques to choose from depending on the degree of alopecia.

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