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Hair Restoration Turkey

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Hair Restoration Turkey

Hair Restoration Turkey A thick head of hair is a matter of pride not only for women but for men, to whom early fasting looked with great envy. This is not surprising since the light “clearing” on the head with sparse plants is unlikely to be a decoration, attracting the attention of the opposite sex. Extremely acute hair loss problem at an early age, when everyone wants to be attractive and loved but can be proud of good hair is not everyone. Liquid hairs – that’s half the problem, the solution of which is very easily accessible drugs and alternative methods, but alopecia (baldness) resists such therapy is one of the more complicated,

We notice that individuals treat the problem of alopecia differently. To a more significant or lesser extent, of course, everyone who encounters the appearance of bald spots on their heads suffers, but hair transplant Turkey solve the problem in different ways. One tries to cover the external defect with internal characteristics. While the other stop noticing this deficiency, admiring the beauty of the human soul.

Hints for the procedure

Hair transplant Turkey is a very effective method of hair restoration. The process is usually enough to the patient’s desire and patience because the transfer of the session takes too long. Another note is that the choice of hair transfer methods for different types of baldness is quite different.
Androgenic alopecia (the most popular type, accounting for 95% of all hair loss cases in men. In women, the picture is more precise, but it is believed that it is more characteristic of alopecia). In the front, this disease inherited sensitivity of the hair follicles to the male hormone active form – dihydrotestosterone, which, in most cases, is transmitted through the female line.

The disease gradually manifests itself and not so much hair loss. As their production is small as a result of the decay of hair follicles in causation by dihydrotestosterone. In men, the forehead region and parietal zone are commonly under affection; in women, the sharing zone is out in observation.

This type of hair loss is necessary treatable medication and various forms of physical influence. Still, advanced forms when the hair follicles become incapable of producing new hair instead of dropping out (and hair exchange process. A normal physiological process, the violation of which leads to the appearance of bald patches), hair transplant Turkey can help only. And the choice of practices for carrying out the procedure is not in limits in this case.
Spreading alopecia has several other sources; although it can also be caused by hormonal factors, in this case, it is not so much about the sensitivity of the hair follicles to androgens as the contrast of hormones in the body. This sort of baldness is more characteristic of the fair sex.


Hair transplant Turkey is a serious operation, which interferes with the body’s functioning and the usage of anesthesia. It is clear that even a small invasive intervention, which is considered the transfer of hair follicles, can not be done without preparation. Which largely depends on the procedure’s result, if during his complications, and how long recovery period. So a hygiene procedure here cannot be done, although they are also included in the list of necessary preparation steps.

In principle, the preparation begins with the reception of the patient physician-trichologist. Who, if necessary, appoints operations and offers the most effective way of their implementation, depending on the diagnosis and the patients’ features. Also, consulting a plastic surgeon who will perform the hair transplant surgery, the operation is stipulated area, change zone transplantation and donation, the number of phases of surgery (and usually 2-3 stages between about six months), and the date of the first procedure.
The doctor will also let you know how to properly prepare for the upcoming course. Considering that the preparation period can be in inhibition up to 2 weeks.

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Who should I contact?

  • Trichologist
  • Hair transfer procedure
  • The procedure of carrying ou the process for hair transplant Turkey may vary slightly depending on the chosen method of treatment. But the meaning of operation remains the same. To move good trustworthy bulbs from a site with a thick head of hair to one where the hair is lost and no longer grows.

Contraindications to the procedure

Hair Restoration Turkey Previously we did not say that hair transplantation with even minimally invasive FUE and HFE remains a serious, not bloodless procedure. This method may not be suitable for all people, as it, like other surgeries, has its contraindications.

It is necessary to tell the joy of those who dream of returning to their hairstyle the former attractiveness by such methods with not many restrictions on hair transfer. The main thing is to approach such an opportunity promptly, without bringing themselves up to a total hair loss when the donor choice is in limits and rational. Knowing that the donor area has its limitations. Which means that it is impossible to achieve the ideal thickness in all areas of the head.

Who has no choice of a hair transplant? These are persons with mental disabilities and bleeding disorders. Hair transplant Turkey are also not in performance in areas with chronic skin diseases.

The possibility of a procedure for other pathologic dermatological occurrences in the acute for. Especially an infectious or allergic plan, is also questionable. The fact is that the test procedure may not show the immune system’s adverse reactions. But if a person tends to have dermatoses, problems may arise later.

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Results after the procedure

Is spending money worth off it?

We must say that since it is a question of hair transplant Turkey and plastic surgery, it is usually not necessary to discuss the inexpensive procedure. Of course, various clinics and surgeons will be able to analyze their work in different ways. So choosing to want to have a gorgeous head of hair, or at least more or less low modest to disguise the lack of good hair density, is still there. The only thing that we can recommend is not to pursue cheapness. Because in this case, it is usually some cheap trick. For low prices, the unprofessionalism of a doctor who can understand some clients. And prices serve as a kind of bait, can only hide.

Treatment of alopecia by alternative methods

As we have said, hair transplantation is a radical way of solving baldness. Which is in use when other treatment methods are powerless or do not bring the desired result. You need to interpret that there is an alternative to hair transplantation. And first of all, it is necessary to look for this way of restoring the natural density of the hair. Under a knife, the surgeon to lay down is always late.

The beginning of the decision of a baldness problem is a moment of reference for consultation with a trichologist. This doctor will assess the degree of neglect of the problem. The condition of the hairline and offer various possibilities for solving the problem of restoring the majesty of the listening leader. And at first, it provides traditional treatment involves receiving a variety of bio-additives for strengthening and hair growth drugs to stimulate hair growth and normalization of hormonal levels, and bringing out physiotherapy session.

Physiotherapy techniques for hair treatment are classified as salon procedures, which you should go through in cosmetology rooms or clinics. But assign such systems should be a qualified trichologist. Who can determine the most effective method in each case through his professionalism. Hair Restoration Turkey

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